1st Amendment Audit Port of Long Beach Friday the 13th 2017

Joint Command & Control Center
Fire Station No. 15
Pier F Long Beach Container Terminal

In February 2009, the Port inaugurated its new, state-of-the art Joint Command and Control Center.

The $21 million, 25,000-square-foot facility houses the Port of Long Beach Security Division and Harbor Patrol as well as units from the Long Beach Police Department, Port of Los Angeles, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Marine Exchange during an emergency.

In keeping with the Port’s Green Port Policy, the structure is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, incorporating environmentally friendly design, recycled materials, energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices.
Ref: Port of Long Beach port information website

The Long Beach Police Officer that went into the gate at the Control Center, Same car that came up to tell the group that we were not doing anything wrong. He was very professional from what I did observe from the other videos. Harbor Patrol, maybe another story.

Fukushima news; Trump & Google have declared War on anti nuclear activist & 1st Amendment

TRUMP, Benito Mussolini on BALCO ;; all Environmentalists, anti nuclear activist, under Attack,
Trump / Google Declare WAR on the United States Constitution,
September 2017;; Donald Trump the new Great Fascist, like Barry Antoinette Obama , going after anti nuclear activst, going after environmentalists,, Trump google have declared WAR on us, on the United States Constitution,
“Benito Mussolini consolidated control over the Fascist movement in 1919 with the founding of the Fasci italiani di combattimento, whose opposition to socialism he declared: We declare war against socialism, not because it is socialism, but because it has opposed nationalism.
Trump bites the hand that feed him, he has betrayed the very people that got him elected, but they are to ignorant and branded in dogma to see it;; Kevin D. Blanch not far from where the finished Benito Mussolini off,,,

U.S. Marine and Navy Center Sacramento with Police Tyranny First Amendment Audit.

While touring the Sacramento we came across a joint Marine and Navy base and decided to exercise our First Amendment. Sacramento Police arrive and violate us physically. Please consider supporting this channel

Coast Guard Base Honolulu – First Amendment Audit

I conducted a First Amendment Audit of Coast Guard Base Honolulu, ( or Coast Guard Base Sand Island as it is known as) today to test their security reaction to a citizen taking photos and recording the base from a publicly accessible area outside the base.

I did not have a very good experience when I did the audit of Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point which is located on the South West corner of the island, so I was hoping for a better experience today.

After I was “spotted” by a couple of Coast Guard while I was taking photos of the baseball field it only took about a minute for the head of security to arrive to check me out.

Petty Officer First Class Brian Kelly approached me from inside the base and instead of asking what I was doing, or telling me that I couldn’t take photos of the base, he offered to give me a tour of the base.

Unfortunately I had another story that I was working on across town so I did not have time to take a tour of the base, but we scheduled a tour for tomorrow morning.

I doubt if they will let me record the tour, but I will find out tomorrow.

I wish Petty Officer Kelly would go retrain the security out at Barbers Point Air Station. He did a fantastic job.

Warren Police Assault Photographer: 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!!

Warren Police Assault Photographer for Filming on Public Sidewalk. 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!! Detroit Arsenal. PREVIEW

Warren Cops fail to honor their oath. Tyrants found in Warren, Michigan.

Warren Police make false reports to dispatch in order to justify an assault on photographer.

Detroit Arsenal formerly Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant was the first manufacturing plant ever built for the mass production of tanks in the United States.

It now serves as an active Army facility with many agencies present.

Warren, MI

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First Amendment Audit – Pearl Harbor Navy Base

This is another audit in the series conducted on March 20, 2017. This time we conducted an audit of the Pearl Harbor navy base and the Headquarters of the Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet which is across the street from Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, it did not take long at all before the first contact with U.S. Navy Police trying to stop me from filming the base without having their “Photography Pass”. Then he got his panties in a twist when I refused to identify myself.

Fortunately, Captain Cortez, the Joint Base Security Department Operations Officer eventually arrives and educates the Navy Police officers and the Military Police on public photography.

