F/A-18 Super Hornet: Multi-role Advanced Fighter for Navy and IAF?

Future Growth Potential

The Super Hornet will be on the Navy’s carrier decks well into the 2040s – being three-fourths of the Navy’s strike fighter capacity into the 2030’s and no less than half the carriers striking force into the 2040’s. The next generation of Super Hornet aircraft comes into the US Navy and potentially international customers to fulfill its role as the next-gen airplane in a complementary way with the F-35. Those two airplanes are going to work together on the carrier decks for the US. Navy, well into the 2040s.

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Indian Air Force Live Video sukhoi 30 || IAF exercise on Lucknow-Agra expressway |

Indian Air Force Live Video sukhoi 30 || IAF exercise on Lucknow-Agra expressway |

Video Courtesy : DD News
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Boeing Fails To Honour $4.1bn Contract With IAF For C-17 Globemasters

This video shows you that Boeing Fails To Honour $4.1bn Contract With IAF For C-17 Globemasters.

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India alleges that Boeing has categorically failed to provide the training and infrastructural services that it had agreed to deliver as part of a deal for the purchase of ten C-17 heavy-lifting transport aircraft.
US manufacturing giant Boeing has failed to fully comply with the terms of a defense deal to provide Very Heavy Lift Transport Aircraft, worth billions of dollars. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), India’s top auditing body, published a report slamming Boeing for not providing contractually-specified flight and maintenance training facilities, despite three whole years passing since the 2013 deadline. As a result, the Indian air force is unable to fly or maintain the aircraft, undermining the very purpose of the deal.
The CAG report says, “As per the offset contract signed in June 2011, the simulator services were to be made available within two years i.e. by July 2013; however Boeing has yet to setup simulator services in India, which is affecting operation of the aircraft.”
As part of the offset deal, Boeing was to set up a unique C-17 platform training facility for maintenance training at cost of USD 38.21 million and a C-17 simulator center for flying training at cost of USD 96.87 million by July 2013. The training requirement for initial qualification, quarterly skill reviews, additional instruction and special operations tests was estimated to entail 1,700 hours per year for the aircrew of the C-17 Squadron.
Apart from this, Boeing has broken another contract. Boeing had agreed to set up special support infrastructure by June 2013 at an estimated cost of USD 152.75 million, but has not done so thus far. However, CAG also noted that there were no conditions stipulated for the imposition of penalties for a delay in supplies or the delivery of infrastructure services.
CAG also observed that the C-17 aircraft had been purchased for their high load-carrying capacity, with less loading/offloading time, but due to the lack of availability of ground equipment, the performance of the aircraft has been adversely affected to a large extent.
The Indian Air Force procured ten Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft and associated equipment at a total cost of USD 4.1 billion from the US under the aegis of foreign military sales. The long-range heavy transport aircraft has in-flight refueling capabilities and a range of 4,200 km with a maximum payload of 70 metric tons and 9,000 km with a reduced payload of 40 tons.
According to the CAG report, “the annual average load airlifted by C-17 (in India) ranged between 13 tons and 18 tons per sortie, against the aircraft’s payload capacity of 70 tons. The operating squadron of the Indian Air Force stated that C-17 aircraft could carry only 35 tons of load (40 tons in winter) and on a few occasions, the C-17 was tasked for only 26 tons.”
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NEWS SNAP SHOT # 5 IAF numerical superiority, Nirmala Sitharaman, AIP, Mini-Submarine Concept

IAF numerical superiority, Rex Tillerson –US, EU pledges, China rejects, VK Singh Statement, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, AIP, Mini-Submarine Concept

Indian Air Force’s numerical superiority eroding fast vis-à-vis Pakistan

Trump sends lieutenants to Pakistan with tough message

Big win for India, EU pledges to join fight against Lashkar, Jaish

China rejects US criticism of OBOR passing through PoK

India and Pak cannot ever be friends, says VK Singh

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Visits Jamnagar Air Force Station, Sits In MiG-29 Fighter

Decision to install NMRL’s Air Independent Propulsion System taken for all 6 Scorpene Subs

L&T Shows Raksha Mantri their Mini-Submarine Concept

Indian Navy looks Forward To DRDO’s Air Independent Propulsion System For Submarines

Ambala, Hasimara IAF bases being readied for Rafale fighter jets

Ambala, Hasimara IAF bases being readied for Rafale fighter jets

AMBALA: The Indian Air Force has initiated major infrastructure upgrade at its frontline base here for deployment of the first squadron of the Rafale jets+ which will give India greater “potency” over Pakistan as these will be capable of carrying nuclear weapons and other missiles.

