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Top 5 Russian Weapon That NATO Should Fear

This video shows you about top 5 weapons technology that may provides advantages on any kind of conflicts situation with NATO. This are:
1) Iskander Ballistic Missile: Iskander Ballistic Missile is a short range Ballistic missile can able to neutralized NATO’s foreword base as well as airstrip or airbase.
2) Su-27 Flanker: Su-27 Flanker is a 4th generation advance jet fighter and able to take charge against of any advance fighter of NATO.
3) S-400 Missile: S-400 Missile is a surface to air missile system. It has a long range capabilities around 400 km and can also used as an anti ballistic missile defense system.
4) Akula class submarines: Akula class submarines is a nuclear submarine which is developed in 1980 to 1990 and now a day Russia have 9 active Akula class submarines.
5) Spetsnaz: Spetsnaz is the Russian special force that is one of the world’s best special force and the most deadly weapon of Russia.
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