Here is some contact information from their website:

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
850 Ticonderoga St
JBPHH, HI 96860-5101

Captain Cortez
Joint Base Security Department Operations Officer
(808) 474-6184

Joint Base Security Officer and Commander, 647th Security Forces Squadron
(808) 449-9700

Deputy Joint Base Security Officer
(808) 474-6187

Senior Civilian Security Officer
(808) 474-6267

Security Operations
Navy – (808) 474-4131
Air Force – (808) 449-1002

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Second amendment: Muslim man flaunts arsenal of weapons outside Christian conference – TomoNews

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA — A Muslim American has stirred up controversy after filming himself with a car full of weapons just outside a Christian conference in South Dakota.

CBS reports that Ehab Jaber crashed the Worldview Christian Conference on April 9 wearing a shirt that said ‘I am an American, I am a Muslim, I open carry and conceal carry, I am only dangerous if you are stupid.’ He livestreamed the event while holding a Quran until a security guard told him filming wasn’t allowed.

When asked his name, Jaber replied that he was the Muslim John Smith, and walked out.

Back in his car, he launched into a profanity-laced rant on Facebook live, complaining about the event. He challenged people to ‘be scared’ as he showed off his collection of weapons to the camera, pulling out handguns, assault rifles, and boxes of ammunition.

Jaber’s presence at the event, coupled with his video made the Christians attendees feel thoroughly threatened, and they reported the incident to police.

The cops questioned Jaber, but chose not to press charges, saying the man technically didn’t break any laws. Jaber claims he had no ill intent and was merely exercising his right to the Second Amendment.

Still, the Christians believe something bad could have happened to the 500 people in attendance if the “potential attack” hadn’t been thwarted by the ‘hero’ security guard.


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First Amendment Audit – 4-12-17 – CGAS Barbers Point (Revisit) – FAIL AGAIN – Police Called

Since the private security at the US Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point acted so warm and inviting the last time I visited there on Monday, I decided to go back and spend several hours of quality time with them today.

I came ready this time, along with my cameras I brought a folding chair, sunscreen, a hydration backpack, a few sports drinks, some snacks and a folding wagon to haul it all out to the station with. I was going to bring my 10′ x 10′ pop-up canopy but I forgot it. There is always next time. You should have seen their faces as I walked up and started unloading everything, it was priceless.

My favorite friend did his best to stay hidden from me, but about 2 hours into my campout he finally appeared.

This time instead of the guards coming out to chat with me, they stayed inside and just called the Honolulu Police Department on me who did nothing at all, exactly as they are supposed to do. HPD officers Honor their Oaths.

I waited around until my new best friend left to go home. I wanted to see what this big bad “Super Cop” that thinks he is “THE LAW” drives. You would not believe it if I told you, so you will have to see for yourselves.

First Amendment Audit – 4-10-17 – CGAS Barbers Point – Racist Tyrant Found

Since we have been having such good luck with the recent audits of military bases I wanted to check out the US Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point located in Kalaeloa, Hawaii just south of Kapolei, Hawaii.

I was met with a very aggressive private security guard that not only did not know the law regarding public photography from a publically accessible area, but he even had the gall to claim that HE WAS THE LAW. This security guard is clearly a law enforcement reject that has let the tin badge he wears go to his head. Unfortunately, I let this guard get under my skin today as you will see from my response to him.

As I attempted to walk away from him to continue filming the base he revved his engine as though he was going to run over me with his car. Then he made a racial slur that I needed to “go back to the mainland” insinuating that I am not a local, but a “haole” or white person, that knows nothing about the islands.

Calling someone a haole, or saying that they should “go back to the mainland” are common racial slurs that white people in Hawaii often hear from these brainless twits that happen to be of a darker skin and therefore feel that they are superior.

I have lived on this island for over 15 years and this was the first time in all those years that a racist pig like this private security guard has degraded me like this.

Because of his actions today I am planning many, many more return visits to the station. The Coast Guard at this station will have their own security guard to thank for all of the attention that I will now be showing them.

For those of you who would like to contact the station to voice your concerns of the racist security guard, I will post their contact information below. I encourage everyone to voice their opinion and let them know that we can not allow such a racist pig represent the Coast Guard like that. I have also added their Facebook page for reviews, and the address to the Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC.

Phone: (808) 682-2771

USCGAS Barbers Point
Kalaeloa Airport
1 Coral Sea Rd
Kapolei, HI 96707


WASHINGTON DC 20593-7000

Here is the information for the security company:

HBC Management Services
Davies Pacific Center, Suite 1050
841 Bishop Street, Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: (808) 522-7278
Fax: (808) 522-7282