WRAP SKor unification min on US-SKorea military exercises

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(5 Mar 2009) SHOTLIST
1. Wide pan of tanks
2. Close-up of soldiers
3. Medium of soldiers on tank
4. Close of soldiers on tank
5. Wide of soldiers on tank
6. Soldiers and tank passing
7. Wide of a soldier directing a tank
8. Close-up of soldiers carrying ammunition
9. Close tilt-up of soldiers carrying ammunition
10. Wide of soldiers carrying ammunition
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Ross Coffman, Lieutenant colonel of Fort Stewart, Georgia:
“During this exercise, the Task Force’s mission is to deploy to the Republic of Korea, draw combat vehicles and train to assist the defence the Republic of Korea against external aggression.”
12. Close tilt-up of tank
13. Soldiers listening to instructions
14. Tank being loaded on train
15. Close of tank being loaded on train
16. Close of soldier directing tanks
17. Wide of tanks being loaded on train
18. Medium of a tank
19. Medium of a tank
20. Close of a tank
21. Wide pan of preparation site
22. Medium of South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman, Kim Ho-nyeon, entering briefing room
23. Wide of reporters
24. Close-up of computer screen
25. SOUNDBITE: (Korean) Kim Ho-nyeon, South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman:
“This (Key Resolve joint military exercise) is an annual defensive training. What I know is that there probably was a message sent to North Korea through official route notifying this military exercise has certain kind of characteristics and it will be performed in certain ways.”
26. Wide pan of briefing
South Korea insisted again on Thursday that upcoming upcoming joint military exercises with the United States posed no threat to North Korea.
North Korea on Monday demanded that the drill set for 9-20 March be cancelled.
US military forces in South Korea were preparing for the exercise on Thursday by positioning tanks.
Speaking to journalists in Seoul, South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Kim Ho-nyeon described the exercise as annual defensive training
“What I know is that there probably was a message sent to North Korea through official route notifying this military exercise has certain kind of characteristics and it will be performed in certain ways, Kim H said on Thursday.
His comments confirmed earlier insurances from South Korean government that said the joint military exercise was not threatening towards North Korea.
The US military has some 28,500 troops in South Korea to help monitor a 1953 cease-fire brokered by the United Nations.
North Korea was warning of “merciless and powerful retaliatory actions” if South Korea went ahead with the exercise.
The joint exercise lasting 12 days will begin across South Korea on Monday – a joint annual effort the allies call routine defensive drills – but that the North has condemned as preparations for an attack.
The North has promised to retaliate against “South Korean warmongers” if the drills take place.”
Tensions are already high on the Korean peninsula, with the North announcing last week it intends sending a communications satellite into orbit as part of its space program – a claim neighbouring governments believe is a cover for a test of a long-range missile capable of reaching Alaska.
Washington’s new North Korea envoy renewed warnings that the communist nation should refrain from test-firing a ballistic missile, after a South Korean official said the North was continuing preparations for such a launch.
President Barack Obama this week dispatched Stephen W. Bosworth to Asia for talks with China, Japan, South Korea and Russia on North Korea.
The five nations are seeking to convince the North to abide by a disarmament-for-aid pact the impoverished regime signed in 2007.

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