More CNN Misinformation. Russia’s “Aggressive” Victory Parade. US Troops marched before Red Square

Debunking more of CNN’s contradicting Yellow Journalism. Calling Russia’s 71st Victory Day Parade “Aggressive” and to “Show off Russia’s new Military to the West”, while nothing new was shown in the Parade. Also not mentioned, how on the 65th V-Parade, NATO Troops marched on Red Square. Conclusion: Victory Day is an annual Holiday celebrated in many countries with Military Parades.

– April Reports, CNN Contradicting ITS OWN Information of Russian Flyby of US Warship USS Donald Cook:

My other Media Debunking Misinformation Video’s:
– 11-04-2015: International Media claims a Russian Cargo Plane crashed in S. Sudan. The plane was actually Ukrainian, leased by Turkmenistan:
– Multiple Media’s claim Russia bombed 5 Hospitals in Syria in November 2015. 2 US State Dept Meetings claim they have evidence, but never provided any. No specific date, no location, no name of the hospitals, no death toll, no plane used, etc for “the risk of National Security”:
– 12-24-2015: Dutch Paper “Telegraaf” reports on Ukraine not providing Radar Images of MH17 Plane Downing, and included Russia is also not providing Radar Images and Video’s. Debunked, and proved that Russia not only provided, but publicized Radar Images and Video’s a couple of days after the MH17 incident, which matched other International Aircraft Radar Trackers:

CNN “Putin takes a swipe during Victory Day”-
65th Victory Day (Part 5) –

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Impending Victory: Syrian Arab Army liberates 85% of Deir Ezzor from ISIS


Russia: New military technology to be unveiled at Moscow Victory Day parade – Sergei Ivanov

State of the art, brand new modern weapon systems and military vehicles will be revealed for the first time during Moscow’s Victory Day Parade, said Chief of the Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov during an interview with RT in Moscow, Saturday.

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The Great Victory of the Russian Army in Syria against the Terrorists which were supported by West!

The Great Victory of the Russian Army in Syria against the Terrorists which were supported by West!

VICTORY IN MARAWI! A soldier from the Philippine Marine Corps

A soldier from the Philippine Marine Corps proudly and lovingly recovers the tattered Philippine flag on a building along Bangolo Bridge in Marawi. Photo Courtesy: Josephine Jaron Codilla

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‘Iraqi soldiers who suffered under ISIS see Mosul victory as payback time’

The 16th Division of the Iraqi Army consisted of Mosul residents persecuted by ISIS, and now they consider it payback time, says Saad al-Matlabi, member of the Security Committee for the Baghdad provincial council.


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‘victory in sight’ as syrian army, russian planes ‘chasing’ daesh to deir ez-zor

‘victory in sight’ as syrian army, russian planes ‘chasing’ daesh to deir ez-zor
Middle East1020 22.08.2017updated 1028 22.08.2017 Get short URLThe fight against Daesh in Syria has …
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