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The German navy off the Horn of Africa | People & Politics

Since 2008, German naval vessels have been patrolling off the coast of East Africa as part of the EU’s Operation Atlanta. The mission remains controversial, and it has failed to prevent attacks by Somali pirates. In the first half of 2011, there were 266 attacks on commercial vessels.

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  • AaronM5511 says:

    Ya, send the SS Death Squads in to get the job done. Something we need in the middle east as well.

  • A1R5N1P3R says:

    @somrazy3 I like the video on how Russians deal with somali pirates, I back that method 100%.

  • somrazy3 says:

    If Germany is realy concerned stop stayin on waters but instead help our weak Somali entrim government, the main problem is on the sea not the waters. if you fix the mainland and help the government combat the terrorists (alshabab) everything will be fine, and you wont need to stay on the waters. thank you

  • A1R5N1P3R says:

    Nuke somalia? Yes.

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