Armenia: Russian planes deliver humanitarian aid to Syria

Footage emerged on Tuesday of two Russian airplanes being loaded with humanitarian aid that will be delivered from Yerevan to Syria.

On the instructions of Armenian President Serj Sargsyan, approximately 40 tonnes of food, clothing and other essentials are to be transported to those affected by the conflict in Syria.

Russian transport was used as they have the necessary infrastructure to both deliver and issue humanitarian assistance.

It is the second time that Armenia has sent aid to Syria following a delivery in autumn 2016.

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Why Big Russian anti-submarine vessel come to visit Philippines

Big Russian anti-submarine vessel in PH until October 26
Russian Pacific Fleet’s vessel arrived at the capital of the Philippines – Manila – for a visit as part of the military cooperation program between two countries, Russia’s Pacific Fleet spokesman Captain 2nd Rank Nikolai Voskresensky said.
“A group of the Pacific Fleet’s big anti-submarine vessels consisting of Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Panteleyev as well as of the large sea tanker Boris Butoma docked at Manila, the capital of Philippines,” Voskresensky said adding that the visit takes place as part of the program on the development of international military cooperation.
During the visit of the Russian warships to Manila, the authorities of Philippines, foreign diplomats, and local residents will be allowed to take a tour of the large anti-submarine vessel Admiral Panteleyev.
Russia’s visiting naval crew and local navy representatives are also scheduled for friendly sports games, such as football and volleyball, and the Russian guests will also enjoy tourist tours in Manila.
The visit of the Russian Pacific Fleet’s vessel to the capital of Philippines is scheduled to last until next Thursday, October 26. PNA/TASS

Russia: ‘Biological weapons threat cannot be discounted’ – Russian Deputy FM Ryabkov

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that the “threat of biological weapons use by both state and non-state actors cannot be discounted”, whilst commenting on modern biosecurity challenges at a conference in Sochi, on Wednesday.

Sergei Ryabkov went on saying that the risk needs to be acknowledged since the application of biological weapons “can be disguised as natural outbreaks of infectious diseases among humans, animals or plants.”

The Russian diplomat described the attempts of some states to hinder the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention’s (BTWC) verification mechanism to “gain unilateral access to foreign microbiological objects of their interest” as “rather absurd.”

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Russian defense contractor developing new heavy helicopter prototype

Russian defense contractor developing new heavy helicopter prototype

ROSTOV-ON-DON : Russian Helicopters Group will modernize the Mil Mi-26 helicopter for Russia’s Defense Ministry and is now developing a prototype of a new Mi-26T2V rotocraft, the company’s press office reported on Friday.

“On the basis of the design documentation developed by the Moscow Mil Helicopter Enterprise, Rostvertol Company is carrying out work to develop a prototype of a new Mi-26T2V helicopter with the subsequent flight trials,” the rotocraft manufacturer’s press office said.

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RUSSIAN SUBMARINE launches rockets from the Mediterranean Sea to the positions of Al-Nusra

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BBC | New Russian Combat Robots New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimi

BBC | New Russian Combat Robots New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimi
BBC | New Russian Combat Robots New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimi
BBC | New Russian Combat Robots New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimi
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