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Scorpene: The Great Malaysian Robbery

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  • johan ramli says:

    Suaram sendirian berhad….

  • monizag says:

    Malaysia is doomed.

  • Jack Penny says:

    It is amazing to see how one man can financially, and reputationally, destroy a whole country, even if that man happens to be no less than the Prime Minister of that country. Najib Razak's legacy of corruption and deceit goes back far earlier than the 1MDB scandal. In 2001, a full eight years before 1MDB even existed, Najib Razak (then Defence Minister of Malaysia) demanded $US 1 BILLION from the French defence company DCNS/Thales for seeking his approval for the sale of two Scorpene class submarines to Malaysia. This demand by Najib was refused by Thales as being too excessive, given that the deal itself was worth $US 1.1 billion, i.e. only $US 100 million more than the sum Najib was demanding as a prerequisite for meeting with him. This is a measure of Najib's astonishing greed — asking for a "commission" that is nearly as much as the deal itself. And then there is the 1MDB scandal. Najib pocketed $US 681 million from this scandal, and every dollar went into his personal bank account. When the Malaysian anti corruption bureau and the Wall Street Journal found out about this scandal, Najib claimed that the money was a donation from the Saudi Royal family. The Saudis, in turn, vehemently denied having donated any money to Najib personally. So, this is Najib's legacy: he DEMANDED, but failed to receive, $US 1 BILLION from DCNS/Thales in 2001, and successfully STOLE $US 681 million from his own country's coffers about a decade later, and then tried to pass off the sum as a "political donation" from a foreign entity. Najib is a kleptomaniac and a crook who prays to Allah 5 times a day and then STEALS billions of dollars when he returns to his office after prayers. All the fine work done by Mahathir has now been DESTROYED by Najib and Malaysia's reputation is in tatters. I worked at the Danish Embassy in Malaysia for 8 years (1987 — 1995) and it is sad to see just how ONE man can unravel the future of a country of 30 million.

  • hansvinci says:

    if its not true,why they never voice out or sue her????

  • hansvinci says:

    syeikh mokthar=motherfucker

  • hansvinci says:

    chingy,,i will twist you someday…

  • Peter Iskandar says:


  • A Ali says:

    Thank you SUARAM – bravo for the work done…

  • Frank Edelstein says:

    How do you know that these were unlawful kickbacks and comissions?

  • Frank Edelstein says:

    What a load of crock from people who are funded by foreign groups operating citizen TV stations who do not allow a counter argument to be put forward. Nnly theirs. No offence was committed by any Malaysian in France even if commissions were paid. Thats not uncommon in arms purchases. it is also the prerogative of government to conceal such payments under the official secrets act. Why do these people not come out with disclosures as to where they get their funding from to overthrow government?

  • ATU ARUTY says:

    ada sesiapa yg pernah tgk 3 eko BERUK….seekor tutup mata …seekor ttp mulut…..seekor lg ttp telinga…..INI BOLEH DIIBARATKAN MCM—— B.P.R

  • ATU ARUTY says:

    dh dekat 15 tahun x settle2 lg ke….BPR ni kena makan tongkat ali kasi laju sikit…bengap

  • rabbit power says:

    SPRM jangan layan team2 bodoh ni semua..banyak lagi kes2 lain yang belum settle..tu kes 3 billion anuar tu settle kan dulu..

  • Ayob Abd Hamid says:

    Minta perhatian LUTH (Tabong Haji), ada dikaitkan. Ada terlibat dengan paksaan pengaruh Politik semasa yang berkuasa? Harap bertegas atas dasar Agama Islam. Subhanallah!

  • MALI KATY says:

    zahid hamidi MENYESAL tinggalkan ANWAR

  • MALI KATY says:

    mamak ingat najib adalah PM yg kemas, rupa2nya najib lebih teruk dr dollah hadari…. teori R.A.H.M.A.N dh sampai ke penghujungnya, kesian dia kesian dia

  • abdul halim says:

    TAHNIAH kepada NAJIB kerana telah bjaya ''mengharumkan'' nama MALAYSIA di mata dunia…malaysia dh famous skg di persada dunia bkn kerana kejayaan ekonomi tetapi skandal terkutuk…… aku rasa sgt gembira la ni

  • osman ali says:

    kepala gajah pun boleh masuk bro……. dia x dak selera nk main la ni selagi kes ni blm selesai

  • dinno rex says:

    The MINANG COCK SUCKER BITCH of NS (RM) Jinn Paria from Bombay is in deep shit. While Jinn Monglia of Genghiz Khan is fucking up Jinn Bombay. So we see if the cunt of RM is wet or dry. The former Bohsia of UMNO (RM) whether she is still using the big Vibrator from Japan or fucking her Jinn Bombay Paria every night while her husband is sleeping??

