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Tour of nuclear facility plus comment by Iranian FM

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(23 Jun 2005)
Bushehr, southern Iran
1. Various tracking shot Bushehr nuclear plant
2. Various interiors of nuclear plant, employees at work
3. Centrifuges inside nuclear plant
4. Various of workers constructing new phases of plant
5. Various of press conference
6. SOUNDBITE (English): Asadollah Sabouri, Vice President of Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation:
” So we are wasting our time now, we are losing the time. If this project could proceed, okay, and there was no limitation I could give you time for completion of those projects but they are under suspension.”
7. Wide shot of press conference
8. SOUNDBITE (Farsi): Asadollah Sabouri, Vice President of Iranian Atomic Energy Organization:
“Iran has the plan to develop fuel production for (its) nuclear plants.”
Brussels, Belgium
9. Wide shot Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi departing Brussels meeting
10. Cutaway
11. SOUNDBITE (English): Kamal Kharrazi, Iranian Foreign Minister:
“In fact our position has been quite clear, that we are not for producing the weapons of mass destruction. Contrary to that, Americans have to respond to why they do not take steps towards elimination of weapons of mass destruction, based on the commitment to NPT(Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). Unfortunately, that has not happened and that was brought up in the conference for NPT in New York recently. Because this is quite serious, this is the position of all European countries. That nuclear states are better to take measures toward total elimination of nuclear weapons as well as other weapons of mass destruction.”
12. Kharrazi leaving
The international press has been allowed access to Iran’s controversial nuclear power station, currently under construction at Bushehr in southern Iran.
Reporters were taken on a visit of the site on Wednesday.
Earlier this year, Iran and Russia signed a landmark fuel accord that paves the way for the firing up of the station.
The United States fears that the project is part of a cover for weapons development.
Under the deal, which capped an 800 (m) million-dollar contract to build and bring the Bushehr plant on line, Russia will fuel the reactor on condition that Iran sends back spent fuel. This could potentially be upgraded to weapons use.
Asadollah Sabouri, Vice President of Iranian Atomic Energy Organization asserted that the arrangement left no room for Iran diverting the fuel to military purposes.
Iran also intends to produce its own nuclear fuel for future plants. It hopes to produce 7,000 megawatts of electricity by 2020 – an aim that is central to the current stand-off with the international community.
In Brussels, the Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi maintained that Iran had no ambitions to produce a nuclear arsenal.

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