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The Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, fired at two large fuel tanks at the nearby Las Vegas International Airport, but (obviously) missed !

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Pakistan Navy to Purchase Stealth Frigates From China Admiral ZakaUllah Follow us on As one of the main recipients of Chinese arms, Pakistan …

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Pakistan Second-Strike Capability After Submarine Babur 3 Test


MONTICELLO, MINNESOTA — A Minnesota startup has come up with the latest innovation in concealable weapons — a gun that looks like your run-of-the-mill …

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Al Roker entertainment produced “Coast Guard Alaska” for the Weather Channel. The show is a docudrama that focuses on the rescues, training and daily …


Stop the Killer Robots: HRW demands ban on fully-autonomous weapons ahead of UN conference. Human Rights Watch is highlighting the dangers of killer robots …

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India’s Military Industrial Complexities. The defence ministry has projected its new “Strategic Partner” (SP) policy as the key to energising defence manufacturing, which would …


تابعو شبكة سوريا مباشر S.L.N على الفيس بوك حساب شبكة سوريا مباشر S.L.N عبر التويتر حساب شبكة سوريا مباشر S.L.N على اليوتيوب الايميل الرسمي …

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