Found 77 years on.. icy tomb of british submarine with 58 seamen on board

Found 77 years on.. icy tomb of british submarine with 58 seamen on board.
The final resting place of 58 British seamen killed when their submarine sank in World War Two has been discovered in the North Sea by accident. The wreck was stumbled upon 77 years after it disappeared by a group of Polish divers who were looking for one of their nation’s lost submarines in the area. A 3D radar scan showing the craft perfectly intact in 308ft of water has confirmed it to be HMS Narwhal which was attacked by the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain in July 1940. The submarine …

Iran Captures and Humiliates 10 US Navy Seamen: OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!!

Breaking News! Iran releases a video of the moment the Iranian Revolutionary Guard boarded and captured two American Navy boats. The ten American seamen on board were ordered to disarm, get on their knees and put their hands up. They were then taken captive at gunpoint, forcibly removed from their vessels, and brought to an Iranian military base on the Farsi Islands, located in the Persian Gulf.

The American soldiers were detained in a room with no windows, located in the Revolutionary Guard military base. The soldiers were then forced to remove their shoes and eat with their hands! The one female American soldier was also forced to wear a burka, in accordance with Islamic law.

Iran held the 10 Americans captives overnight, allowing them one phone call. The 10 US soldiers captives were interrogated, searched and their equipment has been seized.

Iran accuses the Americans as spies and demanded that the US sailors apologize for crossing into Iran borders, before being released. The US government quickly apologized to, and thanked the Iranian government, taking a cowardly and weak stance for the whole world to see!

Should America have Apologized?

Russia: Russian seamen attend Easter Mass in Kronstadt Naval Cathedral

Hundreds of navy sailors attended traditional Easter mass at the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, Saturday. The service runs into the early hours of Sunday morning.

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