Trump Admin Could Put Nuclear Bombers On 24-Hour Ready Alert Status – The Ring of Fire

Nuclear war might be even closer than most of us realize. The Air Force is making the preparations to have their nuclear bombers on a 24-hour ready alert, meaning that pilots will be available around the clock to immediately launch a nuclear strike should Trump give the order. We’ve entered a situation like we’ve never seen in the United States – we are NOT under attack, yet we’re preparing to launch nuclear weapons. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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According to a Defense One report, the United States Air Force is preparing their nuclear bombers to be on a 24 hour alert system. Which means that if the President were to order a nuclear strike at any time of day, these bombers will be ready to go because the Air Force is going to go ahead and prep them, because they are anticipating the President to ask them to be ready.

As it stands right now, Donald Trump has not officially asked the Air Force to be on 24 hour high alert. However, officials within the military, military experts, do believe that that request from the Trump administration will be coming very soon. So they’re going ahead and getting a jump on it, and preparing to be ready 24 hours a day to drop a nuclear bomb on whoever Donald Trump tells them to go drop a nuclear bomb on.

It has been decades in the United States since the Air Force has put their nuclear bombers on a 24 hour alert. Last time they did it was at the height of the cold war, when it was firmly believed that a nuclear weapon would be fired at the United States and they wanted to be ready to retaliate. At this point, we are not technically necessarily at war with a hostile force who has the capability of launching any kind of incredibly devastating weapon towards the United States.

What the military is anticipating is that Donald Trump has got an itchy trigger finger, and he wants to drop some kind of weapon of mass destruction on North Korea or potentially Iran given his increasingly angry and untruthful statements about the country of Iran.

This is unprecedented here in the United States. Back when we were on 24 alert last time, there was actually reasonable suspicion to believe that a nuclear weapon could be launched against the United States and they wanted to be ready. That doesn’t necessarily justify it, but they felt they had enough reason.

Donald Trump and the Air Force are preparing for a nuclear first strike. That’s what’s different. We have not been attacked. Nobody has officially declared war against the United States. And as far as we know about North Korea, their weapons probably can’t make it over here to US shores. But that’s not stopping Donald Trump, a man who has repeatedly asked why we don’t just go out and nuke people anymore.

This is a very dangerous step for the United States, and it’s sending a signal all around the world to both our allies and our enemies alike. That the United States is absolutely ready at a moments notice to go kill a few million people with an ultra devastating nuclear weapon, because Donald Trump is just that unhinged of an individual.

Russian Air Force and Military Conducts Live Fire Military Exercise.Russia Send Massage To Ukraine

Russian Air Force Power and Military Power Conducts Live Fire Military Exercise.Russia Send Massage To Ukraine.

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Fuel Tank In Mumbai Catches Fire | Viral News | Viral Mojo

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A fuel tank caught fire at Mumbai’s Jawahar Dweep (Butcher Island) reportedly after a lightning strike on Oct 6

Fortunately, no casualties were reported

The cause of the fire is probably lightning, said Mumbai Port Trust Chairman Sanjay Bhatia

Flames erupted in the fuel storage belonging to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL)

20 Hours Later Mumbai Butcher Island Fuel Tank Fire Still Burns On | Maharastra | 10TV

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World’s Biggest RC Russian Unmanned Fire Fighting vehicle

Russian Remote Controlled Unmanned Fire Fighting vehicle
World’s Largest RC Fire Fighting vehicle !!!

control vehicles have various scientific uses including hazardous
environments, working in the deep ocean, and space exploration. RCV is
used by police to detect bombs,or some chemicals,etc. It detects
chemicals or whatever with its high-power sensors. The majority of the
probes to the other planets in our solar system have been remote control
vehicles, although some of the more recent ones were partially
autonomous. The sophistication of these devices has fueled greater
debate on the need for manned spaceflight and exploration. The Voyager I
spacecraft is the first craft of any kind to leave the solar system.
The martian explorers Spirit and Opportunity have provided continuous
data about the surface of Mars since January 3, 2004.
Jason is the
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s deep water explorer and can
withstand depths of up to 6,500 feet. The Scorpio ROV is a British
submersible that rescued the crew of the Russian AS-28 on August 7,
Military and law enforcement[edit]
Military usage of
remotely controlled military vehicles dates back to the first half of
20th century. John Hays Hammond, Jr., invented and patented methods for
wireless control of ships starting in 1910. Soviet Red Army used
remotely controlled teletanks during 1930s in the Winter War and early
stage of World War II. There were also remotely controlled cutters and
experimental remotely controlled planes in the Red Army.
control vehicles are used in law enforcement and military engagements
for some of the same reasons. The exposure to hazards are mitigated to
the person who operates the vehicle from a location of relative safety.
Remote controlled vehicles are used by many police department
bomb-squads to defuse or detonate explosives. See Dragon Runner,
Military robot.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have undergone a
dramatic evolution in capability in the past decade. Early UAV’s were
capable of reconnaissance missions alone and then only with a limited
range. Current UAV’s can hover around possible targets until they are
positively identified before releasing their payload of weaponry.
Backpack sized UAV’s will provide ground troops with over the horizon
surveillance capabilities.
Recreation and hobby[edit]
Radio-controlled model. Small scale remote control vehicles have long
been popular among hobbyists. These remote controlled vehicles span a
wide range in terms of price and sophistication. There are many types of
radio controlled vehicles. These include on-road cars, off-road trucks,
boats, airplanes, and even helicopters. The “robots” now popular in
television shows such as Robot Wars, are a recent extension of this
hobby (these vehicles do not meet the classical definition of a robot;
they are remotely controlled by a human). Radio-controlled submarine
also exist.
Recently, Sony Ericsson released a remote control car
that could be controlled by any Bluetooth cell phone. Radio is the most
popular because it does not require the vehicle to be limited by the
length of the cable or in a direct line of sight with the controller (as
with the infrared set-up).

