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Trump phone call could set tone for US-Russia relations

Officials have cited counterterrorism operations as a potential area of cooperation, while skeptics doubt Russia will compromise on its goal in Syria; Rich Edson explains on ‘Special Report’

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  • Val Ovchinnik says:

    give McCain back to Viatnam

  • Egyptian Egyptian says:

    Egypt-Russia-Israel relations is all we need. Lets end islam.

  • baddpeachez says:

    i feel like we should be on path to alliance with Russia

  • G/man. 444 says:

    They know King Obama is a pussy!

  • nunyobiznez says:

    Moron McCain is trying so hard to be relevant. He is making empty threats though. He could not pass that into law, without having it signed by the president, and I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that the president might Veto it, since the purpose of it is to try to force his hand and take options off of the table.

  • David Sibley says:

    Russia didn't seize Crimea. The people overwhelmingly voted to align with Russia. The U.S. instigated the turmoil in Ukraine and is disappointed it did not get Crimea.

  • Мишаня Романов says:

    McCain is NO hero . he is a phcyco

  • Engineer the Empire says:

    DONALD = WW3
    Welcome to Hotel HELL, where check in time is now… and checkout time is NEVER.

  • theylied1776 says:

    Trump is Putin's bitch and everyone knows it.

  • Jason Manganello says:

    The USA needs to STOP fueling animosity towards Russia. Cain needs to get the hell outta the way.

  • Al Pen says:

    Putin is a better ally than a foe……….

  • Nelson King says:

    The USA and EU sponsored a coup in Ukraine. Russia reacted to that by bringing Crimea back. It is the actions of the USA and EU that provoked Russia to do that but you don't hear this in the media.
    Obama funds and sends weapons to ISIS militants in the name of 'moderate rebels' but that is not a problem. Instead the media wants to condemn Russia for acting LEGALLY and helping the LEGITIMATE government of Syria in their fights against those barbarians.
    Why is it that the USA and our allies like to apply a different set of rules to everyone else?

  • Dumbass Libtard says:

    "Erma Heero"- Shut up McCain. Tell your daughter to lose 75lbs so someone can hit it without being too embarrassed to admit it

  • Aipull Aipull says:

    read bible prophecy and islamic promise from god almighty Allah Azza Wa
    Jalla And Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam And Prophet Jesus
    Alaihi Salam And Prophet Moses Alaihi Salam. The world was in the midst
    of a subtle battle.

  • coolguy5555551 says:

    George Soros has an arrest warrant in Russia. If US/Russia relations are restored, guess who's getting extradited to Russia? :)

  • makeamericagreatagaine Jesus bless us all says:

    Mccain better shut up.if he can't do that send him to war with Russians by himself

  • Duane Brocious says:

    Russia is NOT and never has been a real threat to the USA. We kiss our real enemies asses and demonize real potential allies. WTF is wrong with these people ?

  • Duane Brocious says:

    Join with Russia to crush the Middle East assholes like we did in the 40s to crush Nazis.

  • Jay Simone says:

    It's always double standards with the U.S.
    You get to do what you want, while eveyone else gets to do what you say!

  • leon singleton says:

    America needs Russia as a friend not as a foe. God bless Putin.

  • Repvoid says:

    McCain is a fucking wind bag.

  • Liam Younger says:

    McCain = WARMONGER

  • Richard Wilson says:

    Assad is not a dictator. Shame on Fox for blithely slandering a foreign leader and spreading fake news!

    Get your act together please. Assad is in power only because the people of Syria DEMAND he be in power. He has overwhelming support among his people and has said on numerous occasions he would step down if his people really wanted that. That's a strong leader – not a dictator.

  • Will Px says:

    Putin to Trump: BEND OVER

  • Boris Benz says:

    Keep your sanctions. Russia is a strong indepedenr country and can finish ISIS off in Syria without the US.The only people in Russia who concerned about the US sanctions are Russian oligarchs.

  • Vasco miranda says:

    Love to visit Russia, if this happens

  • Vinnie St Vincent says:

    Trump looks very similar to he's wife

  • That guy from then says:


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