US Navy Launching Unmanned Mini Submarine Against Enemy Submarine and Mines

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The U.s.Navy’s Greatest Enemy for Against N.korea, russia and china| North Korea Breaking News

North Korea news today 9/30/17
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Marines take down enemy combatants in urban training

Marines with 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment conduct a raid on a Military Operations in Urban Terrain training town in order to take down an enemy logistics hub during Realistic Urban Training, March 10, 2017. The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit undergoes a demanding unit-level certification cycle in order to be proficient in every critical mission area needed to operate while forward deployed. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Nathaniel S. McAllister)

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Syria: Kurdish fighters make gains against IS behind enemy lines

Soldiers from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) allegedly retook ground from militants fighting with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in and around al-Karama on Sunday.

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US Military’s Most Advanced Weapon to Kill Enemy Ever Tested

The Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System turns a standard unguided 2.75-inch (70 millimeter) rocket into a precision laser-guided rocket to give warfighters a low-cost surgical strike capability.

Credit: BAE Systems

North Korea warns NUCLEAR WAR may break out and blames ‘sworn enemy’ America for chaos

LATETS NEWS 360 TODAY – North Korea warns NUCLEAR WAR may break out and blames ‘sworn enemy’ America for chaos

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Belgian Bulge Offensive – “The Enemy Strikes”

(31 Dec 1944) Story 3
107.1155 – BELGIAN BULGE OFFENSIVE – “The Enemy Strikes” B/W Sound (American) DEC. 1944
03:20:06 French people welcoming American soldiers of 3rd Armoured division – lots of flag waving and kissing women
03:20:50 Dead American soldier being put into the back of a truck – Sherman parked alongside
03:21:08 Dead and injured Americans being carried away
03:21:29 American infantry advance across a field – battle among damaged houses – burning village – Sherman 75 along field
03:21:35 Two British Churchill Crocodile tanks at side of frame as GIs dash across field
03:21:42 GI fires M1 Garand rifle through window, close-ups of GIs kneeling behind wall firing M1 Garands
03:21:56 American priest bending over a dead soldier and body being carried away after last rites
03:22:20 Injured GIs on a stetcher
03:22:26 Two Waffen-SS officers from Kampfgruppe Peiper looking at a map – CU General Hasso von Manteuffel, GOC 5, Panzer Armee
03:22:32 Bombed street in Germany
03:22:34 Volkssturm volunteers marching still in civilian clothes
03:22:41 A battalion of King Tiger tanks being inspected by Major Richard Freiherr von Rosen, CO of Schwerer-Panzer-Abteilung 503
03:22:50 Kampfgruppe Peiper at the Kaiserbaracke road junction in a Belgian forest – gathering forces – German infantry advance during Battle of the Bulge
03:23:12 V1 being shot at Antwerp – massive explosion and good SFX
03:23:27 King Tiger tank past camera at Kaiserbaracke junction with German Fallschirmjager soldiers on it
03:23:38 SPGs past camera
03:24:00 88mm gun fire in Belgium and lots SPGs through village edited from different locations and times.
03:24:02 German grenadier fires Mauser ? variant next to Stug III
03:24:16 Waffen-SS grenadier with an MP44, others with Mauser Kar 98Ks
03:24:20 Lots of burning American M5 tanks, M3 half-tracks and jeeps from 14th US Cavalry Group along a roadside, teenagers from 12. SS Panzer Div. Hitlerjugend in heavy greatcoats
03:24:54 Jadgpanzer IV with 7.5cm L/70 cannon
03:25:03 – Continues next record…
03:25:03 American POWs
03:25:07 Stug III commander uses MP40 Schmeisser
03:25:14 Dead GIs murdered by Kampfgruppe Peiper near Malmedy being examined by GI in snow – hands and feet bound***
03:25:20 Bodies of Belgian civilians – some badly mangled
03:25:33 Man carrying the stiff body of a dead Belgian child and putting it in a mass grave
03:25:46 Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe soldiers smoking confiscated American cigarettes
03:26:15 Retreating US troops in GMC trucks from the front
03:26:20 burning Allied petrol dump that could not be moved
03:26:46 shots of American guns and tanks firing at Germans – lots of smoke
03:27:18 Excellent shots of GIs firing M1 Garand rifles – rounds ejected from breech – as one GI fires two rounds rapid
03:27:25 American fighters and the Luftwaffe – not clear what planes are involved
03:27:52 US artillery in action – snow on the ground
03:28:12 American soldiers in a snow covered forest, advancing with M1 Garands (no firing)
03:28:31 Eisenhower speaking to GIs in wood
03:28:45 Two Waffen-SS grenadiers, one with MP40, one with M1 carbine, Waffen-SS grenadiers by burning column of US vehicles
03:29:17 Repeat shot of SS-grenadier with MP44 past burning US vehicles and past camera
03:29:26 Decomposing bodies of Germans in a forest – quite mangled**
03:30:01 ends

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Flat Earth most Powerful Weapon – The Navy Rail Gun Proves Flat Earth – Can hit enemy at 125 Miles

The Rail-Gun is one of the best evidences I know off that the Earth is
Flat and Motionless. This weapon system fires a projectile at 125 miles in a Straight line at a speed around Mach 7. On the first test Dummy Warhead was stationed at 125 Miles and the weapon was fired at it obliterated the target within Minutes.

If the Earth would be a globe, this weapon should fire through the Earth (water) to reach a target so far away ! And how they “see” the target at 125 miles? By calculation the target is supposed to be behind 9,000 of curvature. It was this singular prove alone that made me a Flat Earther.

And, if the Earth was spinning (as Galileo, Foucault, Coriolis and a
million miniTysons would like you to believe) then how can you hit a
target so far away on a rotating carusel?

The Game Is UP !

Flat Earth most Powerful Weapon – The Navy Electromagnetic Rail Gun – Can Hit enemy at 125 Miles