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US says won’t sign UN anti-nuclear treaty

The US says it has no intention of joining the global nuclear disarmament efforts by signing the United Nations treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons.

A State Department spokesman said the treaty, signed by one hundred twenty two countries, would not lead to nuclear disarmament. It comes after the United Nations and the European Union backed the Nobel committee’s decision to award the 2017 peace prize to an anti-nukes civil society coalition. The group, known as the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, was a key force behind the adoption of the anti-nukes treaty in July. It wants all states to commit themselves to full elimination of nuclear weapons.

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  • Goat Culler says:

    No kidding the only country to have used these amoral weapons,

  • Drukalovisck says:

    F U N N Y, let's back to reality, huh?

  • Michelle Maher says:

    The US should be made to take it's WMD'S out of foreign countries.

  • Daniel Wong says:

    If that is the stand taken by these countries than it is only fair that all the other countries have the RIGHT to own nuclear weapons.

  • Robert Overton says:

    Give up your fake and false moon god. Ask Jesus for forgiveness

  • Robert Overton says:

    Jesus Christ the true prophet.

  • Mighty Mo says:

    I agree that nukes shouldnt exist, but they do.. if we hust start to dispose of our nukes, israel and their filthy allies wont do the same. And we will be left defenceless, thats not a wise choice. We should only do this when nations whose economy strives and expands of war and instability, are destroyed and levelled to the earth. Watch Gods nature damage the disbelievers!!

  • Sher Khan says:

    A nuclear armed Terrorist Organisation like USA, is the real threat to the world… not the DPRK.

  • cava 1919 says:

    kim jon ung is perfectly right..he deserves the right of defending from usa

  • wjdonner says:

    The main reason the US and its allies can not agree to denuclearize is the fact that the State of Israel would not be able to rule the world without nuclear weapons. And in their Luciferian agenda (Isaiah 14:12 – 20) all nuclear-armed nations are to annihilate each other in a nuclear world-war leaving only the Israelis with those weapons to subdue the remaining human population on the planet. In this process the USA, Britain and France are also to be sacrificed (Daniel 7:8).

  • Pip Smith says:

    We need hackers to use them on the usa!

    A taste of what they did in 45!

  • terefe feyssa says:

    It is not new information or a new thing. The American rulers never sign any Nuclear treaty.
    They even walked out from existing treaties between Russia and US many times.
    Their doctrine and The policy based on their Doctrine does not allow any peace Treaty or any peace mission in the world. Their goal is the Militarization of the world for domination and selling weapons.

  • Judge Morville says:

    You cannot seriously expect the US to sign this treaty.  The US has been repeatedly threatened with nuclear attack by little rocket man and his minions, and you want Trump to give up their nukes.  With so many nations now having nukes, yet Trump is the bad man because he wont give up his.  Well we have some big fat nukes here in the UK and we are not giving them up either.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it!PressTV your agenda is so obvious.

  • Sultan Jahdhamy says:

    This is madness

  • staffan144 says:

    good luck in hell americunts

  • bob jo says:

    USA war warmongers need to be nuked

  • Kie Dan says:

    Who's surprised they lurrrrve their killing and destruction

  • K n o c k e d L o o s e says:

    A true leader sets an example.
    Is not the usa always claiming to be a world leader?

  • Titty Froster Mc.Drama says:

    banning nuclear weapons? hahahahahahaah you dumb retards at presstv are too funny

  • M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

    USA aka JewSA is a Nuclear Terrorist State being the only Nation to Drop an Atom Bomb on a Civilian Population along with their Jew Fathers in Israel and the International Zionist Terrorist Organizations including USA and all Zionist Prostituted Western Nations headed by Israel are the Worlds largest Nuclear Threat easily.

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