Indian Defence News,Defense talk,indian future tank,saab gripen india,c17 globemaster india in hindi

Indian Defence News,Defense talk,indian future tank,saab gripen india,c17 globemaster india in hindi.

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Indian Defence Updates : Indian Army EW System, Indian Navy Training, India Japan Ties

Top 3 Latest Indian Defence Updates Headlines for today :

1. Indian Navy Sailors Train On 1,900 Crore Rupees
RS Kit that India Is Buying.
2. Indian Army to Purchase Advanced Systems & Indian
Army Modernization.
3. Japan to propose strategic dialogue with US, India and

This video shows you all the Top 3 Latest and Exclusive Indian Defence News. It covers the defence news of all the Indian armed forces, Indian Army, Indian Air Force,Indian Navy, BSF, NSG, CRPF & ITBP. This version keeps the viewer updated of every latest developments related to Indian Defence.


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Indian Defence Updates : Indian Navy Stealth Ships, Indian Aerospace, HAL India

Top 5 Latest Headlines on today’s “Indian Defence Updates” video are as follows :

1. India’s Aerospace firms ADA and HAL Participation at BIAS 2018.
2. China opens new 409-km Expressway in Tibet close to Arunachal Pradesh border.
3. Indian Navy ships now being constructed using Carbon Fiber, more Stealthier.
4. Ambala Air Force Base gearing up for Rafale fighters.
5. INS Gharial reaches Bangladesh’s Chittagong with 62,000 packs of relief material for refugees.

In today’s new video we have shared some latest Indian Defence Updates about the Great Indian Armed Forces which consists of Indian Army, Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.


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INS Kiltan to be commissioned into Indian Navy by Defence Minister Sitharaman | Oneindia News

Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will commission third of four indigenously built Anti-Submarine Warfare stealth corvettes INS Kiltan under Project 28 (Kamorta class) into the Indian Navy at Visakhapatnam’s Naval Dockyard on Monday. The Kamorta-class corvettes or Project 28 are a class of anti-submarine warfare corvettes currently in service with the Indian Navy.
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Russian 2k11-m3 krug Air Defence System of Soviet Union During Cold War.

Russian 2k11-m3 krug Air Defence System of Soviet Union During Cold War.Soviet long-range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. “2K11” is its GRAU designation, while SA-4 Ganef is its NATO reporting name.
Designed: 1956-1963

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Training of Bangladesh SWADS Team | Naval commando training and How to make a commando—-

CONFIRMED: Chinese VT5 is next Bangaldesh Army light main battle tank

Chinese C-802A Land Based Anti Ship Missile System For Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army Buy A-300KM GMLRS From China. Bangladesh may only buy Chinese ALIT A-300 GMLRS-

FN-16 MANPADS MISSILE System Now Made in Bangladesh. Chinese FN-16 man portable air defense system-

Type-62 Self Propelled Howitzer Made in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Army Modify Type-62 Light Tank–

Western Marine Shipyard Made LPC and Corvett WARSHIP For Bangladesh Navy. Made In Bangladesh.—

Bangladesh Army Made MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System. Made In Bangladesh MLRS—

How Many Missile Have Bangladesh Navy? Bangladesh Navy Missile Inventory.—-

How Many Anti-Tank Missile Have Bangladesh Army? Bangladesh Army Anti Tank Missile Inventory.—-

Fire Power of Chinese Type 053H3 Missile Frigate.Type 053H3 is Next For Bangladesh Navy.—

Fire Power of Pantsir S1 Missile Gun System.Pantsir S1 Missile Ordered For Bangladesh Army—-

Russian RBS15 MK3 antiship missile Test in Syria. Russia Offer RBS15 MK3 to Bangladesh Navy—

Mil Mi 28 RUSSIAN ATTACK HELICOPTER is Bnagladesh Army New Aviation Program—

Bangladesh Air Force Deadly Need UAV. BAF Should buy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Reduce Pressure.—

Russia Successfully Test Zircon Hypersonic Missile Speed 8 Mach.—

TOP 10 ICBM Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. NUCLEAR MISSILES ICBM in the World.—-

