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What do we know about U.S. Navy ship collision?

According to the U.S. Navy, three sailors sustained serious injuries in the collision, including the ship’s commander. They were evacuated to a hospital by helicopter. They are awake and under medical observation. CGTN’s Jim Spellman reports.

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  • Francisco Zahradnik says:

    With a 100 million radar system, and couldn't foresee a container ships trajectory?
    Very sad for the human losses. I hope Navy will learn something from this.

  • George Butterfield says:

    These poor bastards died in their racks !

  • Giup Nguoi Giup Doi says:

    What do we know about U.S. Navy ship collision? your question: I think you don't know anything. if you ready know then you are not losing 7 lives. You don't know and you not see a big cargo ship come to your ship and how do you know the small enemy army Seal come to your ship? You lose.

  • RISBO LENSKY says:

    well we know now that made in USA is junk

  • Burrito Burrito says:

    My guess: extremely tired bridge crew. Someone's going to get fired.

  • Bepe Gabianni says:

    container ship was equipped with stealth technology

  • Hybrid Saiyan says:

    you have the whole ocean and they still managed to crash into another ship twice the size

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