US Army Stocking up on Long range Missiles and Ammo to Fight Russia and China

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US Army Stocking-up on Long-range Missiles and Ammo to Fight Russia and China

The U.S. Army’s top modernization priorities are focused on boosting its thin advantage in conventional combat against Russia and China after over a decade of counterinsurgency campaigns in the Middle East.

Weapons that inflict long-range destruction abound in the army’s fiscal year 2018 budget request. These include the army’s long neglected surface-to-air missile defenses and weapons capable of long-range fires.

Taken together, these weapons included in the army’s $26.8 billion funding request seek to recapture the army’s capability to conduct large-scale, conventional, all arms military operations against Russia and China.

Restoring the army’s air defense capability will be necessary when the U.S. and NATO fight to destroy Russian forces that might invade Eastern Europe over the next 10 years.

The Army has requested a 2018 budget for air defense that’s $600 million larger than the total enacted in fiscal year 2017 for modernization, said Maj. Gen. Thomas Horlander, Director for the Army budget.

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