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Sweet Loretta! Espionage conspiracy with Comey? Dilyana breaks diplomatic weapons ring!

Unbelievable shenanigans

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

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  • Karen Omodt says:

    Happy your back. As you know, buying a home that needs TLC does consume time and you're in good spirits too….that's positive.

  • Deborah Mitchell says:

    To add to the 3's company on tar mack, the pilot was supposedly going to do a "tell all" w/Hannity on 7/28 is now dead. Not sure if true.

  • intothegarden says:

    glad to see you back! building renovation is such a B but incredible fun..i miss being knee deep in 'project management. haha once i was knee-deep in the soggy plaster falling off the walls when a major wind/rain whipped up grabbed the blue tarp off and poured thru the rafters of the exposed 1860's roof. ah fun times.

    gosh isn't it amazing what George has pulled off? what he's exposed? what a team he'd make with Dilyana! unfortunately, he is so blown away with her beauty he's too shy to seek her out. that's to bad. instead, he is shackled with his whiny buttinsky Robin to his Batman. .

    that is ,a Robin who thinks he's suddenly brilliant and screaming jealous of george so is constantly interrupting when george says something important…then keeps one word tumbling out of his mouth after another so there isn't a moment's peace for george to speak up to carry on what he's been trying to explain… finally when jason can see George has totally given up, he'll slow down a bit to bask in the glory of his Jewish verbal pull the rug out from under you shtick, as i wrote before. i have known and been closely acquainted with many many many many Jews. and its what they do. often as much as they complain.. . oh well.

    Farmer Jones, the mess going on with all this evil-world stuff? oh my.. I never had children because i was sure they'd be consumed by a nuclear holocaust brought on by the USSR. glad i didn't have them, because the scenario might be a bit different than i feared, but no better. my heart aches of everyone out there who does have family. just what's happening in the world as i type is bad enough. i fear its nothing compared to what is coming… and is surely nothing compared to every single tragedy our country our monster-dark-state has brutally inflicted on so many many people in so many countries in the years since wwii…. so much destroyed in our lifetime. …

    sigh. glad you loved the track, 'the sound of silence'. your response was the same as mine. i'd love to hear your mozart mix, but couldn't get it to work and now can't find it.. i'm a luddite with computer crap. . because i hate it.. yet the research i can do on the internet for the stuff i'm writing on ??? …priceless. its the midas touch, isn't it? 21st century technology is so precious, so lethal.

    have a good night. i love your synopses of george's stuff and your ironic smile and laugh about it! as i've said before, you have a brilliant mind..but you don't let it get in the way of your engaging personality!

    ps and now for something completely different (as monty pyythons flying circus would say) if you love serene beauty, here is an hour (or 5 minutes if you just catch a bit). its a really cool video, on andrew wyeth, seen thru the eyes of michael palin – of monty p fame…

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