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Yemen: Smoke billows above Taiz as Saudi-led coalition launches air strike offensive

Smoke was seen billowing profusely above the houses of Taiz, on Sunday, after the Saudi-led coalition hit the mountain city with its aircraft.

The offensive of the Arab alliance struck at dawn, when aircrafts carried out some 15 raids on the eastern side of Taiz, on the Softel hill and the Special Security Forces camp, targeting militant’s positions.

Earlier this year, the UN made an urgent appeal to stave off famine in the country, as over seven million people are facing the threat of starvation. Currently, over three million people, including 2.1 million children, are reported to be acutely malnourished.

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  • Andrea Dzeržinskij says:

    Strong in the skies, pussies on the field. Saudi are lucky that Houthis don't have an airforce. They would beat Saudi F-15 even with mig-21

  • We Tortured Some Folks says:

    The Saudis killing civilians again.

  • Vehicles of Peace Limited Edition says:

    Turn Saudi Arabia Into glass…

  • Wael Ali says:

    cursed these Suadi pirates devils sons of satans are
    during the sacred month Ramadan killing muslims innocents believers destroying corrupting on earth mass murdering
    who you think will save you from punishment when these pirates invaders losers from overseas are defeated then you will run with them but time is very close and near

  • Ivan Alvarez says:

    Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan……Won't be long until Qatar is next on the list.

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