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Why INDIA wants to Deport Rohingya ( Iran Media )

Iran Media Discussion on Indian Governments Plan to Deport Rohingya Muslims out of India.

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  • Facts always talks says:

    Why don't you take them

  • rano 160061 says:

    feeling very sad to see that kids in the video..india has always embraced refugees..dnt send them back forcefully

  • Kevin John says:

    The Rohingya muslims are involved in crimes and all sort of wrong things…They have become a nuisance now .They are are trying to make permanent identity cards and docs in an illegal way..They were also involved in terrorist activities.

  • Raj says:

    good that myanmar kicked themout now india should do this too send all these musus to porkistan

  • AKASH dwivedi says:

    and Paris also .

  • AKASH dwivedi says:

    Iran turky and Saudi must give ROHINGYA citizenship in their own country.

  • Bullviper 98 says:

    They should go to Pakistan

  • MoonResident No.9 says:

    The west is pushing for AI and robots. At the same time, Indians are producing more population.

    Who is smarter?

  • MoonResident No.9 says:

    India is going to deport and massacre minorities and some Hindus, because they finally figure out that their biggest young population is going to create disaster facing the coming AI revolution and robots.

  • MoonResident No.9 says:

    India is evil, Racist Hindus.

  • Lakshya Patel says:

    POLITICAL PROPOGANDA. as they say now-a-days…. the life of a poor person is cheaper than a loaf of bread. unless the Indian government can produce some "solid evidence" that these people are violating national interest… it is unfair to treat them like this! To win some votes our government is disregarding "WHAT MAKES US INDIANS"

  • surojit chatterjee says:

    No one wants rohingyas bcs they are wahabi salafi in nature so wherever they will go they will create problems,
    Rohingyas needs to be deported or Muslim country should take them, we don't want wahabi in India, Indian government for the time being should send them to andaman nikobar bcs there is a risk of getting mixed with local in mainland India.

  • salman kukku says:

    Don't send them back
    They are in the hands of bharath matha

  • Tiger Columbus says:


  • Tiger Columbus says:


  • ASHOK PANDA says:

    How many people Islamic countries have taken .how they are helping their brothers it's a naked fact now India wants to get rid of illegal I mean illegal they r pissed in their pants

  • Vikram Singh says:

    kick these rohingayas jihadis out…………….we already have 200 million muslims in india. we dont want muslim refugee, india dont want to be ISIS

  • igamesinfo says:

    These Bengali Muslims are originally from Bangladesh and are squatting in Myanmar. They have been a big problem for many years now, and have demanded autonomy ( Sharia state.) in Burma.
    Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh all refused to grant citizenship to these Bengali ( Rohingya) Muslims.WHY? because they recognize them as terrorists and trouble makers.
    Bengali Rohingya terrorist movement

    Bengali Rohingya Terrorist Network

    No Rohingya in Burma

  • Nitin Dangwal says:

    we are already densely populated country with so many illegal migrants form Bangladesh, pakistan , Afghanistan, Sri Lankan ,Tibitian (they are Legal migrants,peace full, but still not an Indian and living from years and years , as we all know tibet will never ever get free from CHINA, govt providing them space for business , aid for their school education like Tibetian KV School but in return they are not elligible to pay taxes even after earning so much) Tamil . They r not only eating up our resources but also indulge in criminal and anti Indian activities, they are getting fake documents and degrees and using our resources. We can't afford to welcum other people weather legal or illegal and that too form that religion which never exist in India(Rohingya) . These will permanently settle down here and do the same things what others are doing. Our own people need space to live.. jobs for their livelihood, food… GOVT aid…but they are are leaking to these people who are never going to return ..y not Australia,new Zealand, Canada where there is plenty of space,jobs and moreover their govt wants people to get stuffed in with population take these people …no they will not coz they want only highly skilled labor to make their country shining they wont take these people bt always push country like us in the name of human rights to let them stay here …

  • Samir mkn says:

    Myanmaar deported many Indian settled in there to we should deport all myanmaris back to their country

  • Dharmander Kumar says:

    we don't want more muslims in our country so they can become terrorist here, send them as soon as possible, they r not indian citizens, send them to their country or any other muslim country. we r not responsible for them nd we don't need them on our land.

  • sha p says:

    If Iran and OIC is so concerned about Rohingya Muslims they why they dont take them into their countries ?

  • Atanu Dasgupta says:

    We have enough Indians who need support and attention first.. Fuck refugees.. Let their country decide what it wants to do with them. Myanmar has no right to pile them on other countries and the UN should also keep its mouth shut and allow us to work on our own development first. UN is nobody to lecture us on our priorities. There are so many Muslim countries … Everywhere the Muslims are killing Muslims so let them decide for the refugees.

  • ru says:

    Take a advice you all pislamic nations take this Muslims and also Indian Muslims free as discount

  • BIASON REANG says:

    India is already over populated…in next 10 years there will be no even protected forest because of overpopulation…

  • Priyank Patel says:

    rohigiya muslim settlement in loas, burnai, indonesia better than india safe for this

  • bredneved says:

    Settling Rohingya in Kashmir is in direct violation of article 370 – it's illegal

  • Abhijit Raj says:

    India is called a Mother to the world and a Mother never says no to any child. You fuckers can have whatever opinion you want but my India is great and no few thousand or a million will be burden on us. We can share our rotis and our rooms, that is our culture and that is my India.

  • Arijeet Sarkar says:

    40000 rohingya refugees. …. fuck ……

  • Arijeet Sarkar says:

    fuck rohingya refugees. ….. kick them out immediately. …

  • Kukhal Das says:

    If the world cares so much about Rohingya, why don't they take in these people in. They think India is a Dumping Ground. We are a country of 2nd highest population in the world. Why should India take these people in ??..

  • SP S says:

    why does not iran invite them

  • Sourav Kumar says:

    We don't want refugee

  • Sourav Kumar says:

    Muslim from Bangladesh and Myanmar are threat to Indian security and they participate in anti Indian activities

  • RAMPAGE XTREME Energy says:

    So Hindus are persecuted in every islamic nation and yet they wants India to take muslim refuges???? Lastly wtf this anchor is wearing??

  • Devashish Sonowal says:

    Anti refugee card heard it first time

  • anonymous p28 says:

    We already have lot's of proverty problem first of all n we have to take care those Muslims who's don't even belong to India it's just slowing our progress I support deport them back it's just not our problem we don't want there mess here affecting our community using our resources n government packages every nation in the world think that India is Refuge camp to all even more then 1core Bangladeshi people are in India illegally just deport them back to where they belong #i support government if they make the decision to deport this illegal immigrants

  • anonymous p28 says:

    First we have to give Refuge to them then get blamed for return wtf deport those treat from India we don't want them here

  • Vivek Singh says:

    We will not allow any geography of India and IOC can take Roghiyan Muslim

  • Rajasingam Muthusamy says:

    Countries with less population growth must accept roginyahs to boost their baby making count as they are limitless.

  • Manjunath Yatnur says:

    It is because of 2 reasons. OIC which claims to the champion for Muslims is clearly anti India and Myanmar is also pro China. So why does India need goodwill. What have we earned by goodwill since 70 years.

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