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Will Trump scrap Iran nuclear deal?

President Donald Trump warned media on Thursday that they were witnessing the “calm before the storm.” This comes in the midst of hints that the Iran nuclear deal may be “de-certified.” Trump faces an October 15th deadline to come to a decision about the future of the Iran deal. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario reports.

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  • nick 1 says:

    Yes, Trump probably wont re-certify. His neo-cohen stance on this hasnt changed since he first ran. Delusional. The USA, Israel, Saudi and Turkey arm and support radical sunni islamic terrorists. He even admits that we destabilized the whole region. Anyway, we all know Trump hasnt read the deal and it will make us look like we cant be counted on to honor our word. So, why would any other country come to the negotiating table at that point. He is the one not living up to the spirit of the agreement as Iran is in compliance with the deal. It is funny because the deal doesn't say anything about ballistic missile testing or developments. Plus, due to Iran being involved in the non-proliferation treaty, other countries are obliged to help them develop civilian nuclear power. Anyway, if he wanted to talk about the ballistic missiles, 2231 in the UN resolutions outlines some restrictions.

  • Audra Moreno says:

    The Iran deal should have never happened! Obama is a traitor!!

  • abukamoon says:

    I don't believe that Iran ever had intentions of developing a nuclear weapon. Our own intelligence services say they don't, Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty and Iran has allowed inspectors to see for themselves. Iran hasn't attacked another nation in over two centuries.

    The idea of the Iranian nuclear bomb comes from Tel Aviv. Israel does have nuclear weapons, has not signed the treaty, does not allow inspection and is constantly attacking it's neighbors and occupying and stealing their land.

    Who is the real threat?

  • M Maj says:


  • Mechyuda says:

    President Orangutan: Israel's secret nuclear weapons are totally acceptable, but Iran's alleged nukes are totally illegal, completely immoral, and thoroughly justifies sanctions and war preparations against Iran.

  • Taju Olaniyi says:

    American enmity with Iran is not about Nuclear weapon, an independent Iran is a problem to American dream of dominating the world.

    If you are not an allies, you most be destroy including Russian and China.

  • Infinite Wisdom says:

    I'm sure Iran already has nukes. I wish they would fire one off on Israel ending 100 years of terror.

  • David Strus says:

    Screw the stupid deal, Do we really need this

  • richie s says:

    Gump will do what puttin tells him

  • Don quixote Doflamingo says:

    Trump sit on your trillion dept dildo an stf up

  • skilled person says:

    Damn, This Trump looks like an Ape, he looks like human be he don't have a human brain.

  • FeO Mixto says:

    Blah Blah Blah… I want proof that Iran has violated the agreement, not just USA's opinion. We've heard too many lies from Wahington already.
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, on and on…

  • AL T says:

    We need inpectors of UN.

  • H Q says:

    So obviously North Korea has a strong reason to develop a Nuclear bomb .

  • My Friends says:

    Trump will be reelected !!!,

  • Condoleezza Rice says:

    Bend your knee world. We are your master. Heil America! We will destroy anyone! Fucking peasants.

  • Philips Lartey says:

    Free society open the borders close the banks shut down the governement impliment free resource based society educate the masses. Watch venus project. By jaqcue fresco

  • LombardMilitia says:

    Let's scrap Trump and his kike zionist masters.

  • Mary Kali says:

    Please, no deal

  • Shon won says:


  • Morty Smith says:


  • Schaissenberg Pondexter says:

    Iran needs to calm down for a moment

  • Stetson Griffin says:

    Iran will kick the USA and its murderous bullshit ass.

  • ed da head says:

    This is blatant Israeli manipulation of US foreign policy – Netenyahu spent time with Trump just before his UN speech, no doubt briefing him on what his policy was going to be – and its threatening to push the world towards a catastrophic war. USrael is claiming to want to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons, which is exactly what the deal in question confirms and legislates. Israel are the ONLY aggressive, expansionist, exceptionalist and rogue nuclear power of the world. The twisted inversion of reality that is being constantly regurgitated by the Zionist controlled MSM is classic Netenyahufication of political language and exactly indicative of how Israel goes about subverting the peaceful and natural relations of the rest of humanity, aka the goy, under his unholy influence. USA – please don't be the spunk sock for Israel's tours of war no more

  • rasz baxter says:

    yes. please. scrap this. fuckin deal. and. attack. Iran's programs. so. that. those. fucks. will. ATTACK. that. bullshit. called. ISRAEL. and. wipe. those. fake and. fraudulent. fucks. out. of. existence. once. and. for. all. …. then. go. after. Fatboy. in. the. North. koea. area. and. just. for. good. measure. get rid. OF. the. PREMS!!!!!

  • Michael D says:

    Fuck Iran so far away.

  • Korigan cards & coins says:

    Iran shot Americans in the back

  • Dool junior says:

    the white house is treat to the world

  • mistaseeforce says:

    But we friends with the Saudis? Irans enemies

  • Funny Life says:

    Iran is good country

  • nasachusetts says:

    This is the truth trump speaks. Cut them terrorists all deals its like common fucking logic.

  • Laszlo says:

    Trump is being a moron, Iran has not invaded any countries, they support Hezbollah which fight ISIS, which just proves even more American Régime and ISIS is hand in hand.

  • Brad Smith says:

    Trump is awesome!

  • Demian6 Greece6 Guerra6 says:

    💉💊💸🔫 Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy 🍬 bars candy bars candy bars.

  • Steam Raid says:

    Every country has rights to develop nuclear weapons

  • Ma'Halious Walker says:

    Listening to this orange face baboon read his Zionist fake Jew written script is cringe worthy😖

  • Mr_ NutZ says:

    They just wanna start a war with Iran same thing with the propaganda that it's okay to use nuclear weapon against NK. If I remember they are pushing the same agenda against Iraq before with their goal give enough excuse why they need to invade a nation. Throughout history it's been the same over and over except that with socia media, it's much harder to just attack another country just because they want to take someone else country. Now they have to push agenda over agenda until they get enough political approval to attack.

  • Demagoguez28 says:

    Disarming Iran without another endless war, what an awful deal! We even gave them back their own money! We got so robbed! …. GoP is so fucking dumb.

  • Richard Llewellyn says:

    Typical Yank Zionist bullshit blame sombody else for what you have done it's a Jew thing those pricks have no honor. The whole world knows that the US and Israel created ISIS and that they are the evil that must be brought to heel.

  • Daryl Leckt says:

    conservatives elitest could feel better about destroying the middle class if nor kor or irainian nukes did all the work.
    instead of a protracted civil war against the middle class that could drag on for decades a nuclear hit would destroy the middle class in seconds.
    in as little as 20 years the conservative elitest could declare the former wastelands "good enough" for the remaining americans to toil and survive on.

  • Amir Fahmi says:

    This is Israel war fought with American lives.

  • Jfks Ghost says:

    Bill getting ready to go through dc making boycotting Zionist Israel a felony in the United States.

  • Jfks Ghost says:

    U.S. Has Broken Not only major parts of the Iran nuclear deal but has broken nearly every treaty and deal it has made with every nation country tribe in the world. Zionist Jew controlled United States simply cannot be trusted and cannot keep their word much less written agreements.

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