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Welcome to the Fleet Marine Force Chaplain

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  • The Jokester Master of laughter says:

    Has there ever been a Chaplin who boxed I'm just curious

  • Amparo Viteri says:

    Gracias la verdad entendí un poco deberíamos hablar pausado pronunciando bien eso aprendí . Me cuesta mucho peri lo voy ha ser los Ecuatorianos decimos mi un paso atrás pero como me cuesta por dios el ingles no no me gusta

  • Amparo Viteri says:

    lo que mas entiendo es Chaplain definitivamente es vocación hombres de bien de honor su misión es alimentar el alma a través de la palabra de dios sin el abría un vacío infinito.

  • wesley ogilvie says:

    I want to know something, sailors in the navy corpsmen, chaplain, and other can be assigned into marine units, but marines can't apply for the navy SEALs while they are still in the corps. Why is that?

  • James Dean says:

    What would they be doing on the outside?  The same thing they are doing in the Navy/USMC.  Nothing.  Taxpayer – you paid for these jokers to self-promote themselves and the chaplain corps.  Just hope that they don't move in next door.  They are fake.

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