West Bengal 4 Tourists Rescued by Coast Guards at Vizag Beach

West Bengal 4 Tourists Rescued by Coast Guards at Vizag Beach || ETV AP
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“Russian jets target terrorists in North West Syria”

Russia says its air force has targeted Nusra Front in Syria, killing nearly fifty terrorists.
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, warplanes pounded terrorist group’s positions in Idlib province. It also said seven field commanders were among the dead. This comes a day after twelve Nusra Front leaders were killed in another Russian air raid in the same province. Russia has been conducting aerial attacks against terrorist positions in Syria since 20-15 upon a request from Damascus. The strikes have helped the Syrian Army make numerous gains against terror groups.

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Radioactive St. Louis: West Lake Landfill Nuclear Waste & Liability

St. Louis, and the radioactive contamination of the West Lake landfill by nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project is exposed by Byron DeLear. How St. Louis came to process thousands of tons of uranium, and the way the waste (and liability for cleaning it up) was passed around from company to company is laid out, as we try to keep track of responsibility for the past, and forge a solution for the current problem on Antidote, hosted by Michael Parker.

Byron DeLear is an author, media producer, enviro-entrepreneur and twice former US House candidate. DeLear keeps his finger on the pulse of a wide range of progressive missions, serves on boards of various NGOs and non-profits.
He is currently running for State Representative – 70th District Missouri.


Antidote Playlist on Youtube:

Antidote Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Byron DeLear to Antidote.
01:13 The national issue of nuclear waste in Missouri–ongoing fallout from the Manhattan Project.
03:13 “Belgian Congo Pitch Blend,” Uranium from Africa that made its way to St. Louis, and eventually gets passed around through auction.
08:09 8,700 tons of uranium material ends up mixed with topsoil, and dumped at the West Lake landfill.
12:39 A hundred different sites of contaminated material.
14:07 St. Louis pays a price for processing the nation’s uranium.
18:44 Who is responsible for clean up?
22:17 Outsourcing responsibility over the public safety.
25:25 Political response to the problem, and the argument over liability.
32:00 Thanks and goodbye.

NORTH KOREA – ICBN rockets being moved to west coast LAUNCH LIKELY THIS WEEKEND!

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North korea slbm-related activity continues in west coast shipyard

North korea slbm-related activity continues in west coast shipyard
Sept. 29 UPI North Korea has not suspended activity at its Nampo Navy Shipyard on its western coast …

WW3 UPDATE: Russia re-establishing Empire & will attack west says Ex U.S Gen Petraeus !

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At 2:00 A.M tonight the Syrian Air Defense fired a surface-to-air missile from the Mezzeh Airport in West Damascus, towards a possible unmanned Aircraft U.A.V near the occupied Golan Heights border…
Video footage shows the moment when the Syrian Air Defensed soldiers fired the missile and hit unidentified target Southwest of Damascus…
The Syrian military has yet to state what the missile stuck…
However some military reports indicate that the target was a U.A.V or a missile…

About this video/community guidelines…
This footage is not intended to be violent sensational shocking disrespectful or or glorify violence in any way…
This video is only for News War Documentary Historical and Educational purposes…
No profit channel…

Hurricane Maria – 3.37 degrees West from REAL TROUBLE for East Coast

Hurricane Maria dosn’t have a lot of wiggle room. Only 3.37 Degrees West over 5 days. This is troubling because she went 2.1 degrees West over 17 hours yesterday. In good news, the models have her touching North Carolina’s nose & taking her out to sea.

God bless everyone,


@newTHOR on twitter

Articles on Maria

More Havoc as Category 3 Maria Plows Northward

Forecast for Maria
Models are in close agreement that Maria will continue moving north-northwest, gradually angling northward, on a rather slow trek through the Northwest Atlantic over the next several days. Strong wind shear of around 20 knots will be chipping away at Maria’s strength over the next day or two, and eventually Maria will encounter the cold wake left by Jose, so we can expect Maria to gradually weaken. NHC predicts that Maria will be a minimal Category 1 hurricane by Wednesday, located a couple of hundred miles east of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The 5-day cone of uncertainty lies just east of the Outer Banks, and about 5 – 10% of members of the GFS and European ensemble runs from 0Z Friday brought Maria into the Carolinas. These numbers have not increased since Thursday, and the consistent verdict among our top track models that Maria will remain offshore is a very good sign. Still, Maria is more than five days from its closest approach to the Outer Banks, and the latest 12Z Friday run of the GFS model predicted that Maria would come within 200 miles of the Outer Banks on Wednesday, compared to a 350 mile closest approach the model predicted in its 6Z Friday run. A landfall in North Carolina or the mid-Atlantic coast is still a possibility, though there’s a more substantial chance that Maria will make landfall in the Canadian Maritimes, especially Labrador and Newfoundland, as a tropical storm or intense post-tropical cyclone. About a third of the Euro ensemble members from 0Z Friday showed Maria making landfall in the Maritimes.

Son of Lee: A potential mini-spin-up in North Atlantic?
Tropical Storm Lee dissipated last Monday, but we may see a tropical cyclone develop from some of its remnants over the next day or so. Philippe Papin (University at Albany/SUNY) called attention on Thursday night to a small spin-up along an elongated zone of low pressure extending north from Lee’s old center of circulation. Some banding was evident with showers and thunderstorms around this feature on Friday morning, noted Papin. ASCAT scatterometer data showed a circulation with 20-25 mph winds centered around 29°N, 49°W, heading slowly northward. Wind shear is around 10 – 15 knots in the area of this disturbance, but a large zone of weaker shear lies just to the north, and SSTs of around 28°C (84°F)—about 1°C above average—are more than adequate for development. In a special update to its 8 am EDT Tropical Weather Outlook, NHC gave this feature a 30 percent chance of becoming at least a tropical depression by Sunday and a 40 percent chance by Wednesday. Given the favorable pre-conditions, we’d put those odds a bit higher: 50 percent by Sunday and 70 percent by Tuesday. If this system develops and is deemed by NHC to have roots in the remnants of Lee, it will take the name Lee; otherwise, it will be named Nate.

Jose goes post-tropical at last
NHC is now in its third week of issuing advisories on the long-lived system that it reclassified as Post-Tropical Cyclone Jose on Thursday night. Jose’s 16.5 days as a tropical cyclone made it the seventh-longest-lived named storm in Atlantic records since the start of the satellite era (1966), according to Phil Klotzbach (Colorado State University). Jose came within just five days of the satellite-era record of 21.25 days held by Hurricane Ginger (1971).

The aftermath of Maria, from Dominica to Puerto Rico
One of the strongest hurricanes ever to rampage through the Caribbean, Maria has inflicted billions of dollars in damage on places that may struggle to put the pieces back together. Considering the destruction from Maria, the hurricane’s death toll thus far is mercifully low— 15 in Dominica, 13 in Puerto Rico, 2 in Guadelope, and 2 in the Dominican Republic–although dozens remain missing in Dominica and some parts of Puerto Rico have yet to be heard from. Power and water are out across Dominica, and at least 90 percent of buildings have sustained some damage, with the east coast hit hardest, according to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (via ReliefWeb). All of the island’s crops are likely destroyed, says CDEMA. Aerial photos and tweeted images indicate widespread damage across St. Croix (one of the U.S