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Top 10 Navy Destroyer Ships In The World

This video shows you about Top 10 Navy Destroyer Ships In The World. Destroyers are the powerful ships of any navy and are the symbol of the capabilities of the navy. The following are the top 10 destroyers in the world power.
1) Sejong the Great-class destroyer: Sejong the Great-class destroyer is the Republic of Korea Navy’s destroyer and Korean Navy Planned 6 of this class ships.
2) Kolkata-class destroyer: Kolkata-class destroyer is Indian navy’s stealth guided mi$$le destroyer suppose to be the worlds most advance destroyer.
3) Type 052D class: Type 052D class Chinese PLA navy’s most advance ship.
4) Arleigh Burke-class destroyer: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is United State navy’s Guided mi$$ile destroyer.
5) Horizon-class Destroyer: Horizon-class destroyer are France and Italian Navy’s Destroyer.
6)Type 45 destroyer: Type 45 destroyer or D class destroyer or Daring class, is an advanced class of guided mi$$ile destroyers of Royal Navy.
7) Atago-class destroyer: Atago-class destroyer class is one of the advance Guided mi$$ile destroyer of Japanese JMSDF navy.
8) Akizuki-class destroyer: Akizuki-class destroyer s a destroyer class of the JMSDF – four ships were planned.
9) Type 052C destroyer: The Type 052C destroyer is a class of destroyer built by China.
10) Sovremennyy-class destroyer: The Sovremennyy-class destroyer is the principal anti-surface ship of the Russian Navy.
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  • Aaron says:

    dgg 1000?

  • David Baldock says:

    The British type 45 is absolutely the best at what it was designed for, air defence.

  • David Baldock says:

    The British type 45 is absolutely the best at what it was designed for, air defence.

  • Shivam Singh says:

    the vishakapatnam future destroyer of indian navy will be one of the most advanced and deadliest destroyer in the world

  • mark andrew delfin says:

    why is china number 2

  • Marco Visconti says:

    Really ? Really ??
    Kolkata Class #2 ?? I mean we all know it is number two, but in a different sense 😉
    My friend my friend my friend, tank you and come again

  • 上官月影 says:

    I think the 055 destroyer number one

  • Daniel Escobar says:

    No. 10 is the sovremennyy class But the pictures show the kirov class and the Slava class

  • Nisar Ahmed says:

    beta…….China has the best distroyers now…… more ……

  • Mauro Tarallo says:

    Please leave the bottle of wine….
    Arley Burke and Horizon Class the best…and there aren't FREMM class in the list!

  • Yang Lei says:

    not a joke. korean is always no1 in this universe for sure, okay?! india also thought they were no1 before they met korean. and China, should not even be compared with them. i am a chinese btw 🙂 haha…

  • sander demantra says:

    your music suck, like ur video

  • Bushangels says:

    When I saw Indian ship ranked no 2, I knew this list is a joke.

  • Bushangels says:

    Type 055 destroyer outclasses then all, the most powerful destroyer in the water right now.

  • dy polo says:


  • Brian Huang says:

    DDG-1000 > 055> Arleigh Burke III > DDG-991 > Atago class > 052D >Type 45 > Kongō-class> Kolkata-class >052c 6/29/2017

  • Kapil Deb says:

    every body forget dt bramhos is the only supersonic missile dts why india kolkata class is best olny barak 8 can counter bromhos. so kolkata class destroyer is in top 3.

  • Legio XXI Rapax says:

    Assuming that almost world's navy use the italian Oto Melara naval weapons system, and assuming that Italians have the Horizon class (last gen Destroyers) the Horizon class will be the first of the list.

  • Kami Hun says:

    Hahahaha India, china and Korea in the top 3! 😂 what a joke! Just because they say there ships can do everything known to man to look good doesn't mean it's true! Are there crews even as well trained as the RN or USN.

