Puerto Rico National Guard members deliver diesel fuel to hospital

Puerto Rico National Guard Citizen-Soldiers bring diesel to hospitals so they can power their generators to continue providing service to the community on Sept 29, 2017. The island has been without power since Hurricane Maria hit the island. (Video by Sgt. Josue Rivera)

WW3 UPDATE ! 4 NATO members scramble jets to intercepted Russian bombers off to Spain !

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20110611 – Homs City – Shabiha members and soldiers near a tank


This video is one of thousands of other videos we upload for the following reason:

We’re building a online database to enable you to search one or more videos at once, and in a specific order as you cannot do efficiently on You Tube.

We would like to sort videos in a different way to improve our research on Syria.

Therefore we are creating a database in which you can sort either by provinces, cities, neighborhoods or by date.

It is in our plan to build the database also in a way so you can even sort by

– arrest, kidnap and missing individuals
– crimes against humanity
– human rights violations
– war crimes
– violations against the Geneva Convention
– violations against Rules Of Engagement (ROE)
– clashes & battles

There will be two database versions: a Excel version for public use and a database for our own use.

We plan to release the Excel version via Google Documents.

We keep you posted via our twitter channel GHSRSyriaWatch


Follow the latest on Syria:

Service members stand at attention at La Palmera Mall

Service members stood at attention for a good cause this Saturday morning. Four service members from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Marines started their stand at 9:00 a.m. over at La Palmera mall.

Puerto Rico National Guard members respond after Hurricane Maria

Adjutant General of Puerto Rico Isabelo Rivera, along with Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello, survey the Villa Santo sector of the municipality of Loiza and along with members of the Puerto Rico National Guard and various emergency management agencies. (Video by Sgt. Josue Rivera)

Coast Guard Rear Admiral Ryan encourages members to attend leadership conferences

Coast Guard Rear Admiral June Ryan encourages Coast Guard members to attend leadership conferences and stay connected during the 29th Annual Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium in Crystal City, Virginia, June 15, 2016. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer Connie Terrell.

President Tsai addresses members of 99th Marine Brigade in Pingtung

President Tsai Ing-wen visited the 99th Marine Brigade in Kaohsiung today. She expressed her confidence in the Marines” warfighting capabilities and vowed to improve working conditions in the country”s armed forces. The marines, who gave the president a warm welcome, were joined by students from Hengchun Vocational High School to put on a show of synchronized rifle-spinning in the president”s honor. President Tsai Ing-wen was treated to performances by the 99th Marine Brigade’s drill team and the student drill team from Hengchun Vocational High School during her visit to Kaohsiung earlier today. President Tsai nodded in approval as she lookedon. After the performance, the student drill team invitedTsai to pose for a group picture. Since taking office one year and four months ago, Tsai’s has made a considerable number of visits to military facilities and units, part of what is seen as an attempt to prioritize the country’s military affairs and boost troop morale. Tsai Ing-wenPresidentThe 99th Marine Brigade is the “iron force” of the Marine Corps, comprising the best of the best. You’ve taken up the burden of maintaining military readiness in Southern Taiwan as well as thePratasIslands and Spratly Islands. In the past, working conditionsformilitary service members have left a lot to be desired. The militaryrecruitmentslogan“puttingon a soldier’s fatigues will enrich your life”has been met with ridicule by former service members. This is something we need to change. Soon, the Cabinet will announce a raise in salaries for those serving in the Army Chemical Corps, as well asengineers and signalers. In her speech marking the 70th anniversary of the Marine Corps in its current incarnation, President Tsai sought to shore up morale whilehighlighting the importance of maintaining military readiness in the Pratas and Spratly Islands.