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Royal Navy deals with 500 incursions in 2013

The Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron has revealed they would be ready to enter armed combat in a matter of seconds should a situation develop in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.
2013 was a testing year for the Royal Navy on the Rock, who had to deal with 500 incursions. In late October, following dangerous manouvers by the Guardia Civil, the Royal Navy was involved in an armed stand-off in the waters around the Rock. Now, Captain Rob Garner and XO Danny Toms speak to our reporter Jonathan Scott about the Navy’s armed deterrent, on board HMS Scimitar.

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  • Emilio Araujo says:

    piratas ingleses

  • Javier B A says:

    Those losers are fighting civilians and police. Don't they have anything better to do they are the definition of pirates.

  • Fritz Lee says:

    The Andrew(RN) rules the waves, especially in Gibraltar ha ha ha

  • Miguel Barrull says:

    in gleses de mierda. come bichuelas. ir correr comer mierdas. al fin. gibrantar. español. será nuestro. come mierdas cerdos. guarros. demierda.

  • SHO OSH says:

    SPAIN – Would be a third world country without the direct cash infusion it received from mass tourism.

  • osv soldado says:

    estais jodiendo a los pescadores quitandoles zona d pesca
    ,que no habeis tenido nunca zona marina ,esta es española,no teneis verguenza ,

  • Sanrivero says:

    ¡Y dale con la matraca! Las aguas son españolas, léanse el tratado de Utrecht

  • The Redcoat says:

    Rule Britannia.

  • Craig Wilkins says:

    Good job for Gibraltar no work in Spain but plenty of Spanish work in gib!!
    Give gib back they will bring it down like Spain.

  • Mengu says:

    There's a typo in the title. It's "Royal Navy LEADS 500 incursions in 2013"

  • Basura Basurilla says:

    Gibraltar will be returned, because that is how it should be, Spain will return the favor in other way, and even today UK can use any other Spanish airstrip or port without problem, they are close EU and NATO allies.
    Gibraltar will still keep special status same as Hong Kong so dont worry your life will be perfect for everyone

  • Javier B A says:

    There is no such thing as Uk waters around Gibraltar. The waters are international. And the ones who have done dangerous maneuvers and have endangered the safety of Spanish fishermen are the RAN

  • Basura Basurilla says:

    Those so claimed uk waters are a joke and not recognized by anybody. Btw vote means nothing when you buy people with no taxes and no rules, so dont be hypocrite, all states buy easily buy people in colinies with special treatment.
    dont forget ppl from gibraltar actually really live in spain or often hang out in the beautiful south of spain because spain let them out. They depend on spain mercy to have a decent life and it is demostrated everytime spain closes the fence and they go mad. Be kind and dont pretend they can live by themselves in a rock

  • jimbolecat says:

    what a fucking geek

  • rubenak1 says:

    English, fulfill UN resolutions which call for dialogue between Spain and the UK for the decolonization of Gibraltar. Thank You…

  • LSTWTF says:

    Inglés son piratas , Yeh bebé, Yeh !

  • The Punisher says:

    UK will fuck you spanish gays hahahaha Long Live UK we are super power we will take all your womens and fuck them

  • scandinavia norte says:

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  • scandinavia norte says:

    Dios creo el mundo, y  alos ingleses la puta madre que los pario, aparte de no tener cultura son unos putos cerdos , no de ahora sino de toda la vida

  • Charlie Richardson says:

    For all you Spainish retards, saying Gibraltar belongs to Spain. Well the fact is you lost Gibraltar against us, 300 years ago. The people of Gibraltar voted that they don't want to be Spainish. It's an international right, to have the right to decide what you want to be, they voted. The British Government recognised the people's vote, and we have the right to protect and defend Gibraltar, because it's British. Don't like it, well you can't fuck off. ^_^

  • rizlar38 says:

    phalanx ciws,  seawolf missile system (much improved since falklands), chances of exocet doing what it did in falklands hugely reduced.

  • Ciaphas Cain says:

    Que os jodan, panda de piratas. GIBRALTAR ESPAÑOL!!

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau says:

    I'm  Not British but My Grandfather served on a torpedo boat destroyer during the first World war

  • hhminer46 says:

    Fuck england viva España!!!! Gibraltar español!!!!!!!!! FUCK ENGLAND 

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