Indian Defence Updates : Indian Navy Stealth Ships, Indian Aerospace, HAL India

Top 5 Latest Headlines on today’s “Indian Defence Updates” video are as follows :

1. India’s Aerospace firms ADA and HAL Participation at BIAS 2018.
2. China opens new 409-km Expressway in Tibet close to Arunachal Pradesh border.
3. Indian Navy ships now being constructed using Carbon Fiber, more Stealthier.
4. Ambala Air Force Base gearing up for Rafale fighters.
5. INS Gharial reaches Bangladesh’s Chittagong with 62,000 packs of relief material for refugees.

In today’s new video we have shared some latest Indian Defence Updates about the Great Indian Armed Forces which consists of Indian Army, Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.


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Top 10 Navy Destroyer Ships In The World

This video shows you about Top 10 Navy Destroyer Ships In The World. Destroyers are the powerful ships of any navy and are the symbol of the capabilities of the navy. The following are the top 10 destroyers in the world power.
1) Sejong the Great-class destroyer: Sejong the Great-class destroyer is the Republic of Korea Navy’s destroyer and Korean Navy Planned 6 of this class ships.
2) Kolkata-class destroyer: Kolkata-class destroyer is Indian navy’s stealth guided mi$$le destroyer suppose to be the worlds most advance destroyer.
3) Type 052D class: Type 052D class Chinese PLA navy’s most advance ship.
4) Arleigh Burke-class destroyer: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is United State navy’s Guided mi$$ile destroyer.
5) Horizon-class Destroyer: Horizon-class destroyer are France and Italian Navy’s Destroyer.
6)Type 45 destroyer: Type 45 destroyer or D class destroyer or Daring class, is an advanced class of guided mi$$ile destroyers of Royal Navy.
7) Atago-class destroyer: Atago-class destroyer class is one of the advance Guided mi$$ile destroyer of Japanese JMSDF navy.
8) Akizuki-class destroyer: Akizuki-class destroyer s a destroyer class of the JMSDF – four ships were planned.
9) Type 052C destroyer: The Type 052C destroyer is a class of destroyer built by China.
10) Sovremennyy-class destroyer: The Sovremennyy-class destroyer is the principal anti-surface ship of the Russian Navy.
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New Indian Navy Next Generation Stealth Corvettes To Be Optimized For Sinking Chinese Ships

This video shows you that New Indian Navy Next Generation Stealth Corvettes To Be Optimized For Sinking Chinese Ships.
The seven new stealth “Next Generation Corvettes” that will join the Indian Navy by the next decade will be armed with anti-ship missiles — probably BrahMos — to destroy warships of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force (PLANSF), whose incursions into the Indian Ocean show no signs of slackening.
The as yet unnamed class of missile corvettes last week received $2 billion in funding from the Indian government. The construction of these surface combatants is part of the Indian Navy’s rearmament plan to have 200 warships by 2027 from the current number of 140.
The new Next Generation Corvettes (NGC) will be built under Project 28A. These warships will have a potent anti-ship missile capability; an adequate point defense missile system and will feature advanced stealth technologies.
Specifications by the navy want each NGC to carry eight anti-ship missiles to attack enemy warships. Each NGC will be outfitted with a multi-function surveillance and threat alert radar for early warning and target acquisition.
The NGC will also be fitted with a surface-to-air missile system and a close-in weapon system (CIWS) for anti-missile defense. Its defensive systems should be able to defeat sea-skimming missiles flying three to five meters above sea level at speeds up to Mach 3 (3,700 km/h).
For anti-submarine warfare, NGC will be equipped with active towed array sonar and two lightweight torpedo launchers.
NGC should have a range of not less than 7,400 kilometers (4,000 nautical miles) and a speed of 50 km/h (27 knots). It will be a 120 meter-long, single hull warship with low radar, acoustic, magnetic, visual and infrared signatures. These corvettes will have a crew of some 150 officers and men.
Warship construction at Indian naval shipyards is going on non-stop where some 50 warships are being built. The intensified pace is also due to the Make in India campaign that fosters “indigenization, or the domestic construction of warships and the use of equipment and weapons made in India as far as is possible. The new Next Generation Corvettes are expected to be further examples of indigenization.
The navy’s newest corvettes, the Kamorta-class or Project 28, are anti-submarine warfare corvettes built to hunt down and destroy submarines, including nuclear submarines of the type operated by China.
The first of four ships in this class, the INS Kamorta, was commissioned into the navy in 2014. The last ship in the class, the INS Kavaratti, should be completed by late 2017. The second ship in this class, the INS Kadmatt commissioned in 2016, was 90 percent indigenous.
The Next Generation Corvettes will be the first corvettes built to destroy surface warships.

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List of Indian Navy Ships And Submarines

This are the best Indian navy ships and submarines of different classes. Most of the ships are only one from its class and the photos are collects from the internet. The list of Indian navy ships and submarines video is made on data available in 2015 and it may change in past. Following are some description about Indian navy and it’s ships and submarines……..

Royal Navy could lose ‘fight on beaches’ ships in planned cuts – BBC Newsnight

The Royal Navy could lose its ability to assault enemy-held beaches under plans being considered by the Ministry of Defence, Newsnight’s Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban reports.

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.



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Ultimate betrayal of Britain’s steel as Government plans to build Royal Navy ships with cheap import

The Tories could snub UK steel firms and use cheap imports to build new Navy warships.
Branded by one union chief as a potential “national scandal”, it is a further blow for an industry already battered by closures and job losses.

Royal Navy ships may routinely deploy to Australia and wider Pacific region

It has been reported that BAE Systems has held discussions with operators of its Henderson shipyard about hosting Royal Navy ships deployed to waters north of Australia.