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US Troops discuss “Drop-Weapons”

US Troops discuss “Drop-Weapons”

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  • Mohamed Osama says:

    fuck you hypocrite american soldiers
    heartless motherfuckers
    greedy for oil heartless shits

  • Dave Smith says:

    Sorry, but in warfare there is no neutrality. You are either aiding the enemy or you are on our side. Plain and simple. The problem is we won't commit and consequentially we don't protect those who go on our side, so everyone aids the terrorists, then this happens.

  • babsandgirly says:

    kildar2401: It creates a situation of impunity and thereby increases the likelihood of increased deaths of innocent human beings.

  • BPR GM says:

    Courage… When you kill someone who can't fight back and then you lie about it.

  • baashdi hobstocking says:

    using a patsy / patsies, is pretty evil. its the super easy way out. ….do heroes use patsies?

  • Mike Graf says:

    He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.
    Albert Einstein

  • cassmi87 says:

    7:57 You made the choice to join the Army, douchebag. No one cares about your survival.

  • sushimeaningful says:

    You couldnt be more accurate, and thanks to the internet we dont have to look too far to find out this truth. Bankers fund both sides of every war, they never lose. Interesting thing is we in the West are also on the receiving end the ruling Elites behind these Banks and we are headed for a New World Order with a Totalitarian State ruled by them, unless we stop them.

  • stlexplorer5674 says:

    Updated ROE. "Be nice until it is time to be not nice."

  • thekempinator says:

    I think US Military ground troops either need an updated ROE or individuals need to be harshly punished. There's needs to be accountability for an unnecessary death because that's a BIG deal. Either the united states government is accountable or trigger-happy jarheads are.

  • v8R580Scania says:

    I'm thinking yes maybe "Drop Weapons" is a shit thing to do but really there is always going to be civy's getting killed in a war, it's just all part of the process of war. And that will never change. Plus also it would get a bit time consuming having to try a deal with every family of a civy killed in action, the soldiers would have better things to do eg finding enemy weapons cache's.
    Just my opinion.

  • 86kdanc says:

    In terms of dumping someones son into a dumpster instead of apologising and facing the music.

  • 86kdanc says:

    If they haven't got the balls to at least apologise to the families of those they killed then they have no business thinking well of themselves. They have no business even being able to fucking sleep at night.

  • William Piano says:

    If you are fighting a war to the extent that your troops don't even feel like fighting the enemy, then you'll seriously need to rethink your foreign policy.But still,if I were a smart politician, I'd rather continue being lobbied by the military contractors and perpetuate the lie to my fellow citizens that we are fighting terrorists,despite the fact that the very reasons such terrorists exist is because the they are under occupation by US.After all, political influence is better than being nice.

  • socaliguy81 says:

    I still haven't seen video of a plane hitting the Pentagon. Nor has anyone explained Building 7 on 9/11. More soldiers need to come forward.

  • socaliguy81 says:

    The REAL cost of an illegal war born out of misinformation and greed.

  • Timothy Little says:

    I don't discount what they say. I question what they really did in the war. I want to see some proof they served in a MOS where they would have to carry a drop weapon. I call them out as possible shit bags and POGS pretending to be 11 B's or Marine Infantry.

  • garreth davis says:

    Fighting for freedom.

  • soukup says:

    They? I don't recall any Iraqi's or Afghan's being involved.

  • Nebulized Narcosis says:

    @JizzTechCo you are a fool and deserve your very own atomic bomb just for YOU.

  • 86kdanc says:

    fucking cowards. I think that if there is a hell then there is an especially hot section for those who murder and then cover their asses rather than repaying and comforting the family of those whom they slay.

  • 8digitPDX says:

    You know what they say about snitches and ditches? What the fuck are you thinking.

  • Nathan says:

    I'm guessing these are the military's equivalent to post katrina new olrean polices "ham sandwitch". I don't like this but I still support our military, but damn get the bad apples out. Although I don't think it's possible. All militarys have these kinds of issues, not just America

  • SolRosenberg84 says:

    Such a disgusting lack of integrity.

  • Lani Te says:

    @Goatskull I do feel sorry for them as well, because they know they did wrong, but felt helpless( even though they weren't totally), the sadness comes when they sign up because they want to do good (for their own country) but their consience tells them they are doing wrong by doing these false actions. I'm glad that it has been exposed!!

  • Al Miller says:

    I hit the "like" button, but I HATE this. Our country is getting sicker and more psychopathic by the year.

  • QUARTERKEE says:

    @nubarilight Yea dude ~ They're called puppetmasters LOL

  • Lani Te says:

    People don't care! American people don't care about people who are equal to them in Iraq, they prove that they can't be bothered thinking for themselves and plant weapons on innocent bodies. It's disgusting!!!!


    cmon soldiers, wake up, wake up before they destroy this planet!!!



  • nox1sxmessenger says:

    Yes, war is ugly, but it doesnt mean you shouldnt be responsible for your actions. Every kill is a human being and covering it up in the boardroom or on the ground is encouraging tyranny in a bureaucratic trickle down the ranks. I support the troops for having to make those hard decisions that dont have a right answer. For justified killing to continue, the American justice system needs room for a little "grey"…or else our soldiers will resort to whatever means necessary..out of fear,not moral

  • AceOfHeart2012 says:

    Isn't the proper definition of war that there must be two armies fighting? There is the US CORPORATION (U.S. GOVERNMENT) which consists of the media, the banksters, the politicians and of course our brave men and women who drop bombs on innocent people from high altitude, remote controlled drones but who (and where) is the 'other army' we're allegedly fighting against? This isn't a war. The U.S. GOVERNMENT is engaging in genocide and ethnic cleansing and have been for the last 200+ years.

  • Wave 11:11 says:

    One Love Brings Peace

  • lushfauna says:

    @axle90210 It's not a war it's an occupation for oil dumb ass- Take your misplaced patriotic B.S. and shove it up your ass- You believe B.S. so your a danger to us all. IT'S NOT A WAR! If the Chinese came here and attacked us and patrolled our streets I'd be a IED placing futha fuker! Grow up and think for yourself these people had nothing to do with 911 – It's oil! get it?

  • John Doe says:

    I'm sorry but there is some MAJOR things in play that these Vets and analyst are missing. I'm getting sick and tired of guilt ridden soldiers coming back as if they got corrupted. War is War, plain and simple…BAD THINGS HAPPEN. We all know that when you put two men against each other in foreign land to kill each other. The biggest thing missing is soldiers will do what needs to be done if something happens because they don't want prison time when the Military Brass wants someone to hang.

  • chinaownsamerica says:


  • Lonewolf6565 says:

    @nickelbird103 whatever sam ybarra… why dont you take a little more pride in your insane warcrimes you committed.

  • nikto2000 says:

    This is one of the reasons why they hate us……..not the bullshit about " hating us for our freedoms".If I lived in another country and got invaded by the US and they killed my relatives and dropped a weapon on them….they would have created a super terrorist…because of the rest of my life I would want revenge.The US has committed a huge amount of war crimes and crimes against international law. All the crap we do to other nations causes terrorism.

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