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UN debates whether we should exterminate killer robots

The UN is holding its first ever convention on killer robots – or lethal autonomous weapons systems.

Although fully self-determining attack machines have yet to be manufactured, many believe technology is moving so fast that they are just around the corner.

Some want a total ban, while others are calling for a moratorium until the systems are able to significantly reduce civilian casualties.

The 1977 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jody Williams, explained how they would work: “If robotics were…

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  • RoScFan says:

    This technonlogy has the potential of bringing about wars with 0 deaths. The entire war can be thought between two robot armies. Sure, robot versus people is monstrous, but robot versus robot is utopia! In order to have robots versus robots with no people dying you would need a mix of remote control and autonomous robots. So let's not ban them altogether. 

  • J.C. Daniels says:

    A robot/drone on the battlefield should NEVER be autonomous they should always have a human guidance.

  • craigmancool says:

    I have currently in process of patent the algorythm for sentient autonomous life, strong AI. these doomsday killer robots are right here and now and can be implemented within months and mass produced in under a year. easily. Currently Iam in the waiting stages of patent procedure, but am looking for investors now. Iam not partial to development, but, see medical and intersellaar applications at the primary benefit of this technology as 'war' with this technology is crazy to think of, but, will be developed. Maybe the U.S. stance on individual rights to bear arms is correct afterall, and maybe the rest o the world shoulld follow the U.S. instead of going against it since this type of weaponry is becoming available and is FAR more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

  • Nayazu Zyanya says:

    What is there to debate?
    Does anyone really wants Terminator for real?

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