US Navy Launching Unmanned Mini Submarine Against Enemy Submarine and Mines

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India To Purchase 200 Mini Drones

This video shows you that India To Purchase 200 Mini Drones.
India has decided to revive a four-year-old plan to purchase 200 mini drones following a succession of attacks on army camps located in Jammu & Kashmir, especially with the recent attack on the Pathankot airbase camp.
The Indian army plans to deploy the drones for surveillance and detection of enemy movement.
The drones would possibly come in variants. The loiter time will be the same, the plain variant would have a maximum ceiling of 1,000 meters above take off altitude and the hill variant will have a maximum elevation of four kilometers.
The army has asked drone manufacturers to deliver the security systems by December 23.
“The need for mini-UAVs for deployment along the Line of Control (de-facto border between India and Pakistan) has been felt for a long time because of persistent efforts by externally sponsored terr0rists to infiltrate across the border,” says Brigadier Rumel Dahiya (retired), defense expert and former deputy director general of Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses.
“The mini UAVs will be deployed close to the border and will be operated by the troops on ground who will directly receive the information and act upon it thus shortening the Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (OODA) loop and filling up a void in the surveillance grid,” Dahiya added.
An investigation on the attack on the Pathankot airbase camp attack by a high-level commission revealed that the lack of alertness allowed the entry of armed terr0rist into high-value military facilities. The commission suggested measures that include technology-based security systems in and around military establishments.
This week, a terr0rist attack on an army camp in J&K, the second on an army base in two months, exposed the lack of technological tools with the Indian security forces.
This year alone, the Indian army has lost 89 men to militant attacks in Kashmir.

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LATEST INDIAN DEFENCE NEWS L & T made India’s next generation mini submarine by indian defense news

LATEST INDIAN DEFENCE NEWS L & T made India’s next generation mini submarine by indian defense news

This video describes about latest defence news,specially indian defence news and indian military and indian military
news besides that all the latest defence updates india.this video covers top news headlines related to indian defence.
and top news stories today.defense games .

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Ghadir class mini submarines join Iranian Navy – 8 August 2010

The Iranian Navy has been equipped with four domestic-made Ghadir class mini submarines.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Vahidi said that the stealth submarine is capable of launching torpedoes as well as precision targeting.

The Ghadir submarine was first unveiled in 2007.

The 120-ton vessel has excellent shallow depth performance, and can carry out long-term coastal missions.

The Iranian fleet currently has 11 Ghadir submarines.

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‘Kind of a show-off’: Meet ‘Spot Mini’, the dog-like robot.

Boston Dynamics showed off one of his latest robotic creations, called Spot Mini – a four-legged 27kg robot with a mechanical arm mounted on its back.
Sensors in its head allows it to navigate and negotiate rough terrain. So can run, hop, and pace, mimicking traditional animal gaits with similar mannerisms to that of a dog.



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‘MINI SATANS’: Nurses Give Newborn MIDDLE FINGER, Make Baby DANCE In DISTURBING Snapchat Post!

An employee at the Naval Hospital of Jacksonville has been removed from the facility after she posted disturbing pictures of her giving the finger to newborn babies in her care and using them as “puppets” to dance to music.
US Marine Corps Life reports Allyson Thompson, a corpsman stationed at the hospital, has been allegedly posting “various pictures of newborn babies and making videos while holding the babies and treating them like puppets dancing to music.”
Thompson also posted a picture of what appears to be her giving a baby the finger with the caption, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”
The department also reports that another corpsman, Joanie Barrett, participated in the incidents.
A military spouse shared the photos, which were posted on Snapchat, in a post on Facebook. Read the post here (WARNING: Post contains graphic language)
The Naval Hospital has responded on Facebook after receiving the information and says the “staff members have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.”

2 Navy Corpsman make newborn babies dance and call them mini Satan

Two employees at the Naval Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida face what officials described as “military justice” after photos posted to social media showed one of them making an obscene gesture to newborn babies in their care and making the infants dance to rap music.

Two women, identified as Navy corpsmen Allyson Thompson and Joanie Barrett, have been removed from patient care after the photos were posted to social media, according to the hospital. Thompson is a native of Alabama and a graduate of Opelika High School, according to her Facebook page.

“We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated. We have identified those involved– two junior enlisted staff. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’ve notified the patient’s parents,” Jeanne Casey, Public Affairs Officer at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, said in a statement.

The hospital’s response comes after Thompson posted photos to her Snapchat account showing her making an obscene gesture to an infant in a hospital crib. The caption underneath said “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

Another video shows Thompson holding a newborn baby up by its arms as she makes it dance to 50 Cent’s song “In Da Club.”

The extent of Barrett’s involvement is not known, though Thompson can be heard talking to someone off camera.

Naval Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida. The photos were shared with a high school friend of Thompson’s who took screenshots of the images before posting them to Facebook. The images were later shared on military sites and with the hospital.

Navy Personal called newborns ‘mini Satans’ Jacksonville Navy Hospital

Two Navy hospital corpsmen at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, were removed from their jobs treating patients after they allegedly posted a video and photos of newborns to Snapchat, including a photo showing one of them flipping the middle finger at a newborn with the caption “how I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

Navy Hospital Employee Allegedly Calls Newborns ‘Mini Satans’ On Social Media, Flips Baby Off | TIME

A Navy hospital in Florida has removed some employees from patient care after Snapchat photos showed a nurse giving the middle finger to a newborn with a caption that said, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.” Jeanne Casey, spokeswoman for the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, said in a statement released late Monday said the incident is “outrageous, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated.”
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Navy Hospital Employee Allegedly Calls Newborns ‘Mini Satans’ On Social Media, Flips Baby Off | TIME

U.S. military, Hondurans test mini UAV for disaster response.

U.S. Southern Command’s Science, Technology and Experimentation directorate recently worked with colleagues at the Honduran emergency services directorate (COPECO) to train on several high technology communications solutions for emergencies. Here, SOUTHCOM expert Ricky Stuart describes the capabilities of an affordable remotely-piloted aircraft which can be used to transmit real-time information to rescuers.