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President Trump meets with hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

President surveys damage in San Juan with first responders, local officials and the first lady.

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  • Amy Thompson says:

    Gee, he basically said that they didn't suffer like people in Katrina and accused them of costing us too much money….impeachment could not come sooner…this total failure of a human being needs to go…smh

  • Feral Vicar says:

    trump has three priorities 1/ throwing in the towel 2/ improving his golf swing 3/ boning his daughter – as Rex Tillerson said "trump is a moron"

  • Willam Unknown says:

    Trump criticized Puerto Rico for costing us too much money during their time of crisis.  Unbelievable lack of human decency, but that is not surprising sadly.  Puerto Rican citizens pay US income tax, and consider Trump to be their president yet he does them that way?  Imagine if Trump had said such a thing about Texas or Florida recently.  #TRY_NOT_TO_VOMIT

  • Willam Unknown says:

    Can the FPOTUS (FAKE president) disgrace and embarrass himself any further?   Of course he not only can but will.  Stay tuned for his next idiotic actions.

  • Willam Unknown says:

    My favorite Trump idiocy was when he was handing out flashlights to the Puerto Ricans and said "You really don't need these anymore."  (Even though 95 percent of the island is still without power and lights.)  Every time I think the moron in the oval office cannot top his previous idiocy he proves me wrong.

  • Thyalwaysseek says:

    This is not random, they've all been carefully pre-selected look at how dressed up they are…this is just a PR stunt to make the orange toad look like a hero when he's really a ZERO. Trump and his mail order bride need to go walk through the rural areas and drink water from the creek with the people there, let's hear what they think about his response to this disaster.

  • Sam Jr. says:

    TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • Sheri Lynn says:

    NOPE! This is a disappointment to me- based on this clip only- if these people are so well off as far as surviving and extent of damage that POTUS did not have to ask: How have the services been? Are your needs being met? Are your neighbors needs being met? Then why did he bother to stop in that community? ALL OF HIS TIME should be spent in the most troubled and devastated areas. This looks like a photo op and nothing more; and I voted for him. There is zero transparency in this interview.

  • Gregor Samsa says:

    Funny that fox didn't show trump saying to the Puerto Ricans that this is not a real disaster like Katrina. Every other news outlet shows how insane and stupid he is. Fox covers it up for its old and out of touch audience.

  • Enoch powell says:

    Lets see how the most bias and unbalanced news channel in the WORLD, works it media tongue up you no whos a…
    Sycophant is an understatement for "Fox News", yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir…

  • Jim Dailey says:

    I'm sure the Clinton foundation will be forthcoming with money to help, you know, like Haiti.

  • Maester Laemon says:

    "Puerto Rico has MASSIVE debt".  Trump should know.  He's the expert on the subject.  Maybe Putin will bail them out, too.

  • Peter Hunsader says:

    Trump 2020!

  • L B says:

    He looks like doofus.

  • Kerkopes says:

    I'm so pleased that President Trump donated a portion of his golf tournament trophy to Puerto Rico. I'm not sure I would have had that much courage.

  • Long Tall Texan says:

    Trump supporters are so worried Trump will be disrespected by News and Puerto Ricans…or CNN will spin him.
    Fuck that shit…defending Trump. Trump has created every kind of low shit and disrespect himself. No one is needed to spin or lie about what lame useless crap comes out of this guys asshole of a mouth. Trump is a fleshbag of shit…always has been always will be. There is nothing wrong with telling the truth about Trump. Trump goes to a crushed and destroyed disaster area like PR and whines about their getting hit by an act of God Hurricane that is ruining his budget. Fuck Trump again, because this shit head can's see Puerto Ricans as Americans. Trump should be removed, he is unfit to lead this nation…The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Trump the worst president in U.S. History…and he proves it every single day !!!

  • Richy Rich says:

    The people should have gotten together and beaten the shit out of him with clubs, sticks, whatever! How dare they shake his fucking hand!

  • trycoldman23 says:

    President Trump laughs at victims of Hurricane and disrespectfully refuses to tall to them.
    Trump being booed at by people

  • Hush Whisper says:

    God is REAL. He left something for Us to find on top of Our Planet. I found it several years ago and that's why I created my YouTube Channel. I'd like to invite anyone reading this, to come see what I found on Google Earth. I can prove to anyone on this Planet, that God is ABSOLUTELY REAL BEYOND ALL DOUBT. Please come see. This is NOT Click Bait. Several times already I've asked several different YouTube channels to come and try and debunk what I found, so far no one has. Please come see and help me share it with others. There's HOPE!

  • Camelot Aquarius says:

    That's not Melania.. That's a transgender clone. Not trying to be funny but that really doesn't look like Melania or a female. Hillary Clinton has the same protection and also a look alike that is a transgender. All the elites are swashbuckling homosexuals that enjoy Barn busting, turkey basters and gerbils

  • Camelot Aquarius says:

    Roll up your sleeves and get your clown ass in there. Put your back into it fat boy

  • Knight Oyin says:

    I love this President. He really cares about people unlike those politicians who are only power and money hungry. Remember when the Clintons collected money for Haiti? relief efforts They never got most of it.

  • OHCAM5 says:

    Concrete holds up and wood doesn't WOW what a discovery

  • Melissa H says:

    Find the video of Trump handing out food and toilet paper to people. You'll see printed signs behind the crowd that say "Thank you Mr President", "Thanks for the help", etc. The Trump people HAD to have brought those with them! No way anyone there took time or actually even had the resources to make those signs! So stupid that they didn't even think to hand write the signs they brought with them! Trump saying how great the response has been, how hospitals have power again and everything is getting better. Uggggg!!! It's horrible there. He's trying to tell us that it's not so bad. Absolutely the wrong message. And who in their right mind goes to see this devastation and makes a statement that at least not as many people died there as in Katrina???

  • monkeygraborange says:

    Notice that cunt mayor is nowhere in sight.

  • Be Nice says:

    Here comes THE great white hope,Oh!I meant the orange pile of s***

  • YUKI INU says:

    disgusting photo op.

  • alberto botello says:

    We love you trump from Texas

  • Jerardo Vazquez says:

    Hay. CNN. Are. You watching 😡

  • Jerardo Vazquez says:

    Good job. Sir. 🇺🇸

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