Implosion of Brooklyn Union Greenpoint Gas Tanks 7 2001

In July 2001, Keyspan imploded the Brooklyn Union Gas Holders located on Vandervoort Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. After the tanks buckle and fall like slaughtered cattle, the image of the silver hued twin towers of the World Trade Center eerliy appear after some of the dust settles. In less than two months the Twin Towers themselves would burn and collapse, shrouding lower Manhattan in a gray, ghost-like dust, sadly claiming 3000+ lives.

Brooklyn Navy Yard closes after 165 years – 1966 newsreel archival footage


Brooklyn Navy Yard closes after 165 years – 1966 newsreel. Including footage of the 1960 fire upon the U.S.S Constellation.

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Take A Tour Of The Brooklyn Navy Yard

This week WLNY’s Toni Senecal explores the Brooklyn Navy Yard, powers down some seriously sweet nachos, goes behind the scenes with one of the city’s best chocolatiers, then hits the road to check out some heavy metal with a bird’s eye view.

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