Airbus C295 Armed Maritime Patrol Aircraft and ASW Aircraft is for Bangladesh Navy.–

Russia Make Electromagnetic Anti Drone Rifles. Russia Build New combat Flying Machines.–

Russian Mil Mi-35M Attack Helicopter For Pakistan Army.PAK Army Receive Mil Mi-35M Attack Helicopter–

Russian VPK 7829 APC Armored Personnel Carrier Can Fire in Amphibious Mode. World Best APC,—

China Deploy New VT5 Light Battle tank in Sikkim Near India. China Shows Tanks Capability.—

Egypt Navy Buy Russian Flying Tank. Ka-52 Alligator is World Most Advance Combat Helicopter.—

Swedish SAAB Gripen E is Next Generation Smart Fighter. Most Advance 4++ Generation Fighter.—

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is Almost Ready for War. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Deploy For North Korea.—

Anti Submarine Warship INS Kiltan Joins In Indian Navy | Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman | iNews

The Indian Navy inducted its newest anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette on Monday, Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman commissioned the indigenously built INS Kiltan into the navy at the Naval Dockyard at Visakhapatnam in the presence of navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba. Watch the video for more details.

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Five Deals That Will Bolster India’s Air Defence

This video shows you that Five Deals That Will Bolster India’s Air Defense.
In a bid to strengthen the country’s defence capacity, India plans to sign big-ticket defence deals with its traditional and strategic partner Russia during the upcoming annual summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi next week in Goa on October 15-16. It is expected that some of the most important defence deals may get green signal during the meet.

These include the purchase of 5 S-400 ‘Triumf’ long-range air defence missile systems apart from Kamov-28 helicopters and up-gradation of the Sukhoi 30-MKIs. Two other projects which could also be finalised are the joint production of Kamov-226 light choppers and the long pending joint development of the fifth generation fighter aircraft.

India is one of the biggest purchasers of arms in the world and these deals will further strengthen India’s defence arsenal which already boasts of some big purchases that have been made and other deals that are under discussion:
1-Rafale fighter jets
2- S-400 ‘Triumf’ Long-Range Air Defence Missile Systems
3- Apache and Chinook
4- Predator drone aircraft for military surveillance
5- HAL’s Light Combat Helicopter

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Analysis: India needs to expand its defence industrial base to grow its global clout

India needs to expand its defence industrial base to grow its global clout
By: Asia Times

Does India matter? It seems like a rather silly question. Of course, it does. India is the world’s second most populous country, and it is on track to overtake China as the most populous by 2022. Its economy is either the sixth or third largest, depending on how you measure it. Its economy grew at a rate of 7.1% in 2016 and 8% the year before.

The strength of India’s high-tech industry is well known. In addition to being a major outsourcing business (that is, call centers), India’s IT sector is beginning to engage in real value-added activities, such as telecommunications and cloud computing. Add to this India’s growing capacity in automobiles and pharmaceuticals.

On paper, India is a major military power. With more than 1.4 million men and women in uniform, it has the world’s second largest military. Its defence budget last year (according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) was nearly US$56 billion, making it the world’s fifth largest military spender, outspending France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

India’s military is impressive: more than 4,000 main battle tanks, 4,500 artillery pieces, 800-plus combat aircraft, 47 destroyers and frigates, 13 attack submarines, and even an aircraft carrier. More equipment purchases are in the pipeline, including at least one more carrier, new stealth, warships, nuclear-powered submarines, fifth-generation fighter jets, and a comprehensive missile-defence system.

And lest we forget, India is also a declared nuclear power, with perhaps 100 nuclear weapons. And it is developing a triad of air-, ground-, and sea-based delivery systems. India has already deployed short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, and it is developing a fleet of nuclear-missile submarines.

Mali air war: French Defence Minister observes Sahara airstrikes at air force HQ in Paris

The French Defence Minister has visited France’s Air Force command and control centre after the country carried out a series of air strikes against al-Qaeda-linked militants in Mali who are progressing south as they seek to take over the war-torn state.