Search For Worker After Louisiana Oil Platform Explosion

On Monday, the US Coast Guard said that the search for a worker from a oil production platform in Louisiana continues, after it had exploded and caught on fire late Sunday. Coast Guard rescue crews and a helicopter failed to locate the worker overnight. Authorities on Monday were checking for any evidence of oil leaking from the facility, as the a cause for the explosion and fire has not been made clear. The Coast Guard said that there were eight people on the oil platform at the time, six of them were taken to the hospital with injuries.

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Search Suspended For Missing Worker After Louisiana Oil Explosion

The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for a worker missing from an oil production platform in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain that exploded and caught fire late on Sunday. Missing is Timothy Morrison, 44, of Katy, Texas, the Coast Guard said in a statement. Seven other workers were sent to hospital with injuries in the incident. “The decision to suspend a search is never an easy one,” Commander Zac Ford said in the statement. “We send our thoughts and prayers to the Morrison family and all those affected.”

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Mosul was obliterated by IS battle, British aid worker says

Mosul was obliterated by IS battle, British aid worker says.
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Good Thinking, Dorothy Day, The Catholic Worker, Nuclear Weapons

Ted Walker and Davide McReynolds share with us the first respected journalist and co-founder of The Catholic Worker Movement, who was one of the first to stand up publically against this weapons, in print, speach and action.
She helped lead the civil disobedience that led to ending compulsory air raid drills and taking shelter.
Her time in jail for this further educated her to the connection between poverty and the war industry.

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“Good Thinking, Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons”

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Tank Repair Worker Flies and Dies

On the morning of Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at a gas station on São Miguel Street in Afogados neighborhood of Recife – the capital city of the Pernambuco state in Brazil, a repair worker died after causing an explosion.

The worker, who was a welder, was fixing a leaking fuel tank. The tank was emptied off the gas, but some flammable fumes apparently still lingered in the manhole and lit up while the worker was sanding the hole.

The explosion amputated the worker’s leg, and propelled him 10 meters up into the air. His lifeless corpse landed on the tiled floor of the station.

CCTV video:

Fuel tank explosion launches worker to the top like a rocket

Amarildo Rezende da Silva, 38 years, bricklayer, working at a gas station in the city of Setta – São Paulo, he was preparing the fuel tank to be replaced, and mysteriously the tank explodes …
will he wanted to smoke a cigarette in there ?? an electric spark ?? still do not know, the police are waiting for the gas to dissipate to initiate investigations …

Utility worker begs for his life as deputy threatens him with pistol

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HOUSTON — A reserve deputy constable is in jail after police say he pulled gun on tree trimmers who were in his backyard.

“He shot at the tree guys,” said neighbor Barry Reynolds.

Darial Gass, a private investigator and reserve deputy constable with Precinct 6, has been charged with deadly conduct.

Residents in the neighborhood near W. Tidwell Road and Bingle said they got a notice about two weeks ago from Centerpoint Energy.

The utility company planned to have contract tree trimmers on Knotty Wood Drive.

“I mean they’ve been in our yard,” said Reynolds. “We got notice they were gonna be here.”

Neighbors say the workers had been in the backyard for about half an hour when Gass reportedly called 9-1-1 and grabbed a gun as the men walked around to the front.

Parents and school children were outside during the entire ordeal.

“I heard a gunshot and when I came out the officer was already here and had a gun drawn on the neighbor,” recalled Reynolds. “He was still holding a weapon and he was flashing a badge.”

Dionne Hernandez is with Davey Tree Service.

He said they knocked on the man’s door before going in his backyard but no one answered.

“I say please don’t kill me,” said Hernandez. “I am good man. He say I am the police boom one shot.”

Gass was put in the back of a squad car and his lawyers kept blocking the windows so we couldn’t get any video of him.

The reserve deputy is charged with deadly conduct.

Precinct 6 tell us that Gass has been put on leave during the investigation. His gun and badge have also been taken away.