When an F-15 is better than an F-22 or an F-35

When an F-15 is better than an F-22 or an F-35

Insider, Justin Bronk, a Research Fellow specializing in combat airpower at the Royal United Services Institute, revealed why the F-15, originally introduced four decades ago, is still more useful than either the F-22 or the F-35 in certain situations.
The F-15 is a traditional air superiority fighter of the fourth generation. It’s big, fast, agile, and carriers lots of weapons under the wing where everyone can see them. For that reason, it’s terrible at stealth, but the other side of the coin is that it’s perfect for intercepting enemy aircraft.

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  1. known fact, F-15 is undisputed, if these critic wonna put out money out there, then good luck with your european n russian wasted metal 😁😁😁

  2. This video is simply untrue. 1) An F-18 shot down a SU-24 over Syria in Air to Air action a few months ago. 2) 5th generation fighters HAVE been doing fighter and bomber intercepts off Alaska against Russian TU-95 Bears and SU-35 fighters. 3) You do know the 5th gen fighters can open their weapons bays to expose their weapons to flash an intercepted aircraft right? It's the same as a wing tip maneuver the F15 would do. This video is just stupid.

  3. why would the military keep it if it wasn't better sometimes. the f22 and f35 are for stealth
    just like the case about the f35 being worse than the f22, it is a multirole stealth jet not an air suppiority fighter and the two should not compete

  4. You have to trade off a great deal to achieve stealth, so I imagine the F-15 can do a whole lot of things better than the F-22. As far as the F-35, well, even the old F-4 Phantom II has capabilities beyond any light fighter. As far as price goes, if you want our military to stay on top, somebody has to pay the taxes to pay for it.

  5. Wouldn't it be likely that anyone invading our airspace will be in a 5th generator/stealth fighter?  Thus making the F15 a sitting duck?

  6. im not that clever?
    the shames on you!! from HIS point of view. YEP im a give credit where credit is due. now cant we just get along? i have no problems with that. 😉

  7. I think that the true strength of US air dominance is the amazing diversity. Now when we enter the age of GaN semiconductors and big data processing stealth capability will play a less important roll. The US can simply lean back and just relay on their amazing arsenal of different types of systems.

  8. give The Eagle F119 power plant those of the F22, MATV or thrust vectoring and a WWII Ace, if one still around. WWII Aces dont need radar to seek the enemy

  9. F-22 and F-35 both totally untested and incredibly expensive. Do you think "Stealth" technology will actually work exactly as promised? Or that no one will eventually figure out a way around it? Finally, WHO ARE we building these planes to fight? Certainly not high tech countries like Europe, Japan, or now emerging China. We are building multi hundred million dollars aircraft to shoot guys with a heavy machine gun mounted in a Toyota 4 X 4. A better choice for that task would be the WWII AE-1
    Skyraider. I'm serious, read about the Skyraider. Having 1,000+ mph sooper dooper spinning zappo ultra turning airplanes at enormous expense when the nation is on the verge of continual bankruptcy? Go figger.

  10. Have always loved this plane. Gorgeous, capable, and "AIR SUPERIORITY" (with the stainless record to back it up), gives it a permanent place in my heart.
    Built a model of one as a kid and, ofc, it soon became a scramjet/rocket hybrid "space-fighter" in my young mind. 😉

  11. yea the f 35 sucks because all the dog fighting we do these days you know sooooooo much dog fighting just dog fight after dog fight after dog fight thats all those carrier born aircraft do day in day out is dog fight a sumbitch. i bet they are dog fighting soooo much they are praying for a ground target to strike… lmao in fact its the opposite of that they pray they get to knock a sumbitch out the sky instead of go fly for hours in a straight line uncontested to drop a bomb on a sumbitch turn and head back to the carrier. we need the f 35 today not the big blimp on the radar screen f15 that nearly every AA rocket ever built was designed specifically to hit the f-15 and similar shaped aircraft. you people are all fighter pilot experts i can tell.

  12. Makes 1 quick point then ya get 15 minutes of fuckin music. How about the f15 can when outfitted with extra fuel tanks can fly non stop to Europe if war breaks out in mere hours?

  13. Why, are all the videos about military equipment, narrated by a computer? there are millions of wanna be actors and actresses…ya cant findone who can narrate a video?

  14. really f15 is better, well actually not, when you can't trace your opponent through your radar system your dead, and plus carrying alot of weaponry reduce the speed and increased of fuel consumtion, the problem with f15 it's to heavy and had to many strutural component that's needed to be maintain regularly. so if you said f15 is better than raptor or jsf, then i suggest you to put an eagle with su-35 sm i'm sure for real the sukhoi will win

  15. Read all the comments and it comes down to this, the Raptor will take you out and your dead before you know it. You can't fight what you can see. Dog fight with a Raptor is like going to a gun fight with a folding knife.

  16. The latest F-15 variants are far more capable than early variants and have some useful capabilities that stealth aircraft lack such as range and weapons load. They should be purchased in large numbers to complement stealth fighters and serve in certain specialized roles.

  17. I disagree….the best way to intercept is tell him to leave without him seeing you Or if you want him to see you it's better to pop out of no were and was the "holy shit were did you come from" factor

  18. The subject matter isn't really up for debate, in that 5th Gen stealthy fighters aren't going to replace 4th Gen fighters, at least not in the near term.

  19. I love both of the 5th generation craft but the F-15 is a seriously legendary aircraft. It's like the Captain America of Fighter Jets.

  20. Dog fights. When the raptor takes out all of those suckois or whatever the f15 scores missile kills first and dog figs the hell out of any migs only if it has too. Is better than?… is great compliment too…

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