More CNN Misinformation. Russia’s “Aggressive” Victory Parade. US Troops marched before Red Square

Debunking more of CNN’s contradicting Yellow Journalism. Calling Russia’s 71st Victory Day Parade “Aggressive” and to “Show off Russia’s new Military to the West”, while nothing new was shown in the Parade. Also not mentioned, how on the 65th V-Parade, NATO Troops marched on Red Square. Conclusion: Victory Day is an annual Holiday celebrated in many countries with Military Parades.

– April Reports, CNN Contradicting ITS OWN Information of Russian Flyby of US Warship USS Donald Cook:

My other Media Debunking Misinformation Video’s:
– 11-04-2015: International Media claims a Russian Cargo Plane crashed in S. Sudan. The plane was actually Ukrainian, leased by Turkmenistan:
– Multiple Media’s claim Russia bombed 5 Hospitals in Syria in November 2015. 2 US State Dept Meetings claim they have evidence, but never provided any. No specific date, no location, no name of the hospitals, no death toll, no plane used, etc for “the risk of National Security”:
– 12-24-2015: Dutch Paper “Telegraaf” reports on Ukraine not providing Radar Images of MH17 Plane Downing, and included Russia is also not providing Radar Images and Video’s. Debunked, and proved that Russia not only provided, but publicized Radar Images and Video’s a couple of days after the MH17 incident, which matched other International Aircraft Radar Trackers:

CNN “Putin takes a swipe during Victory Day”-
65th Victory Day (Part 5) –

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Russia’s ‘soldier of the future’ combat outfit gets nuclear-blast resistant watch

Russia’s ‘soldier of the future’ combat outfit gets nuclear-blast resistant watch

MOSCOW : Russia’s Ratnik “soldier of the future” combat gear has got a shockproof watch, which is resistant to electromagnetic impacts and capable of working even after a nuclear blast, Rostec’s press office reported on Tuesday.

“The watch, which we have included in the Ratnik outfit, retains its properties upon the impact of radiation and electromagnetic impulses, for example, upon a nuclear blast,” Chief Designer for the Life Support System of the Soldier Combat Outfit at the Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TsNIITochMash, part of Rostec) Oleg Faustov was quoted by the press office as saying

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Why Russia’s New Su 57 Stealth Fighter Might Be a Giant Waste of Time

Why Russia’s New Su-57 Stealth Fighter Might Be a Giant Waste of Time

Russia’s Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA fifth-generation stealth fighter has been given the designation Su-57 as it nears production.

Initially, Moscow will only buy 12 Su-57 aircraft, which are expected to be delivered in 2019. Indeed, the Russian air force is not likely to buy more than 60 of the initial version of the Su-57 in total.

Written By Dave Majumdar
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Russia’s Armata Gets New Armor For Urban W@rfare

This video shows you that Russia’s Armata Gets New Armor For Urban W@rfare.
The wheels and tracks of the latest armored vehicles constructed on Russia’s Armata Universal Combat Platform, which includes a new tank, will be equipped with additional protective armor. The Russian Research Institute is developing the new hardw@re for the platform.
According to the developers, “plate shields,” which are similar in appearance to the bars on metal bunk beds, will be installed along the perimeter of the machines. These shields will protect armored vehicles from cumulative grenades and anti-tank guided mi$$iles — the most common threat to them in urban settings. The new shields are intended to deform the head of a grenade when it makes contact with the vehicle and divert part of the energy from the explosion.
Designers are skeptical of the plan, however, pointing out that the shields, or screens, are inferior to dynamic armor in combat performance.
“They are cheaper and technically simpler and increase engine protection and transmi$$ion by several times in the conditions of urban w@rfare,” said Dmitry Safonov, military correspondent for Izvestia, speaking about the shields. “A key drawback is their low versatility. The lattice screen will save the technology only from certain types of hand-held anti-tank grenades.”
The Russian Defense Ministry has tested the lattice screens on the BTR-80, a wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier. An additional armor set has been installed on the perimeter of the body of the vehicle and has been tested to protect against chemical grenades. According to the developers, the test results show that the equipment can maintain its mobility and while cutting the effect of a striking grenade in half.

