South Africa’s War with Angola

At War with Angola (1976): Rushes of South Africa’s war with Angola

00.40 Mortar fire and shot down helicopter on fire
01.01 SADF MANOUVRES in Angola
02.00 UNITA Soldiers mine sweeping
03.22 UNITA Soldiers carrying mines for destruction
04.41 Mines blown up
04.56 Voting booths. Jonas Sabimbi casting vote
05.41 Angolan TV. Mass killing of UNITA supporters in Luanda
06.29 UNITA and MPLA battle in street after elections
07.23 Fast moving tanks and jungle fighting. SADF in Angola
08.04 Banks of SAD artillery firing into Angola
09.34 Deserted Angolan village in frontline of the war
12.43 SADF Convey returning home after war to “welcome winners” banner
13.22 Frontline Tank battle and dead bodies heaped up
14.07 Ambush of SADF convoy

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32 thoughts on “South Africa’s War with Angola”

  1. My dad fought in this war. He often tells me of his patrols at the South African and Angolan borders. I just wish this event was a little bit more popular amongst historians, because it is really interesting.

  2. Well let me tell you all this before opening your mouths to speak buy yourself the book that is written by Koos Stadler a SA Special forces officer who was part a small teams mission doing the impossible in the heart of Angola and surrounding areas

  3. Cuban Involvement in this war was quite ominous and remarkable ! The Cubans had shown to the whole world that this tiny island country can participate in International wars.

  4. RENATO BERRIA was just an ordinary Chilean ace pilot of the Chilean Air Force living up to Mars's expectations as a typical distinguished brave CHILEAN WARMONGERING HARDCORE FANATIC who went looking for the SHIT, HONOR and GLORY and joined the South African Air Force as a volunteer to KILL KILL KILL other hundreds of Chilean warriors in the Cuban Army fighting for Angola in the devastating ANGOLA CIVIL WAR OF 1975-2002 and during the bloody SOUTH AFRICA'S WAR WITH ANGOLA OF 1966-1990 or the SOUTH AFRICAN BORDER WAR WITH ANGOLA OF 1966-1990. RENATO BERRIA promoted to captain of his fighter, the ATLAS IMPALA MK1 participated in many bombing missions of Angola strategic strongholds during a bloody stalemate near the border, moreover, vital perilous reconnaissance and intelligence gathering which ultimately led to a South African troop withdrawal from Angola and the independence of a democratic Namibia.

  5. Colonialism contributed nothing in Africa, In Namibia after SWAPO toppled the racist government that ruled us for decades, things are getting better now. Poverty is decreasing, better and quality education is available to everyone, better healthy care is available to everyone, economy is getting better. Now during the racist government, tertiary education was only for whites, blacks were only allowed to be teacher, when they reach grade 7 they graduate as teachers. Unemployment was high, blacks only received basic healthcare. Today in an independent Namibia, here i am with my degree. Thank you Sam Nujoma, thank you SWAPO, and thank you PLAN fighters who fought and died for us.

  6. Fact: 1 Pre independent SA ,USA and UNITA were fighting against SWAPO of Namibia, MPLA of Angola and Cuba and ANC in SA.
    Fact 2: SWAPO is now ruling Namibia, MPLA is ruling Angola and ANC is ruling SA.
    Fact 3: Pre independence SA government that fought SWAPO and MPLA was defeated by ANC
    So who won this war? SWAPO achieved her aim, MPLA defeated UNITA, and ANC defeated pre independence racist SA.

  7. The game far cry 2 is not what happened we had alot of dead buddies no one cares about anymore and the were young.

  8. its the white man fuck the white man the fuckin white devils lets kill them all we blacks built south africa we blacks have invented so many things like the fok all and the fok all ……you stupid kafers

  9. Now Angola is china's playground yes they are building stuff and bringing there cheap Chinese goods but really not creating jobs or paying into Angolan economy China brings it's own workers and Chinese eat there own food from China! To picky for Angolan Food

  10. @TemplarX2 . Hit the nail on the head. Dont forget Cubas admirable contribution sending forces to assist repeling Apartheid in Angola

  11. It's not South Africa war against Angola, you, cunt. South African brothers have never fought against Angolans. It was South Africa plus Angola vs white invaders from Europe.

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