25 thoughts on “The future of military vehicles”

  1. I doubt a human could cope with that sort of breaking and turning agility. Maybe remote controlled? And why is it dodging "future" RPGs and tank shells that are so dumb? They plan to deploy it only in conflicts with 3rd world countries using WWII technology?

  2. При уничтожении одного из 4 колес все затраченные миллионы будут выброшены на ветер, совершенно бесполезная игрушка.

  3. i dont see high tech, i see easy to disable.
    ill put my shield on. oh wait my tire was hit and is 20 feet away from me.
    its not a video game. after the first battle people wont aim for your shielded area and will start using explosives and mines again.

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