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Petraeus on Marines

GEN David Petreaus, Commander, CENTCOM speaks before the Marine Corps Association in Arlington VA. Check out more Pentagon Channel programming at

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  • john logan says:

    marines have never won a single war.

  • nylon76 says:

    FU Petreaus never been there, never done that.

  • Wu Ming says:

    This guy should have been President.

  • NinjaSparta! says:

    This is funny.

  • Chuck Hens says:

    Hey we love it when u bring the "Rain"

  • Nathan. says:

    It's the support you give to the men & women down below that makes you part of the camaraderie of the military. Each upholds the other, in all sorts of ways. Without personal vendettas or problems. I thank all servicemen & women for their contribution.

  • Roger Tillman says:

    Naaa we don't hate you … we Marines just like to see what we kill, and then kill some more. all you get to see is the dust from the bombs.. but… Marines fly too, so they cant be all that bad.. only we get shaved…. 🙂

  • 29anonymouse says:

    @KittySN you just admitted the the air force is full of scared pussies who sit around all day while the MARINE CORPS is on the ground doing the dirty work, which no airman could ever do

  • cminksful says:

    @KittySN its cool the real men will do the real job

  • Greg Miller says:

    Doesn't matter which branch of the military you have, are or going to serve in, you are all heroes and have done an outstanding job protecting the United States of America for 236 years. It takes all 5 branches to do the job, and when you mix them they are brothers and sisters in uniform, from the basic trainee to the top generals. Thank God for the men and women in uniform, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard!!

  • CaptainAmerica322 says:

    Haha, people getting upset over this. Just for the record, this is an ARMY GENERAL, and the reason he tells the joke like that is because he's speaking in front of the Marines…its called relationship building

  • eastariel says:

    One snowy late night Christmas Eve, a soldier, weary, found reprieve.
    He looked into the starry skies, blurry from his tear-filled eyes.

  • eastariel says:

    His boots crunched in the icy snow, his steamy breath rose from below.
    He limped into a silent house, as stealthy as a frightened mouse.
    The Christmas tree sparkling bright, a beacon in this darkened night,
    reminded him of rocket glare, when bullet blasts had split the air.
    The fireplace burning soft and warm brought memories of those firestorms.
    The rescue copter filled his mind with memories he'd tried to leave behind.

  • eastariel says:

    He tiptoed down the darkened hall and steadied himself against the wall.
    Their bedroom door was open wide, as if they didn't need to hide.
    In a crib beside the mother's bed just inches from her sleeping head,
    now lay a tiny newborn boy, his father's new found pride and joy.
    He watched with love his infant son and blessed the freedom he had won.
    For this gift he'd risked his life, endured those months of pain and strife.

  • eastariel says:

    His wife awoke and jumped up fast. "Thank God!" she said. "You're home at last!"
    She reached for him and lost her fears. "And here's your son," she said in tears.
    He laughed aloud and held his son and smiled for the victory he had won.
    This baby strong and freedom born received his father on Christmas morn.
    He looked into his baby's eyes and cried away his cool disguise.
    That soldier, weary, found reprieve one snowy late night Christmas Eve.

  • TheRidersChoice says:

    joining the marines this summer!

  • KittySN says:

    I'm quite happy flipping my ponytail from 30,000ft, thank you. If I wanted to be sucking Iraq dust in the sun with 100lbs of gear, I'd have bothered to consider the Army or Marines, and quite frankly I don't care what any soldier or devil dog thinks! AF haters can go to hell. 😉

  • Kendall Kracht says:

    @GraphicalMotion the gulf war we won in weeks

  • Derek Kang says:

    @sano0311 agreed

  • sano0311 says:

    I love this guy. He understands that little rivalry among armed forces does good.

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