Fuel tank catches fire at Mumbai’s Butcher Island

A major fire broke out at Jawahar Dweep (Butcher Island), a small island off Mumbai’s east coast, after lightning struck a fuel tank at the oil terminal, officials at the Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT) said. No casualties have been reported in the incident.

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Sitharaman Sees Fire Power Of Arjun Tank In Pokhran

Sitharaman Sees Fire Power Of Arjun Tank In Pokhran.

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman witnessed the firing capability of 155 MM ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System) gun developed indigenously for the Indian Army that can hit a target at a long distance, on Saturday at Khetolai area in Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer.

Prior to this, she took feedback about the gun from DRDO and Kaveri group company. Army Chief General Vipin Rawat, senior scientists of DRDO and other officers were present on the occasion.

The minister also saw the firing capability of upgraded Arjun Mark 2 developed by DRDO.

Sitharaman and Army Chief General Vipin Rawat reached Jaisalmer airbase by special aircraft of Air Force at 8.35 am where they were extended a w@rm welcome by Konark Core Commander Lt General P S Rajeshw@r, Jaisalmer Air Force station commander D Vedanjana, MLA Chotu Singh Bhati, collector K C Meena and SP Gaurav Yadav.

MLA Chotu Singh Bhati raised the issue of fencing at Shahgarh Bulj area adjoining Indo-Pak border. He said that due to shifting dunes fencing has been damaged at various places and got buried due to which there is a possibility of intrusion from Pakistan side. The MLA demanded to strengthen the security arrangements in the area.

Meanwhile, Sitharaman with Army Chief General Rawat and Core Commander Lt Rajeshw@r left for Khetolai by helicopter and reached there at 9.15am.

Here, she saw the firing capability of 155mm ATAGS gun developed by DRDO, Pune, in a joint venture with Kaveri group. The army officials briefed her about the benefits of the gun. A DRDO scientist said that the gun has set a record by hitting the world’s longest target.

A few days ago, ATAGS 155-millimetre, 52-calibre gun-howitzer fired three shells to a world-record distance of 47.2 km from the gun position, thus, demonstrating its potential to be a world-beating system.

Later, the minister reached Lathi field firing range where they saw the firing capability of Arjun Mark 2. The firing range resonated with explosion. Sitharaman also met the jawans and officers and boosted their morale. She left for Jodhpur in the evening.

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India Will Add Unmatched Fire Power With Buying An Additional 464 T-90 Tanks

This video shows you that India Will Add Unmatched Fire Power With Buying An Additional 464 T-90 Tanks.
Furthering its defense cooperation with Russia, India is set to approve another high-value purchase from Moscow in next few weeks. Sources say that the Indian Army is interested in purchasing the latest version of T-90 tanks equipped with thermal imaging night vision cameras and some additional countermeasures to significantly reduce the chances of being hit by enemy anti-tank semi-automatic guided weapons. The Indian Army has submitted a proposal seeking final approval of the Defense Acquisition Council, the decision-making body for all India’s defense deals.
Major General R K Arora (retired), Chief Editor of Indian Military Review, says, “We have still not finalized what our future battle tank will be like. Secondly, the development of the Arjun Mark 2 is taking more time; so there is a gap between now and may be 5 years or so before the development of future main battle tank takes place. So, it is a stopgap measure that we are going to buy more T-90 tanks. We may have 800 or so T-90 tanks just now. Now the government is planning to buy 464 more that will make it about 1,300 T-90 tanks in the fleet.”
Transfer of technology was part of the original deal signed with Russia to procure T-90 tanks initially. The transfer took some time but now I think the technology is available. Therefore it has become possible to manufacture the tanks all by us with most of the sub-assemblies being manufactured locally and the rest still required to be imported getting replaced by indigenously produced sub-assemblies over a period of time.
Currently, India has about 13 regiments of T-90 that could go up to 21 regiments by 2020. One regiment consists of 62 tanks. In November 2006, India ordered 330 T-90 tanks from Russia, out of which some are assembled at an Indian ordnance factory.
Indian assembled tanks are fitted with the Shtora self-protection system as well as Catherine thermal images from Thales of France and Peleng of Belarus.

India To Buy 464 T-90 Tank.

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