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The Coming 2017 War Iran vs Israel.

A war Israel against Iran is now inevitable. The only question is: Will it happen tomorrow or next month? Tehran’s recent missile tests and war games suggest that the apocalyptic mullahs have reached the same conclusion.

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  • bigollameo says:

    Please, please, please just beat the holy shit out of Israel!

  • hoodooguri says:

    Israel is a ghastly little Prussia of the eastern Mediterranean. Bent on invading and dominating all it's neighbours. They will try and drag the world towards a third world war. All their leaders are investigated for corruption. They corrupt the western democracies with money they extort from American tax payers. They treat Palestinians.. the true owners of their country, like dogs. It looks like they're here to stay. They are lunatics with nuclear weapons. what can the world do? Firstly it could grow some balls and deal with them. Tell them that if they cause the invasion of one more country they are to be banished from international diplomacy and black listed with sanctions such as they cause to be placed on half the world.

  • Mighty Mo says:

    israel will be committing suicide, the whole east will unite against this strike… and anyone who promotes it is finished!

  • Kareem Forthencho says:

    Iran is shit

  • ALI R mossio says:

    i'm not war to israeil remember i'm Persian

  • II salvation II says:

    puffff lol…..Israel strikes Iran hahaha……Iran just needs 2 hours to remove Israel from earth without nuclear…than they thinking Israel will strike Iran hahaha joke of year ….and also Iran will not use nuclear weapons close your shit

  • amir amiralo says:

    death to israel

  • ying yang says:

    Iran is on the agenda for the global elite, they are trying to find a good excuse to do an invasion, US and he's western alies failed, 9/11 story was full of lies, orchestrated for having new invasions, such as Afghanistan, Iraq and all that followed after, everything in the name of defense against terrorism, now 2016 many people found out that for example the Iraq invasion was based on lies, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, proved! main while the invasion costed millions of innocent death and slaughtered people in the name of peace and self defense for the so called axe of evil, you put a mirror to the nation's that were responsible for the invasion and you see the real axe of evil operating at their deepest core. Now the question is how do we get green light to invade Iran?? It seems the old excuses won't work anymore, but of course their is still Israël, they can do anyway what they want, nobody from the west will stand them in their way, and as soon you challenge their politics, they start hiding behind the curtain of anti semitism, crying that the world hates them or they need to protect themselves for potential terror from the region that wants to wipe out Israel. Believe me many countries will never ever challenge Israël on base of a military confrontation in 2016 come on please, it's slowly time to wake up and mirror ourselves instead having such primitive psychopathic desire of destroying each other. nothing brave about it, only cowards fight wars. a brave soldier is a soldier of love who put down he's gun and takes responsibility for the well being of their planetary brothers, their is a hack in the mind of human perception doesn't matter from which race or religious believe system you come, 99% of our planetary inhabitants suffer from a mind hypnosis and stay in their narrow perception of this reality, eventually we serve the agenda for the rich wealthy and powerful people, we vote them into power and that's why nothing have ever changed, they use us to fight wars, most people that declare wars are the ones that never fight one, with a few exceptions such as Israel, where the majority have to join the army, and where it becomes part of their growing up.

  • parsi zaban says:

    Islamic republic of iran is just a show with photoshop images and nothing real. They never dare attack israel. they're more concerned with survival of their own regime and they won't put that in danger by doing such thing.

  • Arifen Islam says:

    Israel must go to hell. fuck isreal

  • farzad zn says:

    israel just can to bark like a dog not more . and dont forget this is iran not syra or iraq . sukers

  • bubbletvscope says:

    lol only israel can delete iran from the earth in 1 day

  • Daniel Zag says:

    iran cant harm israel
    israel is x1000 more stronger then iran

  • yosief desta says:

    The Restoration of Israel
    “In that day I will raise upthe booth of David that is fallenand repair its breaches,and raise up its ruinsand rebuild it as in the days of old, that they may possess the remnant of Edomand all the nations who are called by my name,”declares the Lord who does this. “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord,“when the plowman shall overtake the reaperand the treader of grapes him who sows the seed;the mountains shall drip sweet wine,and all the hills shall flow with it. I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel,and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them;they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine,and they shall make gardens and eat their fruit. I will plant them on their land,and they shall never again be uprootedout of the land that I have given them,”says the Lord your God. (amos 9=11-15(

  • Xerxes M says:

    Jews fuckers

  • Omer avrahami says:

    iran won't dare attack israel they will be destroyed with neculear weapons

  • SAMUEL O'HARA says:

    😂😂😂😂Israeli regime is gonna attack iran???😂😂😂😂 Israeli regime will demolish in 12hrs and turn to dust up to bottom.

  • Tonio Miklo says:

    World War III courtesy of inept/terrorist-friendly US president Barack Hussein Osama, ladies and gentlemen! Iran nuke attack on american soil just a matter of a few years. Don't tell you didn't bring it on yourselves.

  • SWEATY PITS says:

    all wars starts with jews

  • max2008abhi says:

    Pakistan will self destruct.that foolish nation of dickheads. It will push itself to its own death. All nations must pay for their bad karma.pakistan will pay for its terrorism.

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