Rafale M and F 18 EF to battle to serve on INS Vikramaditya

Rafale M and F 18 EF to battle to serve on INS Vikramaditya
US defence major Boeing along with French defence major Dassault Aviation both are claiming that their Rafale M and F-18 E/F Carrier fighter aircraft which have been offered to Indian Navy to meet its MRCBF Tender issued few weeks backs for 57 Carrier borne fighter aircraft can operate from INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant. Indian Navy not to go by word is planning to carry out series of carrier qualifications trials which will be carried out from INS Vikramaditya to check if it’s compatible with Indian Navy’s Aircraft carrier fleet. Indian Navy has received responses from four Companies Rafale (Dassault, France), F-18 Super Hornet (Boeing, US), MIG-29K (Russia) and Gripen (Saab, Sweden) but the contest is largely seen as a fight between Rafale M vs F-18 E/F since Saab’s Sea Gripen is just a concept and no Prototype exists to carry out Carrier qualifications trials thus eliminating it and MIG-29K is already operated by Indian Navy but to serviceability issues might not be procured again .
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Detroit 2020 Person of the Week: Dearborn Heights’ Marine returns home to serve

For many in the military, one of the benefits of service is the opportunity to see the world. Of course all that traveling is bound to make you homesick but thats what makes returning that much sweeter. Just ask Marine Corps Sergeant Joseph McGinnis. His return to Dearborn Heights just happened to coincide with Detroit’s first-ever Marine Week!

Marine Vessels Vital to Tewai-Siassi People, Must Continue to Serve Communities

Marine vessel must continue to serve the people of Tewai-Siassi of Morobe Province.

This is from former MP, Mao Zeming who says that the marine vessel bought for the people of Tewai-Siassi, must continue to provide transport service for the people in that electorate.

Zeming was responding to media reports after his successor, Dr. Kobby Bomareo was intending to sell, one of the vessels bought during his term in office.

NEWS EVERYDAY: Navy Secretary On Transgender Ban ‘Any Patriot’ Should Be Able To Serve

NEWS EVERYDAY: Navy Secretary On Transgender Ban ‘Any Patriot’ Should Be Able To Serve
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Navy Secretary Says “Any Patriot” Should Be Allowed To Serve In Military

On Thursday, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer contradicted President Donald Trump by saying “any patriot” should be allowed to serve in the military. Norfolk’s Daily Press reported that the comments contradicts Trump’s stated position that transgender troops should not be allowed to serve. Spencer said that “any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements should be able to serve in our military.” On Thursday, Trump was asked by reporters about his decision to ban transgender troops and said he has “great respect for the community.”

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United State’s Navy Secretary Believes “Any Patriot” Should Be Able To Serve

On Thursday, US Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer stated that while he would follow directions from the president regarding transgender people in the military, he believed that “any patriot” should be allowed to serve. On a visit to Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, Spencer said that he believes, on a fundamental basis, “any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements should be able to serve in our military.” Just last month, President Donald Trump vowed on Twitter that he would ban transgender people from serving in the military “in any capacity,” reviving a ban that had ended in 2016.

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Women to serve in submarines by 2013 08.12.11

Women are to be allowed to serve in Royal Navy submarines for the first time, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced today. The first female officers will begin serving in Vanguard class nuclear-powered submarines from late 2013, Mr Hammond said. They will be followed by women ratings in 2015. Women will also be able to serve in the new Astute class submarines from about 2015. “Operational effectiveness has to remain the watchword for everything we do and we will continue to learn from our experience,” Mr Hammond said in a keynote speech to the Royal United Services Institute in London. “We will change and adapt with the evidence and the circumstances. We will value our history and tradition – but we will not be slaves to them. “In that spirit, I can announce today that I have accepted the recommendation of the First Sea Lord that women should be allowed to serve in submarines in the future.” Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Charles Montgomery, said: “Our primary objective in the Royal Navy is maintaining our operational effectiveness both now and in the future. This carefully considered decision will allow the Submarine Service to draw on the widest range of talent and skills of our people – those in service and those yet to join. It will therefore enable us to further consolidate our operational success. And it will give our women the same opportunities as men to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career in the Submarine Service.” A former Navy officer turned Conservative MP welcomed the Government announcement. Dr Andrew Murrison, who served as a surgeon commander before entering Parliament as MP for South West Wiltshire, said: “Women have proved to be an essential part of the surface fleet. “I can see no convincing reason to prevent female personnel from becoming submariners if they wish. “The medical and physiological objections to women serving in submarines appear to have been resolved, removing any real hurdle for potential female submariners.”


– More than nine percent of Royal Navy personnel are female, approximately 3,420.

– Women have been serving on board Royal Navy ships since 1990.

President Trump Marine Gen. John Kelly, who will now serve as his White House chief of staff

He’s a rough, tough guy, but he’s also got a big heart. President Trump has often praised four-star Marine Gen. John Kelly, who will now serve as his White House chief of staff

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Robots that dance and serve coffee at Israel’s first Nextech

(30 Nov 2016) LEAD IN:
Robots that dance and robots that serve coffee are taking centre stage at Israel’s Nextech 2016.
The conference for advanced technologies is the first of its kind in Israel which brings together leading corporations, startups and research institutions.

Innovation and emerging technology start-ups gathered Wednesday (30th November 2016) in Israel’s southern city of Beersheva for the first conference involved in advanced technologies.
Robots danced and served coffee as cyber security experts presented software.
The startup booths were dominated by the Robotics department of Ben Gurion university.
Ofir Bustan, chief financial officer of RoboTican is here presenting the Armadillo robot – designed to perform tasks such as serving coffee or going to the elevator.
“Right, this robot actually can do very advanced and improve its own algorithms and we actually track the successful rate of performing tasks with the robot like bringing coffee or even going to the elevator and that is how we improve our algorithms and can actually make our robots act more efficiently in the future,” he says.
Also present was Elbit systems who presented their new signal intelligence system.
Sigmabit’s Signet is able to collect data from distance. The company is at the heart of a bustling environment that has eavesdropping and cyber security at its heart.
“This is Signet, this is the platform that we are launching today for collecting intelligence from wifi networks so this is the whole system, this is the system and this is the battery and this is for covert operations. It allows to gather information from all the wifi networks in a very large distance from the operator, all kinds of information, and this is actually a revolution in the way that intelligence gathering is being done,” says Uri Barkan, Elbit systems.
Nextech 2016 took place today (30th November 2016) at the Be’er-Sheva high-tech park where the government cyber technology centre CERT-IL, is being established.

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