Dangerous escape route to Romania | DW English

An increasing number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees are fleeing through Turkey, across the Black Sea, to Romania. The coast guard has already rescued a number of people stranded at sea. Romania fears the Black Sea may become a new refugee route.

Russian EOD Specialists and Robots Deployed On Dangerous Demining Operation in Deir-ez-Zor

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Russian EOD specialists started demining Deir-ez-Zor in Syria. First, its roads that lead to schools and hospitals, as well as power and water supply stations. Right now work is performed close to the town. For demining, Russian engineers use modern mine detectors, along with robot complexes for remote demining. For that, over 170 officers from the International Anti-mine Center of Russian Armed Forces have been deployed to Syria. Also, 40 special equipment units were sent there. According to preliminary assessment, EOD specialists will have to clear up to 1,500 hectares of land.

Why The USAF B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Might Be America’s Most Dangerous Weapon

Why The USAF B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Might Be America’s Most Dangerous Weapon

The B-2 has two weapons bays built into the belly section that together can hold up to 60,000 pounds of ordnance. Each bay carries eight bomb racks, and in the nuclear role, the bomber can carry an assortment of up to sixteen B61-7 bombs(10–360 kilotons), B61-11 bombs (400 kilotons) or B-83-1 thermonuclear bombs(1.2 megatons). The Spirit will also carry the new B-61-12 bomb with a “dial-a-yield” configuration, giving it a yield of .3, 1.5, 10 or 50 kilotons. The B-2 does not carry any nuclear-armed missiles at this time but will carry the Long Range Standoff nuclear cruise missile when it enters service.


Donald Trump Dangerous Bellicosity Raises Nuclear War Risk With North Korea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Joe Cirincione, MSNBC nuclear security analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump’s insult-comic threats against North Korea have only escalated the threat of war with North Korea.
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Donald Trump Dangerous Bellicosity Raises Nuclear War Risk With North Korea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

M51 SLBM! Most Dangerous Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile in the World

The M51 is a French submarine-launched ballistic missile. Design work on this missile started in 1992 and it was first deployed in 2010. These missiles are carried by French Le Triomphant class submarines. France operates 4 of these submarines.
The M51 has a range of 10 000 km with reduced payload and 8 000 km with full payload. Such range is sufficient to strike most areas in China, Russia or the United States, firing straight from the pier.

Each missile carries 6-10 independently targetable warheads. Each has a blast yield of 107 kT. Furthermore missile carries penetration aids in order to overcome hostile air defenses. Newer version of this missile, that appeared in 2015, the M51.2, carries much more powerful 150 kT warheads.

Russia’s TU-160M2 Bomber: Dangerous And Fly in the Stratosphere

Russia’s TU-160M2 Bomber: Dangerous And Fly in the Stratosphere

Currently Russia is working on the construction of new generation strategic bombers, the PAK DA (an acronym for “prospective aviation complex for long-range aviation”). However, the development of the new aircraft is being delayed: The first unit will appear between 2020 and 2025.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces Command is now creating a “medium-term” substitution for the PAK DA. A series of long-range aviation planes will soon finish their alert missions and it will be necessary to conduct a planned substitution of the technology with new armed planes,” explained Dmitry Litovkin, military observer at the daily newspaper Izvestiya.

The source in the defense industry told RBTH that the project could become the most expensive program in the Defense Ministry in the 2020s. Its cost is comparable to the construction of new nuclear submarines from the Borei series, which carry the Bulava missiles – $5 billion to $7 billion.

Indian Spike Missiles-Is This Dangerous For Pakistan?

Indian Spike Missiles-Is This Dangerous For Pakistan?the Ministry of defence in India signed an agreement with Israel’s Rafael company to buy a long nail anti tank missile, with a total value of $1 billion. In fact, as early as 2009, India had a plan to buy a spike missile, and in 2010-2011 years, the spike anti tank missile had been partially tested in India.

One dangerous North Korean weapon that’s being overlooked: growing cyber operations.

s rapidly advancing nuclear program and potential capacity to strike the U.S. mainland with a nuclear weapon have captured much of the international community’s attention in recent weeks. In less than six weeks, North Korea has launched two missiles over Japan and conducted its sixth nuclear test. In response, the United Nations Security Council has passed two resolutions banning much of North Korea’s international trade. However, too little attention has been paid to one tool North Korea already uses to intimidate its neighbors and evade sanctions – its growing cyber operations.

Cyber is particularly appealing for North Korea. While Pyongyang has poured significant resources into its nuclear weapons and missile programs at the expense of its conventional forces, the relatively inexpensive nature of cyber development has provided North Korea with the means to level the playing field against more powerful states. By growing its cyber operations, Pyongyang is able to exploit its asymmetrical advantage against more wired states such as South Korea and the United States, as the limited nature of North Korea’s own domestic networks leaves it significantly less vulnerable to retaliatory cyberattacks.

With speculation that the United States could at some point use preventative strikes to preclude North Korea from being able to use its nuclear weapons against the United States, South Korea, or Japan, much of the conjecture on North Korea’s potential response has been premised on the idea that Seoul’s proximity to North Korean artillery mean it would bear the brunt of any North Korean retaliation. Any conflict, some have said, would be over there rather than over here. In fact, that logic is faulty.
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