Russia Revs Up in Syria Against ISIS Nov2016

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Published on Nov 16, 2016
See the rest of the interview with former Marine, Republican Senator Richard Black
“Virginia Senator Richard Black tells the truth about Syria and Libya”

Russian Tragedy on Halloween 2015 Remembered
Russia-Syria vs ISIS July 2016
Russia Destroys ISIS Near N.Latakia & E.Palmyra
US/French Killed Civilians in Syria- incompetence or acceptable loss?
Boy Beheaded by US Backed MODERATE REBELS in Syria
KGB = Evil Putin? ISIS Agrees!
Russia Changed US Policy in Syria
Russian Tsunami On ISIS July 2016
Russia Still Outdoes US Fighting ISIS – June 2016
Russia-Syria vs ISIS June 2016
End US Funding to Syrian Rebels (Amendment Failed) June 2016
Saudi’s Financed Terrorism 20 yrs / 911 May 2016
US Boots in Syria – Oil for Europe May 2016
Even the Russian Women Hate Obama for his Lies April 2016
More Payback in Syria April 2016
Payback Time in Syria April 2016
KA-52 Helicopter 1st Combat Video in Syria April 2016
Russia Palmyra Victory- US thought it was love but they were confused …April 2016
Confused about Russia’s Military Withdrawal in Syria? (facts & music) March 2016
US War Bill against Syria Insane- Rep Tulsi Gabbard March 2016
Putin’s Ceasefire Against Obama’s Terrorism in Syria Feb 2016
ISIS Trained on NATO Bases
Chechen Muslims Fight ISIS Feb 2016
Russia Helps Deir ez-Zor/ Kills ISIS
Tu-22 Destroying ISIS Jan 2016
Russian Justice on ISIS
Russia and Syria Fight ISIS Jan 2016
Russian Airstrikes on ISIS Jan 2016
McCain Aids Al Qaeda in Cover Up Jan 2016
Putin Defends Russia in Syria Dec 2015
The Devil is Mad Dec 2015 ***
Impeach Obama for Illegal War *** Dec 2015
BULLSEYE! Russia in Hama & Idlib, Syria Dec 2015
Putin is America’s Hero for Fighting ISIS Dec 2015
Russia Proves Turkey Supports ISIS Dec 2015
US Invades Syria on Thanksgiving Day 2105
Russia, France & Syria will Block Border with Turkey Nov 2015
Russian Bombers Now Escorted by Fighter Jets Nov 2015
Putin- Oil from ISIS to Turkey Every Day Nov 2015
Putin- US Knew in Advance SU-24 Location Near Turkey Nov 2015
Proof F-16 Ambushed Russia’s SU-24…(English subs) Nov 2015
F16’s Hit Russian Bomber Inside Syria Nov 2015
Facts of SU-24 Shot Down in Syria & Russia’s Response Nov 2015
Why US & Saudis say, “Assad Must Go!” Nov 2015
Putin-“Not Enough Done in Syria Yet” Nov 2015
Syrians Thank Russia Nov 2015
Russia-Syria Connection Nov 2015
Putin Leads Fights Against Terrorism
Putin: “Sinai Crash Bloodiest Crime” (Full Speech)
Putin-“Vengeance is Inevitable”-ISIS will pay for shooting down Metrojet Oct 31, 2016
“Put Up or Shut Up” – Russia to US Gov’t Oct 2015
Russia Uncovers Western Propaganda
Cover Up of Russian Success Against ISIS
US Smear Campaign Against Russia in Syria Oct 2015
Anti Russian Campaign by US
Not Sure America? Call Me! Oct 2015 ***
Russian Woman Shames US Media Oct 2015
Putin Perplexed by Obama’s Idiocy ***Oct 2015
Russia Fighting Terrorism in Syria ***Oct 2015
Obama’s Hypocrisy in Syria Oct 2015
Why Russia in Syria Oct 2015
Why the West Fears Russia in Syria Oct 2015
“Ukraine Conflict is Our Revenge for Syria” – US Govt

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  • Reply
    James Dunphy
    January 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    thank you russia from canada! go and kick isis ass for us all! dont listen to our damn goverment. just go and attack isis! with you all the way russia! make us proud!

  • Reply
    Edward Delgado
    January 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    What band is that? Sounds great.

  • Reply
    Putin The Great
    January 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    The Russian aircraft carrier isn't full of unnecessary crowded shit unlike US carriers.

  • Reply
    Tree of Life
    January 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    Time for ISIS to come out peacefully.

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