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  1. Freeman probably assisted with video at Manadalay Bay. They offer ?Hotel Services? On their website and CIO Michelle Johnson is in control of video and IT services.

  2. fREEMAN AND ges ARE THE 2 who are the freight companies and drayage and Pipe compnies they run the interior of a conventions on the tradeshow floor: they get your boxes, rugs and pipe and drape for the booths, etc.

  3. Thanks for all these updates. Here is another that is off topic, except tied in to the whole evil scene being dismissed but not debunked. Pizzagate is no throw, any more than worldwide pedophilia is a throw. If you can, viewers, debunk this added info re Podesta and three girls being sent to a heated pool for his entertainment.

  4. Geoff FREEMAN..is president of the American Gaming Assoc..lobbys washington for casinos. Early jobs include Freddy Mac, Heritage Foundation, Amer Assoc of Health plans, and APCO worldwide a public affairs firm. According to wikipedia. Hmm.

  5. Maverick uses some of the quietist helos made by Airbus. ( EH130) single engine…
    -7dB below noise regs for the Grand Canyon Helos…. Enclosed tail rotors and carbon fiber main rotor making it about 50% quieter than other tour helicopters in use…

    The shot on the tank was caused by a incendiary round… Can Tell by the white phosphorus burn scatter pattern hitting the steel and the indention in the steel …. Would look like fire small works going off when it hit the steel….

  6. Thank you for not being like everyone else and move on to other stories, there is people out here that actually want answers and nobody is talking about this hardly any more , it is so frustrating! Especially since we all have invested so much time and energy to this story to be disappointed in the long run to be forgotten 😢

  7. this guys full of fucking shit huh ? there's a lot of these little losers that popped up after the oct. 1 shooting. piss ants asking for handouts to investigate something they have no business or experience in or leads or evidence like someone else said. shoddy guesswork and quack "reporting"
    well guys here's the fuel tanks. yup … ok send me money thanks these Vegas trips are expensive.

  8. Jason. Another angle may be the possible relationship to a Saudi connection for the Oct. 1 shootings in Vegas and the recent "slow motion coup" in Saudi Arabia.

  9. That is a target to shoot at next time. Melvin Knight put it there, so it is said. You should look into a real job and stop the fake news, leave that to Melvin Knight.

  10. That is a target to shoot at next time. Melvin Knight put it there, so it is said. You should look into a real job and stop the fake news, leave that to Melvin Knight.

  11. As I was watching this video tonight a helicopter could be heard over at the Ex airport in N.LV where I can tell you ,it was eerily quiet that night …meaning NO BUSINESS ,and also oddly quiet outside without the usual sirens we always hear going by the long road around the Airport.It was only after that date , we starting monitoring police scanners . It was VERY quiet as are most Sundays .

  12. Jason, yesterday FBI raided a Portland Or based company called Med Cure that deals with donated cadavers and sells body parts. They have an office in Henderson NV also… Hmmm

  13. Freeman United was a Union Company with interests in coal for quite some time. You are a hard guy to get a hold of. Been trying!

  14. This info is breaking today: Man being escorted by gunman out of Tropicana is purported to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. He was escaping an assassination attempt. LV massacre was a distraction/cover up. Saudi purge going on now is payback. https://wp.me/p7kZHT-1d4 Was this the video of him being escorted out?

  15. Have you ever read the Steven King novel 'The Stand'? Note the significance of the fuel tanks in Las Vegas in the final showdown battle and the attempt to bring about the end of civilized society.

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