Suicidal Marine Vet Seconds From Taking His Life When Something Unbelievable Happens

Suicidal Marine Vet Seconds From Taking His Life When Something Unbelievable Happens
After Marine John Preston returned home from war, there were many nights that his PTSD caused him to lock himself up in the back room of his house and drink heavily until he blacked out. The rage and hate that consumed him along with images of his friends being killed were so intense, that some nights he was tempted just to put a gun in his mouth and end it all. After managing to pull himself out of that dark hole and containing what he describes as the “beast inside of him,” eight years later, Preston has found a way to harness his demons and put himself back on track. Now Preston has dedicated his life to helping pull other veterans from that same dark place that he became so intimately familiar with all those years ago, where he now serves as the miracle our suffering veterans need to find meaning in life once again.There’s an alarming epidemic that’s sweeping our veteran community, as statistics reveal that 22 of our warriors kill themselves on a daily basis. After nearly becoming part of the statistic himself, Marine-turned rock star John Preston has now dedicated his life to battle veteran suicide head on through his incredible music that he’s branded “for veterans by veterans.” Through his music, he not only brings hope to veterans by writing songs about issues they routinely deal with, but then donates the majority of profits from his albums straight to organizations that help make a difference in our warriors’ lives.

When he wrote his latest single Before I’m Gone, Preston locked himself in a dark room once again and put himself mentally into the dark place he was in eight years ago to relive the torment that almost caused him to take his life. When I sat down and talked with Preston, he said the song was basically like a suicide note to his family, and the reality suddenly struck him of just how close he was to ending it all eight years ago.

“I was reflecting on the mess my life was when I had first left the corps and felt hopeless and lost,” Preston explained. “I was told I needed to finish another song for an ep and it just happened to be on that day. I walked into a room and locked myself in. I put myself there on those nights I wished I wouldn’t wake up the next day. A reckless time in my life that I am still amazed I survived. The song wrote itself very quickly. I remember being emotionally overwhelmed and full with tears and snot but I knew this was a special song the moment it was finished.”Preston says he hopes his song can reach other veterans who are on the brink of pulling the trigger like he was, and wants our heroes to realize that they possess much more internal strength than they ever thought possible if they just take a look inside themselves. He said that veterans frequently buy into the narrative that they are “battered and broken,” because they have PTSD, but Preston said that notion is complete nonsense.

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  1. #1 BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is GOD Himself in human form #2 ask Christ to turn your life around …..and HE will !!

  2. Johnny boy ALL good people of the entire west appreciate your service.. we need great men like you. not less. your parents worked hard to get you to this point in time and they did a GREAT JOB. thank you so much from Canada

  3. I'm so happy you didn't take your life. I don't know where you live but I too would like to help our veterans but being a woman I don't know where or how to even begin. I've had plenty of experience though living with a jungle fighting Vietnam Veteran who has said I saved his life many times throughout the years we've been together. I love our military people with a special love & pride and would like to help. Please advise. Thank you so very much for your service to our country and for our freedoms.

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