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US Navy Destroyer Crashes Merchant Ship at Japan Sea USS Fitzgerald Collides Merchant Vessel

UPDATE: 7 US crew members missing. URGENT: The USS Fitzgerald, a 505-foot destroyer that carries the motto “Protect Your People,” struck a merchant vessel at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time on June 17. about 56 miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan, on Friday.

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  • 楊浩 says:

    Philippines Merchant Vessel  >US navy ship,confirm

  • Lut says:

    AllahuAkbar!!! Allah the Most High has answered our prayers.

  • Eugene B says:

    yeah we need a bigger Navy and what are we going to accomplish with incompetent fucks operating these ships besides burning through more fuel and hitting ppl over the back of their head for eating a steak cuz it's supposedly bad for the environment

  • aPpl pie says:

    My father was part of the crew that just fixed Fitzgerald weeks ago. He was one of the first on board. There were 7 missing people until they found them today. Thoughts go out to those who lost their families to such a disaster.

  • John A says:

    Why is it presented as the destroyer colliding with a cargo ship? From film, it appears the destroyer was RAMMED broadsides by the cargo ship. It was reported elsewhere the cargo ship had taken a 180 degree turn prior to the ramming. If this is so, this is no simple "accident". Whether true or not, there was clearly someone asleep at the wheel. I'm sure Agis class destroyers are equipped with radar.

  • playlist55 says:

    CNN Fake news. These idiots continue to report this that the Destroyer "collided with a container ship", "struck a container ship", "Ran into a container ship". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to discern from the pics, let alone the experts that "the container ship T-boned the Destroyer". The container ship HIT the destroyer. Can CNN get anything right? I watch CNN every once in awhile just to see if they are as bad as they have been. They are worse! Fake (or stupid, uninformed) News at every turn.

  • Zach Bell says:

    how in the fuck does a warship get hit and so damaged by a container ship? how the hell did this happen WTF

  • Brian Lillquist says:

    Fender bender at sea.

  • Brian Lillquist says:

    It should buff right out!!

  • jappie jappo says:

    USA attacked by japs again!!! Pearl Harbor again! Prepare for the war!

  • whyey says:

    Top rated fake New's!!!!

  • Light Speed says:

    I am praying for my fellow Sailors!!

  • Light Speed says:

    my prayers are with you fitz! someone just made a move on the chessboard.

  • dArKrAiN says:

    The US needs to get there shit together

  • Gladi bärtor says:

    Schade das der Drecksdampfer nicht abgesoffen ist.

  • Mac Jones says:

    How in the hell do a U.S. destroyer with the latest technology let a container ship get that close. Someone must of been sleep on duty

  • MSG MusicFilmPhotography says:

    Collision with a Chinese missile (aka merchant ship)

  • Zbriu says:

    It's amazing, especially considering how maneuverable a destroyer is compared to that merchant ship.
    There wasn't a single person in the whole freaking destroyer, bridge included, that noticed such a huge ship?? You don't need a fck radar to see a 222 meter container ship at a few miles and avoid it easily. Many of the 200 sailors were sleeping at the time, looks more like all of them were sleeping… I mean it was a merchant ship, if they can't detect a ship this huge in good visibility, i can only imagine how is it going to be in a war. So many sophisticated systems to detect other ships, planes… and they don't have like a basic "Proximity alert" or "collision course" alarm??? Even some small yachts have it!
    I am sure the problem was that a "a group" of people were distracted when they should be working.

  • Daiviet Nguyen says:

    Just some piece of junk so called "warship" !!! Your so called " best army in the world" disgusted me to the bones !!! Pathetic !!!

  • Manolis Inglessis says:

    It's possible that the US captain had the famous "Spanish lighthouse" syndrom 😛

  • Chris May says:

    Looks like we need to put large rubber tubes around our ships to play bumper boats.

  • billy estep says:

    Damn it. Twisted that frigate up floating sideways. Captain and XO will be relieved of command. In other words career is over. Don't join the military. Your just a number the navy. The navy don't mess around with relieving captains of ships. When I was in the marines 1990 uss Trenton. Helicopter crashed in the sea training. Never found it or the pilots. Captain was relieved few days later. Flew him off his boat. Brought in another one. RIP sailors

  • but2star says:

    If a warship was not able to detect or not able to escape a slow moving 730ft merchant ship … so what is the chances of this warship if she is facing an enemy warship ? Can this lame warship able to defend an enemy torpedo ? I guess it is time for an early retirement for US military/navy.

  • roygbiv330 says:

    a: we'll across behind u.
    b: ok. u can pass by before us, we'll stop.

  • 청룡비천 says:

    Send a message of comfort to seven US soldiers who died in a destroyer accident
    It's very sad………

  • John Alden says:

    how does this even happen

  • Iennal says:

    US Navy is a joke.

  • Jason J says:

    weak ship

  • Adrianna Valdez says:

    apparently it's not that sophisticated now

  • Martin Carter says:

    Would the containers bulb/nose have done the most damaged — below deck?, their ship looks AOK except for the grey paint on it's front, at 4 times the weight of the Navy ship it was lucky there weren't more casualties. The Fitzgerald took the t-bone dead center. I know the Captain was off shift when it happened but how did neither crews of both ships not see the danger? BTW it's a credit to the US ship builders and crew that it didn't break half and made it back to port.

  • Michael Mathews says:

    how did The USS Fitzgerald, a 505-foot destroyer, hit a container ship………. ?

  • Tayo Omoloso says:

    Trump see your life

  • junito1957 says:

    i bet if this ship was build like the ones in ww2 it will not have been so damage , the ship these days are like our car made out of recycle soda can and they cost 1000 time more then when they was build in the 1940s so go figure

  • thanhaq98 says:

    how to sink an aegis ship: use a container ship

  • dave choy says:

    Fat Kim will be chuckling

  • MrEjidorie says:

    From this collision, I learn that even most sophisticated warships are very vulnerable if they collide with merchant ships. So one anti-ship missile or torpedo is good enough to sink them.

  • Onyxsolo says:

    They should have detained everyone on that merchant ship or sent another ship/plane to intercept it afterwards. The bow of a ship hitting the port/starboard side of another vessel is a ramming; While a military vessel should always be alert and prepared to make maneuvers to avoid an incident like this. You can't help but wonder with the current state of ISIS in the Philippines where the Merchant vessel ACX Crystal is reportedly flagged from. Captain definitely should lose his command after his crew failed to an ancient tactic which could result in the ship being scuttled. This is also why the crap IRAN is doing should be taken more seriously. Prayers for the seven dead crewmen and brave crew that saved the ship.

  • William Bryant says:

    where's the merchant ship and what's it name? Why haven't we seen pictures of the merchant ship?

  • Zae Blo says:

    confirmed – Containership was using stealth technology.

  • wen z says:

    my condolence to lives lost in the accident, though i doubt american will do the same to us if bad things happen to chinese

  • wen z says:

    one down, 68 to go, made in USA Rules

  • bud ekins says:

    It's a cynical theory but maybe the driver was looking at porn instead of his radar screen. .

  • Derek Cheung says:

    that US Destroyer must be made in china

  • Kim Kwan says:

    Freedom of navigation!  make USA great again in Japan sea !

  • 蔡升 says:


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