This Old Submarine Is the Spine of the Navy (And It Can Take on Anyone)

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This video shows you that This Old Submarine Is the Spine of the Navy (And It Can Take on Anyone)

In addition to the traditional roles of undersea, surface and strike warfare, the Los Angeles class was capable of conducting special operations. Select ships in the class were capable of being fitted with the portable Dry Dock Shelter, which could hold a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, up to twenty SEAL commandos and four Combat Rubber Raiding Craft. This role has been taken over by the Ohio-class cruise missile submarines and the Seawolf class, particularly the USS Jimmy Carter.

The Los Angeles–class nuclear attack submarines were the most successful American submarines of the Cold War. The United States built sixty-two Los Angeles–class subs, more than any class except for the Gato class of World War II. Fast, powerful and heavily armed, the submarines are slowly being replaced by Virginia-class attack boats.

The Los Angeles–class submarines, also known as the 688 class, were first designed in the early 1970s. The first ship, Los Angeles (SSN-688), was laid down in 1976. The submarines were produced at a Cold War pace, with production averaging three to five submarines annually, significantly higher than the current pace of two Virginia-class submarines produced annually. The Navy sustained this rate of production until 1992. Over the twenty years the class was produced, various systems, including propulsion, bow and towed sonar, and even hull material were upgraded to reflect the latest technology.

At 360 feet long and 6,927 tons submerged, the Los Angeles–class submarines were designed to be 20 percent longer and 50 percent larger by displacement volume than their predecessors, the Sturgeon class. They are also reportedly much faster: while the Sturgeon class could make twenty-six knots submerged, the Los Angeles class can allegedly make a swift thirty-seven knots.

The Los Angeles–class submarines were constructed from HY-80 steel, with a glass reinforced plastic bow over the sonar array. This gives the submarine a maximum official depth of 650 feet. Other sources peg maximum operating depth at 950 feet. The absolute maximum diving depth in emergencies is reportedly 1,475 feet.

The submarines feature a teardrop hull first introduced with the Skipjack class, with diving planes mounted on the sail. The last twenty-three ships in class moved the diving planes to the bow and feature strengthened sails for breaking through Arctic ice. This was likely in response to the Soviet Union’s Typhoon-class ballistic-missile submarines, which were designed to operate under and through Arctic pack ice.

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  • Reply
    Michel Platteeuw
    July 25, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Quite hilarious and total fake news ofcourse.

    Even Indian beat it easily at Malabar remember? Same year a French 3+ decade took down two of them before sinking the US carrier and 7 surface ships.

    US can only dream of taking on one of our diesel Perisher boats, lol!

    Real sailors around the world know the US doesn't have any spine but it is called the Bumpercar fleet of the world at best.

    From 2000: Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision, USS Dolphin major flooding and fire, USS Oklahoma City collision with tanker, USS Hartford grounding, USS San Francisco collision with undersea terrain, USS Philadelphia collision with MV Yasa Aysen, USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul incident, USS Newport News collision with Japanese tanker Mogamigawa, USS Hartford and USS New Orleans collision, USS Miami arson, USS Montpelier collision with USS San Jacinto, USS Jacksonville collision.

    Maybe get from point A to point B safely before you think you can take stuff on? 😉

  • Reply
    Jay Felsberg
    July 25, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    USS Jimmy Carter…help…

  • Reply
    American guy
    July 25, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Subs are big targets to destroyers and anti submarine aircraft. Stealth Nuclear bomber aircraft can do more damage to their enemies than submarines.

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