  • R.A.N. Retired Admiral says:

    Not a mention or indication of the newest Destroyer design and now in naval service with the R.A.N.. The Navantia designed and built ships. Spanish designed but now has an Australian variant called the Hobart class AWD.
    The hull, combined gas or diesel propulsion system and navigation systems are manufactured in Spain. These are shipped to Australia where the weapons systems and electronic warfare equipment designed by Australia and the U.S.A. is then assembled together with the vessel. Other Australian designed systems are also incorporated into the ship. A powerful combination for the newest Air Warfare Destroyer class in the world as of the end of 2015. One of these Destroyers can form a type of weapons and defence net over several ships together including Aircraft Carriers.
    The new Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyer of the Royal Australian Navy is able to have all electronics and weapons systems changed easily over the lifetime of these ships, as technology changes. These ships are expected to be kept up to date with technology for over 35 years. As of early 2017, the H.M.A.S. Hobart is now in service and the H.M.A.S. Brisbane in service by the end of the year. Followed in 2018/2019 by H.M.A.S Sydney. There is some potential that 2 or 3 more may be manufactured in the 2020's. Wait and see….

  • 我是你爷爷 5⃣ says:

    Indias destroyer just a joke!haha

  • Paul Shearer says:

    Some background on your methodology for determining rankings would be helpful. This really carries no weight at all and appears entirely subjective.

  • Incognito ONE says:

    # 10 is NOT a destroyer…that's a missile cruiser!

  • Nathan Marshall says:

    Top 10 Fail list America Like the british Type 45 DD More than there own That's why they have asked the brits many times for there DD to protect there CV

  • Craig Dillon says:

    No justification for the rankings at all. Why is that?
    Type 45 has almost double the range of the Arleigh Burke. 7500nm range is impressive.

  • 張宸 says:

    European ships do not have enough armament when they are facing Asian 'invaders'

  • 張宸 says:

    I think they have quite different designing mottos

  • XUHENG YANG says:


  • Chris Cantrell says:

    Comedy top 4

  • M says:


  • Naeem Hakimi says:

    I don't get it isn't the zumwalt class the best dumbass

  • rick gabeler says:

    You've really made a mess of. I think you do not get it. Do your homework and stick to the facts.

  • Sage Sheahan says:

    awful music wtf

  • Vaibhav M. Sinha says:

    The List is very true, criticism is unwanted…here's a simple fact which will justify India's presence up there:
    "We were impressed by the recent developments in Indian Navy's capabilities, especially the Brahmos saturation drill which was demonstrated by our request. It is practically near impossible to stop a Brahmos saturation attack…"- Captain John V. Carlos(part of Indo-Japan-US 'Malabar' exercise)

  • Dr Hannibal Lecter says:

    The RN Type-45 Destroyer isn't even in the top three…? It's an amazing source of anti-aircraft power. The Americans even prefer them to protect their own CVs'…

  • Sharad Jain says:

    जय भारत

  • Roberto Tapia says:

    nobody really knows, not until they face each other. it's all about radar and early warning. the Americans have the best so even with shit ships they win. the zumwalt and lcs lines keep breaking down, so they don't have the best ships… but as far as radar tracking and sat comms, usa wins. 12 carriers with awacs… forget about it.

  • 2three1two says:

    why chong's ship No.1???

  • Reneboy Seño says:

    SNA mgkaruon n ang p'nas ng mga gnitong modernong patrol ship's…,

  • Simple Sam says:

    This is not a video, why is it on Youtube?

  • christopher ishwardeen says:

    wow the list is soo inaccurate..The type 45 and the arleigh burke should be number 1 and 2..not to mention they forgot to add the zumwalt class…anyways it's youtube lol

  • GIGANI games says:

    best destroer is uss zumvalt

  • 夏蟲語冰 says:

    Zumwalt class,Marvel of engineering, general's nightmare.

  • Alex T says:

    talks about Sovremenny destroyer, shows pictures of Kirov and Slawa cruiser… i stopped watching after 30 seconds

  • Johan Gardebring says:

    When you are talking about  the Sarich  (Sovremennyy) class why are you  showing  Pictures of the Atlant (slava)  and orel (Kirov)?

  • Roshan Verma says:

    where is the Myanmar ship

  • Silas Müller says:

    Don t forget the Zumwalt Class

  • Javier Hernandez says:

    y la española que ? cara culo

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