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Russia’s New ‘Ka-52 PERFECT Weapon, Ship-KILLER-Equipped’ Amphibious WARSHIP

On todays report of The Fing news

The Russian Navy expects to receive two brand new Lavina (‘Avalanche’)-class amphibious assault ships under the next state armaments procurement program. According to the Ministry of Defense, the ships will take the place of the Mistrals, the two French vessels which Moscow ordered but never received.

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Anti-Terror Milestones: Russia’s campaign to free Syria from ISIS marks 2 years

Today marks two years since the Russian military operation to rid Syria of terrorism started. The Russian Defence Ministry says 87% of Syria is free of ISIS.

What if Russia’s Su-35 Went to War with America’s F-35 Stealth Fighter

While the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is slated to become the mainstay of the Pentagon’s tactical fighter fleet, not everyone nation on Earth can afford to fly an expensive fifth-generation fighter.

Even Russia and China are not likely to attempt to develop an all fifth-generation fighter fleet—instead, for the foreseeable future, the derivatives of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker air superiority fighter will make up the bulk of their tactical air arsenals. The most potent Flanker derivative is the Su-35, which is a much-improved version with vastly improved avionics, engines and airframe. In the years ahead, this latest Flanker-E is likely to proliferate around the world.

How would a group of four F-35s fare if it were confronted by a formation of four Su-35s? The most likely answer is that they would change course and call in the F-22 Raptors and F-15Cs, which are tasked with gaining and maintaining air superiority. Meanwhile, the F-35s would go on their merry way to their assigned targets.

Unlike a Raptor, which was designed from the outset as an air-to-air killer par excellence—the F-35 was not. The Raptor combines a very stealthy airframe with a high altitude ceiling and supersonic cruise speeds in excess of Mach 1.8. Compared to that, the F-35 can just barely touch Mach 1.6 in full afterburner. Further, the F-22 possesses excellent maneuverability for close-in visual-range dogfights––it crushes the competition in terms of turn rate, radius, angle-of-attack and energy addition at all altitudes.

Whereas a four-ship flight of Raptors cruising at high supersonic speeds in the rarified atmosphere above 50,000 feet can effectively choose when and where to fight, a flight of slower, lower-flying F-35s might find themselves forced to react to better-performing enemy planes if they are not careful.

Moreover, the F-35 does not have the speed or altitude to impart as much launch energy to the AIM-120 air-to-air missile as the Raptor can, which means the missiles will have less range when fired from a JSF. Nor can the F-35 carry as many air-to-air missiles—which is a problem given that digital radio frequency memory jammers can wreak havoc with the AMRAAM’s guidance system.

India Is Building Its Own Aircraft Carriers Now (And It’s All Russia’s Fault)

India Is Building Its Own Aircraft Carriers Now (And It’s All Russia’s Fault)

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 scattered its military hardware among twelve newly independent republics. One such piece of hardware was the relatively new aircraft carrier Baku. Built in Ukraine, named after an Azeri city and inherited by Russia, today Baku is known as the Vikramaditya, flagship of the Indian Navy. A modern flat-top equipped with MiG-29 fighters and the most powerful ship native to the Indian Ocean region, how Vikramaditya went from Soviet to Indian service is one of the more interesting naval stories of the post–Cold War era.

As the navy of Eurasia’s dominant land power, the Soviet Navy rarely received enough resources to fulfill the wish lists of its admirals. The Soviet Navy was largely restricted to two key missions: attacking and destroying American capital ships, particularly aircraft carriers, and protecting bastions sheltering the country’s sea-based nuclear forces.

Written by Kyle Mizokami
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