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Sub for more: | Sputnik News reports On Saturday, the US military accused a Russian warship of carrying out aggressive and erratic maneuvers close to a US Navy ship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the second such Cold War-style brush between the two forces on the high seas in a matter of weeks.

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  • Nikola MKD says:

    You have deployed your ships next to a souveren country of YEMEN and you bombard it with Tomahawks supporting the Saudis and you cry when a Russian ship comes close to you…. amazing…

  • Christian Harvey says:

    why should they submit, take your yank junk home you fucking war criminals

  • Wallace Hughes says:

    Sink one of our ships and see what happens… Fool…

  • Wallace Hughes says:

    Too bad your pee brain can't understand freedom.
    We in USA enjoy cars houses and jobs something you can't even have. And above all Freedom to do what we like. If you want war bring it.

  • Martin Borman says:

    Propaganda, propaganda, tralalh lah lah, propaganda, propaganda.

  • Martin Borman says:

    The Ruskies should have blown the US ship out the water.

  • pablobulldog says:

    I was a Naval surface warfare officer during the cold war. We experienced crazy, dangerous Soviet ship driving quite often and no, we did not respond in kind. Putin has simply taken this old trick off the shelf, dusted it off, and put it back in action.

    BTW, we have an agreement/treaty with Russia not to pull crap like this.

    Disagreements between countries is one thing, posturing is understandable, but this behavior is irresponsible. Someone's going to get killed and more than likely it's going to be a 20 year old sailor with a pregnant wife at home. Not Putin or Obama.

  • kempmt1 says:

    What class of ship is that Russian ship?

  • 3nien says:

    Look what's happening in the South China Sea.

  • fhhf A says:

    U.S. knows they are not leader of the world, that's why they are starting WAR.

  • fhhf A says:

    u.s. thinks there back in the 60's thinking they rule. There not the wealthiest, or strongest military. They think they are, that a why Russia thinks there a joke.

  • william xed says:

    Fake Confrontation between Secret Allies!!!

  • crystal cactus says:

    on the sea there are "rules of road" its not unusual for ships captains to relieve boredom or just for fun to force another ship to turn or position themselves so as to force another to react due to "the rules of the road" its nothing & only reported on by media to beat the drums harder the lying shits

  • Puzzoozoo says:

    Whats the few bars of the end music from?

  • Beena Plumber says:

    Comment on what? This story said nothing. Even the title of the story says more than the story itself. When did the Russian ship refuse to back down? Who told them to back down? Oh, didn't that happen?

  • Garrett Cummins says:

    I believe there are two sides to every story. I also believe that the world would be a lot more dangerous with Hillary as POTUS…..

  • DARTH MGTOW says:

    At one time I was all for the USA butt having learned the things I have I would be only to glad and proud to fight along side my Russian brothers and defeat the USA and Britain (Left great out because you're really are not so great at all).

  • борис бритва says:

    мы его порежем на металлолом)

  • Marc djb says:

    Nato it seems has been on a proud headlong course in provoking Russia like a drunken man starting a fight! madness! 2 Peter 2 could about to be fulfilled!

  • Matahari says:

    fuck the u s of assholes

  • wondering star says:

    I always marvel at how criminals never seem to think that they will never be caught!

  • Smith Wesson says:

    Trump will bring back sanity in American foreign policy. The world needs two Super Powers: USA and Russia can defeat threats around the world working together. Americans do not need another cold war with Russia: Korea, Vietnam. I do not believe the American people will support a Hillary Presidency even in a time of war. This election could be the end of American prosperity and wealth if Hillary wins. I know that people have made such a claim in the past; but we are living on borrowed time and money to the tune of 19trillion. Americans are no longer patriotic and would implode if a foreign aggressor were to attack.

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