  • abdul halim says:

    Bomoh MONGGOLIA sedang berlawan dgn BOMOH INDIA ROSMAH (guru -G) skg ni secara ghaib

  • abdul halim says:

    Aku cadangkan SPRM buat part time business BUNGEE JUMPING…… satu dunia dh kecoh pasal kes kapalselam di buka semula tapi mereka buat pekak babi je

  • abdul halim says:

    SURIHANI666 ni umgok cybertroopers… dapat upah kain kapan dn keranda…suka sgt dia

  • Amanah Ilham says:

    nak anti kafir sangat konon…dalam umno tu 100% islam ke?

  • JOHAN mutahir says:

    the writer under surihan999 says, 'dey keling…'. I am pretty sure who this bloke is. He sure is educated in the UMNuuuu school of thoughts…..hahahahaha

  • caleb chia says:

    A primary one school Teacher asked the class" What shape Malaysia is ??" most of the students answered " Sweet Potato!" they all got it wrong except a not so bright student answered correctly " BAD SHAPE !" ;)) 

  • Split Jimmy says:

    If you have the evident of the break down of the 1 billion then kindly provide it rather then simply telling people that this lady is not telling us the whole truth. I bet people are more than willing to read up on your evidence.

  • 9m2sh says:

    Perhaps the making known of all these companies' auditor/auditors would help those trying to establish more about the TRUE and FALSE of versions of this saga!? 

  • King Kong says:

    Malaysia is for the few elites???

  • am says:

    najib is professional robbery…masukkan najib to jail..salah tetap salah..

  • djshadowpain says:

    Awkward reply, very vague. Unless I've taken some drugs prior to reading your reply, I am not sure what you are trying to rebut. Perhaps, you are replying to the original comment by "wongcampong?" You had me confused at "haha."

  • VKionG AnG says:

    Haha, you somehow still have faith in the MACCC and other institutions in Malaysia. They have almost all been prostituted by the BTN.
    You would also believe that Beng Hock committed suicide, just as the custom officer who committed suicide at the MACC complex.
    You would also believe that the UMNO government is not corrupt and that Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar is more corrupt. No, those countries do not have as much as Malaysia for the crook to steal.

  • VKionG AnG says:

    Ask government contractors and they will tell you that corruption is the order of the day in so far as Malaysian government procure goes.

    I just wonder, are Malaysians so tolerant of corruption in government or UMNO cheated at every election.

  • wongcampong says:

    you must be joking. unfortunately, you are not funny. 

  • Joe Yap says:

    Wahaha!Joke of the century!MACC and PDRM?My gawd your intellectual are alarmingly disturbing. How can you tell an Abraxes to kill its own kind. The whole Malaysian constitutions are in stir of shit and hell hole. You pull down one, the rest will fall.My concern are, why waste of time and public fund to "employ" agent such as yourself to instigate the net to win back the public trust.As far as I seen so many of you are failing. You are about to loose your job. Change side or clean your backyard.

  • djshadowpain says:

    Evidently, that is your best comeback from sounding idiotic. 

  • wongcampong says:

    my comment is holistic. may be you can't understand well.

  • djshadowpain says:

    Can you re-read your reply? I quote "if perimekar has ground to sue, let it be so that truth will prevail." That makes no sense. Let me break my reply down so you can reply and sound less confused and offtopic:

    My reply to your accusation "if this suaram lady has evidence, why isnt she reporting to the relevant authorities?"

    Read my breakdown in point form below:

  • bujangria says:

    patut la sistem pertahanan negara ni lambat berkembang….. banyak sangat penyelewengan dana.

  • Paul Wong says:

    Najib won't be that stupid to put everything in black and white, maybe he put everything in writing so that there will be evidence against him!

  • wongcampong says:

    you sound smart but clearly just a speculatively self smart goon . if perimekar has ground to sue, let it be so that truth will prevail. nothing wrong with that. lately there are too many indian personalities are attacking the government. from hindraf movement right to bershit. am not racist but cant help wondering what the indian malaysians are trying to do.

  • djshadowpain says:

    so naive. hand evidence to macc and police. You are so friggin gullible. No matter how in-credible the local newspaper is, do pick up todays copy of NST (12 May 2012), under World News section , p30. Watch the chronicles of french presidency. While sarkozy is in power the presidency has a certain "immunity," and only when he steps down, he will be hunted by the next person in charge. Or for that matter, just look at Philipines & Indonesia of how only the fallen head of state will be prosecuted.

  • wongcampong says:

    the french government has refered this case to the court. go and give more evidence to them so that any wrong doing can be punished accordingly.

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