Huge cache of weapons seized from PML-N member residence | 24 News HD

Huge cache of weapons seized from PML-N member residence | 24 News HD

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Weapons cache found at Las Vegas shooter’s house

Police continue their investigation into the Las Vegas shooting that left at least 59 dead. Authorities have recovered a weapons cache including firearms, explosives and ammunition from a house owned by gunman Stephen Paddock. IMAGES of Stephen Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada.

Weapons cache found at Las Vegas shooter’s home

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Las Vegas Shooting: Police Found ‘Cache Of Weapons’ With Alleged Gunman | TODAY

NBC justice correspondent Pete Williams tells TODAY that some off-duty police officers who were in the crowd during the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas are reportedly being treated for gunshot wounds. He says that police found “a cache of weapons” with alleged gunman Stephen Paddock, who was shot and killed by police.
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Las Vegas Shooting: Police Found ‘Cache Of Weapons’ With Alleged Gunman | TODAY

Radul Fassad: Huge cache of weapons confiscated from FATA, KPK and Balochsitan

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Show This Deadly Antifa Weapons Cache to Anyone Who Says They Are Peaceful

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Breaking News Today: Show This Deadly Antifa Weapons Cache to Anyone Who Says They Are Peaceful
Following the violent face-off between white supremacist neo-nazis and so-called “antifa” antifascist group in Charlottesville, Virginia, the liberal media embarked on a futile effort to persuade Americans that antifa was actually a peaceful organization that meant no harm and posed no risk.
As we saw recently in Phoenix, according to Fox News, and shortly before that in Boston at what turned out to be an anti-free speech rally, the antifa activists are actually the opposite of peaceful. In fact, they are quitecapable of causing harm and do indeed pose great risk to communities across the nation.
Police in riot gear tasked with keeping the violent antifa activists and other leftist protesters separated from supporters of President Donald Trump have learned this first-hand in various cities over the past year or two, being hit with rocks, bricks and even water bottles filled with concrete or urine.
But the arsenal of weapons increasingly being toted by antifa at protests is not limited to just those improvised items, as can be seen by this picture posted to social media in June by police following a violent protest in Portland, Oregon.
Though some may laugh at the seemingly random and makeshift quality of that cache of weapons, rest assured that almost all of them could prove deadly — or, at the very least, significantly injurious — if wielded by a determined individual in the confused heat of hand-to-hand fighting.
It is also a safe bet that other police departments have recovered similar arsenals of weaponry at supposedly “peaceful” protests and demonstrations.
The Seattle Times reported that some 14 people were arrested following that violent clash in June that erupted after antifa leftists disrupted a pro-Trump free speech rally in Portland.
Sadly, that incident was not at all unusual — disheartening as that may be — but is just one of many similar incidents that have occurred with increasing regularity and intensified violence over the past several months.
To be sure, going back to the Trump rally in Chicago that was forced to be cancelled due to violent protests, to violence erupting after a Trump rally in San Jose, California, not to mention numerous clashes between antifa and the “alt-right” in Berkeley, as well as a stab-fest in Sacramento between antifa and other leftists versus neo-nazis and KKK members, the radical left has proven they aren’t afraid to violently mix it up with their ideological foes.
Unfortunately, given the manner in which they are currently arming themselves, and the probability that they will improve the sophistication of their armaments, it is likely only a matter of time before somebody ends up dead in a similar clash.
Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know about how the so-called “peaceful” members of antifa are arming themselves at protests.
What do you think of the weapons recovered from antifa members at protests? Scroll down to comment below!

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