The government has already sanctioned Rs 220 crore to set up 14 shelters, hangers and maintenance facilities at the 78- year-old base for the Rafale jets whose delivery is scheduled to begin from September, 2019, a senior IAF official said.

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NEWS SNAP SHOT # 3: women join IAF, Submarine damaged, Army Meeting, L&T & MBDA JV, Tata Safari,

More women join IAF, Nuclear Submarine damaged, Army Commanders Meeting, Jim Mattis Statements, L&T & MBDA Joint-Venture, Navy chief Visit, Tata Safari,

Three more women fighter pilots to join IAF

India’s Nuclear Submarine damaged in accident

Pakistan rakes up Kashmir issue at UN, India calls it ‘lonely voice from wilderness’

Army Commanders To Discuss Doklam, Military Reforms In 6-Day Conference

Government delivered on OROP promise, committed to Army: PM Narendra Modi

India committed to broaden Afghanistan developmental efforts, says US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis

US backs India, says China’s OBOR crosses ‘disputed’ territory : Jim Mattis

L&T & MBDA Joint-Venture & 5th Generation Anti-Tank Missiles

With an eye on China, Indian Navy chief heads to Vietnam to cement military ties

Submarine Khanderi begins sea trials

India to help Myanmar train women police officers

Tata Safari Storme Army-spec spied in Pune

IAF capable of capable of destroying enemy’s nuclear weapons: Air Force Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa

Air Force Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa on Thursday said that IAF is capable of destroying enemy’s nuclear weapons and can even fight out a two-front war. Check the video to see Air Chief’s strong message ahead of Indian Air Force’s 85th anniversary on October 08/

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IAF Capable Of Carrying out Nuclear Strike ; IAF Chief Warns Pakistan

In a major warning to Pakistan, Indian Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa today said his forces are capable of hitting nuclear sites across the border if another decision on a surgical strike is taken by the government.

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Big Story Big Debate: India capable of targetting Pakistan nuclear sites, says IAF chief BS Dhanoa

Big Story Big Debate: This segment of Zee Business brings you latest updates on our neighbouring country Pakistan. Chief of Air staff has warned Pakistan that if needed India will target Pakistan’s nuke sites. Watch this clip to know more.

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IAF still keen on acquiring 36 Ex-French Jaguars

IAF still keen on acquiring 36 Ex-French Jaguars

Indian Air Force wants to procure 36 grounded Jaguar fighter aircraft from France to run its six squadrons of Jaguar deep penetration bombers that are in dire need of spares for operational readiness. The fighter planes inducted nearly four decades ago, remain one of India’s mainstay for air attacks. Even though these platforms are being upgraded, unavailability of spares remained a critical challenge in the absence of an assembly line for the aircraft. The IAF is now looking at France for a solution with Paris offering to sell its 36 grounded Jaguar aircraft at a nominal price. These aircraft could be cannibalised – extraction of spares in aviation parlance – to run the Indian squadrons for several years. There are 117 Jaguar aircraft (as on October 2016) with the IAF that flies six squadrons with these jets. In the last five years, the government has sanctioned multiple upgrade projects for these aircraft to give them more teeth during combat. The top brass in the IAF and defence ministry are in the process of calculating the transport cost associated with bringing these defunct aircraft back in India, sources told DH. The final decision would be taken only with a positive cost-benefit analysis. India is the only country that still flies Jaguars. Its two original users – Royal Air Force and French Air Force – replaced their Jaguars with Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale respectively. The upgrade programme for Jaguars includes installing a new navigational-attack system DARIN-3 (Display Attack Ranging Inertial Navigation-III) in the old aircraft. It is supposed to transform the ancient war jet into a modern fighting machine with a head-up display, all-glass cockpit, advanced avionics, auto-pilot and new weapon systems. The modernisation programme of Jaguars is several years behind the original schedule. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in July 2017 described the completion of the Darin-3 upgrades as one of its targets and the IAF is unlikely to receive the entire fleet of modernised Jaguars by 2019. The Defence Acquisition Council approved the purchase of flight simulators for Jaguar fighter jets only in July 2016.