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Paralyzed Marine walks again with robotic exoskeleton

A paraplegic Marine was able to walk in his own promotion ceremony with the help of an exoskeleton and researchers at the VA Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia.


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The week before Joshua Burch’s promotion to corporal, no one dreamed the Marine would be able to stand during it, let alone walk.

Burch is a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down, from an accident in Guam that he doesn’t remember.

All he knows is that one minute, he was speaking with his sergeant in a hotel room, and then, it’s the next day, he is on the ground outside the hotel being rousted by an employee, and he can’t move — not his hands, his arms or legs.

“They were trying to lift me up, get me to move. But that wasn’t going to happen,” Burch said.

Burch had sustained a fracture to his seventh cervical vertebrae — the lowest bone in his neck. At 21, the aircraft rescue and firefighting specialist had little use of his arms, none of his legs and an indeterminate prognosis for eventual mobility.

But friends and family members say Burch never gave up hope for regaining use of his limbs. And after several surgeries and recovery in Hawaii, he was transferred to the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, to see just how far he could push his body.

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  • Ira Dutary-Audia (Papo) says:

    writing stupid shit about advanced warfare, seems some men-children and teens need to better occupy the time they waste writing trash for everyone to see on the web with anything productive and stop playing call of duty.

  • Caden Boissineau says:

    Those fools…they have no idea how powerful they made him…he planned this all from the start…and he will crave more power.

  • Dawna Canter says:

    This is what makes the world a better place. Technology saved him.

  • TheFlying Poop says:

    Age of advanced warfare

  • hunnanelnahwi says:

    He is so brave and beautifull.

  • chaosmushrooms0789 says:

    advanced warfare anyone?

  • J.Santos says:

    Nice Exo !

  • DreamAngel1967 says:

    he's being treated in a laboratory….? sounds like a science experiment to me…. how come a lot of our Military Veterans are homeless and sick from what they've had to endure? Because the ones that are homeless and suffer from many sycological problems because the experiments done to them didn't work, so they just toss them aside for the ones willing to be experiments for science, in the process they put their hope and faith in man's abilities rather then trusting in God. Everyone has a choice, …. It's war and Government power that persuades these men and women to to join in serving our country, but when it goes wrong they move on to the next solider that is in hope for the ability to walk again. Man and science are mot God…. but Satan has convinced them that they can be with technology, and they are wrong.

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